Does your child enjoy riding skateboards? Do you worry about your child playing on skateboards or roller-blades on the road? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing the Whiptide. The Whiptide Caster Carve Board is a special type of skateboard designed specifically for safety and fun. Caster boards are the latest fashion for young adults and children alike. It is the latest generation of skateboards which consists of two narrow platforms and a torsion bar. The torsion bar is made from metal beam with a thick spring on the inside that is wrapped in rubber.

The Whiptide caster board represents the hippest technology in caster boarding. It comes equipped with 4 pieces of 80-mm pro-style in line wheels attached to dual decks. The design of Whiptide caster board offers great stability and maneuverability. Many people believe that caster boarding is like skateboarding. However, it is actually more like snowboarding. It allows a rider to move more freely. The pivoted aluminium trucks enable users to perform 360 degree twists and turns in order to make sharper and smoother turns.

Whiptide Caster Carve Board

What I Like About the Whiptide Caster Carve Board

The first thing that I liked about the Whiptide caster carve board is how it differs from other skateboards. It is extremely maneuverable, safe and entertaining on the streets. If you planning on purchasing this board, you should consider the following:

  • Easy learning curve: It is a lot easier to learn how to balance with the Whiptide caster board. You don’t ‘kick off’ like a regular skateboard.
  • Easier to propel: Because it has more flexibility in the torso area and 2 additional caster wheels, Whiptide makes better use of body motion.
  • Easier to turn: The flexible torso also permits the user to bend the board better than skateboards with fixed torsos.

Even if it appears more complicated than a skateboard, the Whiptide board is in fact easier and more comfortable to ride than other decks. Whiptide is a spectacular piece of machinery that every child or young adult should own. I even heard of people 40 and older who use this board to ride to work.

Things to Consider About Whiptide Caster Board

Although this product is brilliant in many ways, it is usually not recommended for children under the age of 10. This board is probably too big for them. Other than that, Whiptide caster board is an amazing product that can be ridden both uphill and downhill. It has a sturdy construction and is easy to maintain. Many Whiptide users also recommend riding as a warm-up for other sports. It moves slightly slower than other skateboards. Even users who don’t know how to Ollie can definitely learn some easy tricks on it with the help of the larger decks made from tough ABS plastic.


Where to Buy Whiptide Caster Board

You can purchase this piece of hot, new technology from the official webpage. In general, it is better to purchase a product from the manufacturer’s official website, because you can get a better price. The Whiptide caster carve board only costs three easy payments of $33.33. The board comes in red, black and blue. Simply fill-out the billing information and you will receive your very own Whiptide board in a matter of a few days. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you purchase it from the official site, you will receive a carrying bag free of charge. Bear in mind, you will have to pay separate shipping costs.


Final Words

If you are new to skateboarding you should know that the special set of bearings on the inside will allow you to rotate horizontal, vertical and on the z-axis. Thanks to the Flex-neck connector, you can simply carve and go without having to put out a lot of force. With the Whiptide board, you will experience things that you never experienced on a normal skateboard.

All in all, Whiptide caster board is an excellent product that people of all ages should use at least once.

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