What is the best thing that you can do for your overall well-being? If you said eating better and getting exercise you’re on the right track. The number one recommended thing that you can do is get quality sleep. This can make or break your day. Somewhere along the way we become consumed with what we feel needs to be done and ignore our need for great sleep. Even if you get the recommended 6-8 hours it still isn’t enough if you aren’t getting deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep. If you snore not only are you not getting the rest you need, chances are neither are the other people in your house.

Vital SleepThis brings us to Vital Sleep, a mouthpiece for sleep apnea and snoring. It isn’t the first of it’s kind, but it improves upon the design of other similar products to provide the most customizable nighttime mouthpiece on the market. First let me explain how it works.

The reason that people snore is because when they are asleep the throat and nasal airways constrict. When this happens your breathing causes vibrations as the air struggles to pass through the obstructed airways. This vibration results in snoring. By bringing the lower jaw forward you can open your airway, breathe easier, and reduce or eliminate snoring. Vital Sleep is the stop snoring mouthpiece.

Once you receive your Vital Sleep you will place it in boiling water for 10 seconds and bite down. This will make a mold of your teeth ensuring the perfect fit. Then, using an allen wrench (which is provided), you can adjust a screw on either side of the mouthpiece to move the lower half to the desired position. This level of adjustment is really what sets this mouthpiece apart from the rest, and its flexible frame allows for a good night’s sleep without discomfort.

The Perks for Vital Sleep

Here are the reasons that you should try Vital Sleep:

  • The mouthpiece is free of latex and BPA products. It is also FDA approved.
  • There is nothing to lose! The Vital Sleep is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty.
  • Get a custom “boil and bite” fit, and further adjustments can be made up to 7 millimeters to the lower half of the mouthpiece.
  • You have the option of choosing from 2 sizes, Regular (Mens) and Small (Womens). And if you order the wrong size Vital Sleep has you covered with a free exchange program so you can be sure that you get the right fit for you.
  • Flexible frame and side-to-side mobility reduces strain on your jaw.
  • Large air holes provide plenty of natural airflow while the mouthpiece is in.
  • This can be used with partial dentures. Just be sure to check with your dental health care provider before you do.

Where You Can Buy Vital Sleep

If you want to take advantage of their excellent money back guarantee and warranty then you need to make your purchase on the Vital Sleep official website. There you can purchase one mouthpiece for $59.95, or double down and get two for $99.95.

The Verdict

Some of the negatives that I’ve read in other Vitalsleep reviews I didn’t quite agree with. I’ve seen that some people complained about discomfort, drooling, and cleaning. The only time that I noticed any discomfort was if I rolled over onto my stomach while I sleep. After a few nights I became accustomed to only sleeping on my side or back and haven’t experienced discomfort since. As for drooling I will admit that there is some of that (when I sleep on my side) but it’s not an absurd amount that causes concern. And as far as cleaning, you just go over it with a toothbrush and soak it once a week in disinfectant. I didn’t find this to be an issue at all.

I have felt so much better in the morning since using my new anti snoring mouthpiece, the Vital Sleep. You don’t notice how much snoring hinders your ability to get adequate rest until you’ve tried a great product like Vital Sleep. This has been my solution for my snoring problems. Vital Sleep delivers in design, cost, comfort, and results.

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