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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review

What You Need to Know About Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

If you’ve tried dozens of diets and workout programs without success, you may be interested in checking out Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from www.jillianmichaelsbodyrevolution.com. It aims to be significantly different from other exercise programs by using the principles and philosophies developed over 20 years by trainer Jillian Michaels. It uses a mix of cardio, weight training and diet to totally transform your body for the better. But will this program really deliver success where others have failed?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution ReviewPROS:

– Uses a comprehensive program that combines cardio, weight training and diet

– Developed by Jillian Michaels, a trainer with over 20 years experience

– Separated into three distinct 30-day sequences that gradually increase in difficulty

– Includes 15 DVDs, fitness guide with detailed calendar, and 90-day preplanned meal guide

– Free bonuses including a resistance band, personal 90-day journal, metabolism guide and 30-day online club access

– Great for both beginners and fitness experts


– Results can’t be guaranteed for everybody

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: What Is It?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is the brainchild of TV’s favorite trainer, Jillian Michaels. Using her 20 years of fitness expertise, Jillian has combined her knowledge of diet, exercise and the science behind metabolism to make a near unparalleled workout program. Her program specifically uses the idea of Metabolic Training; a technique that can actually boost your metabolism for nearly 16 hours after you finish working out. By following the program exactly and staying committed throughout, your body can be totally transformed in just 90 days.

When you order the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution kit, you get a wide variety of valuable tools and information to help guide you to your weight-loss goals. Everything starts with the four Metabolic Training DVDs and one cardio DVD per phase; that’s a total of 15 DVDs to follow over 90 days. The included fitness guide acts a supplement to the DVDs and includes a detailed calendar that show you exactly which workout you need to do on that day. You even get an expertly-crafted meal guide that plans out for you exactly what you need to eat for each of the 90 days of the program. It also allows you to mix and match recipes for the ultimate in customization. Currently, all orders also include a great set of bonuses including a resistance band, a 7-day metabolism kick-start guide, 30 days of online club access for additional support, and a personal 90-day journal where you can log and study your own progress through the course of the program. Everything is also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee that promises results.


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review


How Well Does It Work?

Everything in the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program has been tested, fine-tuned and expertly designed to give you extreme results in only 90-days. There are lots of 90-day programs that promise the same body-transforming results, but none of them come close to working as well as this system does. There are several reasons for this; for one, none of the other programs have been designed by fitness guru Jillian Michaels. Having successfully changed the lives of several TV show contestants, she has taken all of her knowledge and condensed it into a program that works for you. Secondly, this program doesn’t think of “diet” as an afterthought. It clearly explains that dieting is an integral part of your success. It even plans all 90 days of the program out for you so you know exactly what you should be eating.

It should also be noted that you’ll never feel lost or like you’re not making progress while using the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program. In addition to the detailed meal plan and the easy-to-follow workout calendar, you also get a personal 90-day journal so that you can record every pound lost. The program has also been split into three distinct, gradually harder sections. Because of this, you’ll never feel unprepared to tackle the next section of the program. As long as you follow the program exactly, you’ll hardly notice the increase in intensity as your body becomes fitter. You even get 30 days of free access to the official Jillian Michaels online social club. This club can give you answers to all of you questions, and you can even ask questions to Jillian herself.

Potential Drawbacks

There aren’t any true drawbacks to following the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program. As long as you dedicate yourself totally to program and you change your diet accordingly, you are practically guaranteed to get amazing results. That said, there is always the chance that you’ll stray from the program, and in that case, your results may not be very impressive. This is true of basically every exercise program, however, so you can’t really fault this particular exercise program for that.


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review


Is It Right For You?

If you’re ready to change your body for good, you’ll definitely love Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. As long as you can follow the simple diet and exercise instructions included, you’ll be amazed at the results. With the revolutionary Metabolic Training incorporated into every facet of this system, you’ll shed pounds like never before. Plus it has a 30-day guarantee that lets you try the system without any risk.

Richard Simmons Project Hope Review

Richard Simmons Project Hope: Worth the Hype?

For years, Richard Simmons has been known as an eccentric yet charming fitness guru. His exercise videos are well-known for being high-energy and packed with helpful workouts. His newest endeavor, Richard Simmons Project Hope from www.richardsimmonshope.com is a brand new effort to combine balanced exercise with an equally balanced healthy diet. It promises long-term results that can truly change and shape your body and your life. With so much hype surrounding it, however, can it really be as good as everyone says?


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review– Combines proven exercises with well-balanced nutrition

– Foodmover program makes tracking your nutrition easy

– Includes bonuses like Success Guide, vitamins and online club access

– Helps you lose weight fast but also helps you keep it off

– Backed and designed by fitness legend Richard Simmons

– Covered by a complete 90-day money-back guarantee


– Program may not meet expectations of everyone

Richard Simmons Project Hope: What Is It?

Richard Simmons Project Hope is a complete program that focuses on healthy exercise but also on healthy eating. Rather than having you diet for 30 days or exercise only to lose quick weight, this program is designed to permanently integrate healthy habits into your life. This is accomplished through both progressive cardio and toning workouts spread across three DVDs plus nutrition guides and tools to help you learn what your body needs every day. By taking a comprehensive and balanced approach, this program aims to give hope to any individual willing to commit to it.

As a comprehensive kit, Richard Simmons Project Hope includes loads of tools and guides to help you regain control of your body. The first part of the kit is the set of three DVDs which feature progressively harder workouts. These workouts are separated into cardio and toning workouts that help you burn calories while also building muscle. The other part of the kit is focused mainly on nutrition and it is dubbed the Foodmover program. At the crux of this program is the pocket electronic Foodmover device that allows you to easily track what starches, vitamins, fruits and veggies your body has taken in all at the push of a button. Also included in the program is a complete nutrition guide with 90-day meal play that can help you eat exactly what your body needs. You also receive an “eating-out guide” that helps you make good choices when eating out. You also get a set of great bonuses including “Richard’s Success Guide,” a workout calendar, a 7-day food plan, a 30-day trial to the online web club and a 7-day supply of specially-formulated vitamins. Your order is also covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review


How Well Does Richard Simmons Project Hope Work?

There are hundreds of exercise programs out there, but few are as complete and balanced as Richard Simmons Project Hope. Instead of focusing on shedding pounds as quickly as possible or building huge muscles in weeks, this program takes the approach of changing your entire lifestyle and how you see food and exercise. It’s because of this approach that you not only see results, but you see results that you can actually maintain for the rest of your life. It all starts with the DVDs, though, and these workouts are intense enough to let you lose weight, but simple enough for almost anyone to do. You’ll see yourself losing fat and gaining lean muscle over the course of just a few weeks. With included bonuses like a workout calendar and online support, it’s easy to keep track of your success while sticking to your daily workout routine.

One of the real stars of Richard Simmons Project Hope is the Foodmover Program. Using the Foodmover Device to keep track of everything you eat is nothing short of brilliant. Part of the reason many of us don’t eat the way we should is because we take in too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good stuff. With this device, you can easily count down everything your body takes in from veggies, fruits and vitamins to starches, fats and proteins. Throw in a surprisingly comprehensive 90-day food plan, and you’ll never have to guess if you’re eating right.

Potential Drawbacks of Richard Simmons Project Hope

Despite being somewhat revolutionary, Richard Simmons Project Hope is still an exercise program, and as an exercise program, not everyone is going to find what they need in it. Since the program is mainly designed with everyday eating, exercising and living in mind, those looking for a hardcore workout that builds huge muscles in weeks or burns off tons of fat in days shouldn’t be following this program. Everyone that wants to change their daily lives by learning healthy habits that last, however, will definitely enjoy the program.


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review


Is Richard Simmons Project Hope Right For You?

If you know that you need to get in shape and you’re willing to commit yourself to working out and eating better, there are few exercise programs that will work as well as Richard Simmons Project Hope. It teaches you everything you need to know about fitness and healthy-eating by providing you with the guides and tools you need. It even comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied.

Butterfly Abs Review – Ab Slimmer

Will Butterfly Abs Work for You?

Everyone wishes they could have rock-hard abs. Even more so, everyone wishes they could have rock-hard abs without doing any hard work. It would be great to simply lounge by the pool or sit on the couch while building muscle. It sounds like a fantasy, but with electric muscle stimulation, it could be a reality. That’s what Butterfly Abs from www.butterflyabs.com promises, but is it really something that could work for you?


Butterfly Abs Review


Butterfly Ab Slimmer Review


– Goes on quickly and starts stimulating your abdominal muscles

– Can be used while you’re relaxing

– Grows muscle in the area underneath the pad as well as the surrounding muscles

– Completely reusable and washable adhesive pads

– Included battery is rechargeable via included USB cable

– Multiple settings for maximum comfort


– Not a replacement for diet and exercise

Butterfly Abs: What Is It?

Butterfly Abs ReviewButterfly Abs is a butterfly-shaped device that is attached to the stomach above the abdominal muscles that causes them to contract and relax repeatedly. This is accomplished through the use of FDA cleared Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology. The rechargeable unit sends electronic impulses through the adhesive pad “wings” of the product, which in turn delivers these impulses directly to the muscles. The muscles underneath and surrounding the pad are both worked repeatedly while you relax or go about your day. Essentially, you’re giving your abs a workout without having to do any kind of exercising.

Using the Butterfly Abs system is extremely easy as well. Users first should charge the unit using the included USB cable. This can be hooked into a wall charger or a computer USB port to charge the unit quickly. Once fully charged, the removable and reusable “wing” pads can be attached. After the wings are attached to the device, you can then use the adhesive side of the pad to strap the unit directly to the middle of the stomach. At this point you can select from up to 10 levels of intensity, allowing you to choose the level of stimulation that’s right for you. There are also six workout programs you can choose from as well, including Warm Up, Intermediate, Toning, Advanced Ab Cruncher, Core Blaster and Expert Iron Man. Once finished, the reusable adhesive pads can be washed for further use. Each order of the product even includes a workout guide and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How Well Does Butterfly Abs Work?

Our Butterfly ab slimmer review will show you that there aren’t many workout machines that literally do all of the work for you, but the Butterfly Abs device comes about as close as you’ll ever see. If you aren’t able or willing to put in the work to go to the gym everyday to work your abs, then this is likely the best solution for you. Strapping it on is simple, and once it’s on, it works your abs while you go about your day. You can strap it on and watch some TV or go shopping at the mall. Once you’re finished, the device will have worked your muscles for you automatically. This is especially great for those with back injuries that otherwise wouldn’t be able to work out on traditional gym equipment. While it likely isn’t a total replacement for exercise, it does allow you to work smart in toning your abs with ease.

Since the Butterfly Abs device comes with a wide variety of options as well, you can easily tailor it to fit your exact comfort level. If you haven’t really worked out your abs before, you can set the device on the lowest of the 10 intensity levels. As you get used to the device and your abdominal muscles tone up, you can slowly progress to a higher intensity level. The same can be said about the included workout routines. Starters will likely want to begin with the Warm Up routine, but with lots of use, you can easily work up to the Expert Iron Man routine. It’s all about being comfortable while the device does the hard work for you.


Butterfly Abs Review


The Butterfly Abs system is also worthwhile because of the high level of convenience it offers you. Obviously, the fact that it works your muscles for you is one such convenience, but that has already been mentioned. It is filled with other convenient features as well, such as the fact that it runs on an included rechargeable battery. This means that you don’t have to mess with long cords or wires while wearing the product. It can be charged with any standard USB port using the included USB cord and it’s ready to go in no time. The reusable adhesive pads are another convenient aspect of the product, allowing you to quickly attach the device to your stomach. Once you’re done, you don’t have to throw the pad away and waste your money. The pads can be cleaned easily for use again and again. Combined with the fact that the product can be hidden away under clothing, and you have one of the most convenient workout devices on the planet.

Potential Drawbacks of Butterfly Abs

Butterfly Abs is about as close to a miracle workout as you’re ever going to get, but it does have one slight drawback. In spite of how great it is, it is not a replacement for diet and exercise. If you truly want to get your entire body in shape, you’ll need cardiovascular exercise plus a healthy diet full of nutritional foods. That isn’t to say that this product isn’t a great supplement to a normal exercise regime and diet, but it isn’t a replacement.

Is Butterfly Abs Right For You?

If you need help in toning and building up your abs, then you can’t go wrong in getting the Butterfly Abs system. It’s quick, easy and it can be used while you relax. It even hides itself under your clothes so you can use it on the go without anyone realizing it. It’s filled with convenient features such as a rechargeable battery and reusable adhesive pads as well. And since it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t any reason not to try it!

Rockin Body Review

A Total Review of Rockin’ Body

One of the hardest parts about getting in shape is staying interested. It’s hard to keep doing a certain workout or routine if it absolutely bores you to death. If it feels like work, you’re not likely to enjoy it. The Rockin’ Body system from www.beachbody.com wants to make working out fun and interesting by incorporating dance into your exercises. With tons of different dance moves that are both fun and fat-burning, is it the exercise program you’ve been waiting for?

Rockin Body


– Keeps exercise fun with exciting dance-based workouts

– Results appear quickly

– Includes four bonuses

– Developed by fitness guru Shaun T

– Includes nutrition guide for permanent healthy eating

– 30-day money-back guarantee


– Exercises can be quite intense

Rockin’ Body: What Is It?

Rockin Body ReviewThe Rockin’ Body system is less like a “workout program” and more like a dance program. While the program will certainly get you in shape, the idea behind it is that you will have so much fun dancing that you won’t feel like you’re working out. The program is developed by famed trainer Shaun T, the creator of many other successful workout programs. Each DVD contains a set of intense but easy-to-follow dance routines that work to burn fat and sculpt muscle all over your body. By following along, your body will have fun while becoming healthier, slimmer and more defined. Results can be seen almost immediately and some participants have lost more than 30 pounds on the program. And since it’s fun to do, you almost certainly will never be bored.

Every order of the Rockin’ Body system includes everything you need to get fit while having fun. The bulk of the system is comprised of the seven workouts you get. These workouts are spread across 2 DVDs with the Hard-Core Abs and Booty Time workouts included as a bonus. In addition to these workouts, you also get the “My Quickstart Guide” which helps you plan your workouts on the easy-to-follow calendar. The Never Diet Again guide includes recipe and nutrition information that helps you change the way you eat for the better. Two other bonuses, the 3-day Slimdown and the Party Guide, provide information on how to lose weight fast and let you know what foods are healthy to eat while at parties. Rounding out the package is 24/7 online support and a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps insure your satisfaction.

How Well Does It Work?

The key difference between Rockin’ Body and all of the other workout programs out there is the fact that it is extremely fun. Because you are essentially learning how to dance, you never truly feel like you are exercising or doing any kind of hard work. Since you don’t feel like you’re working, you have no problem sticking with the program over the days, weeks and months to come. You don’t get bored or feel stressed out about getting in your daily exercise. With the wide-variety of dance steps you learn, you feel like you’re becoming a better dancer all the while you’re toning and slimming your body. It truly is a total body workout that will leave you feeling energized and confident.

Rockin Body

In addition to being lots of fun, the Rockin’ Body system works because of all the support it gives you in getting your body into shape. For starters, the startup guide helps you fully utilize the included DVDs. You’ll always know when to work out and when to rest. While the workout DVDs take care of exercising your body, the included nutrition guide helps you properly nourish your body. It doesn’t force you into dieting; it simply helps you understand what your body needs. It can permanently change how you see food. The support doesn’t end there, either. This program includes 24/7 online support from a vast community of other Rockin’ Body customers. You may even find yourself chatting with the creator of the program himself, Shaun T.

Potential Drawbacks

Even though the program really works and is quite fun to do, Rockin’ Body can still be quite intense. If you aren’t used to working out regularly, it will take some time for you to truly feel as though you’re ready to completely take on the intense dance routines on the DVD. With that said, you will eventually get in shape if you stick to the included DVD and nutrition guide. It’s very easy to follow, and it can easily be tailored to fit your current state of health. If you aren’t scared of the intensity, you’ll have a great time utilizing this system.

Is It Right For You?

From beginners to pros, anyone looking to try a fun exercise routine should look into buying Rockin’ Body. It’s a fun and stress-free way to tone and slim your body into the best shape you’ve ever been in. You may even find yourself becoming a better dancer thanks to the fun and unique dance moves you’ll learn from trainer Shaun T. And if you don’t find yourself getting the results you want, you always have the option of returning the program within 30 days for a refund.

Insanity Review

Insanity: Hard Work for Real Results

Most people will tell you that working out isn’t easy. Many exercise programs require dedication, lots of sweat and pushing yourself to get results. Few, however, claim to be as intense as the workout routines in the Insanity program from www.beachbody.com. While many programs are designed for everyone, this exercise program is designed for only the truly dedicated individuals that want extreme results from extremely intense exercise. Is it something that is worth all of the hard work, however?



– Delivers incredible results in just 60 days

– Challenges your body for maximum fitness

– Designed by famous trainer Shaun T

– Comes complete with 10 DVDs

– Includes bonus nutrition plan and workout calendar

– Free online support and fitness guide to help you achieve your goals


– Likely too intense for the average person

Insanity: What Is It?

Insanity 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program

The Insanity workout claims to be the most extreme and intense workout program ever devised. Instead of simply easing your body into shape, this program bombards your body with some of the most exhausting workouts ever put on DVD. By pushing your body to its limits, you can achieve months’ worth of results in just 60 days. You shouldn’t be scared of the intensity, however, as this program is designed with your body’s overall well-being in mind. Even though you may feel as if you can’t take it, you can always push through and achieve unbelievable results.

Insanity comes with practically everything you could ever want in a workout system. For starters, you get 10 DVDs that include a wide variety of workouts meant to tone and shape every part of your body. These workouts range from several intense cardio routines to targeted routines for your abs. Also included in the kit is a nutrition guide. This guide allows you to know exactly what you should be eating to keep your body ready to handle everything the program throws at it. A fitness guide is also included that gives you quick pointers on what you need to know about keeping yourself fit. You also get a workout calendar that helps you keep track of your exercises and your rest days so you always know where you’re at in achieving your goals. Rounding out the kit is a comprehensive set of online support tools that lets you get the help you need whenever necessary. The whole kit is also covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee that promises you results without any financial risk.

How Well Does It Work?

If you’re looking for the absolute fastest way to get truly life-changing results, then there isn’t any program better than the Insanity system. While it isn’t for the faint of heart, this program will guide you to an unbelievable body in just 60 days. It’s clear before you place your order that this is a program designed for only the most dedicated and hard-working individuals. That’s because the program works your body to its limits to get you the fastest results possible. It doesn’t pull any punches, but the payoff is that you won’t ever feel like you’re not making progress. One of the worst aspects of the wimpier workout systems is that it can take what feels like an eternity to see any real improvement. That usually leads to giving up quickly and a loss of motivation. By making the program as hard as possible, you sacrifice a bit of comfort for an increase in motivation and results.


While its intensity is unmatched, Insanity is also a great program because of all the support you get while doing it. In addition to the fine leadership and encouragement of Shaun T on the DVDs, the kit also includes a variety of support tools to help you succeed during the most trying parts of the program. For starters, the fitness and nutrition guides are designed to inform you completely about the best ways to keep your body perfectly nourished and fit to succeed in the program. You’ll never have to guess about whether you’re eating right or eating enough to nourish your body completely. With the online support tools, you can always seek the advice of fitness professional and your peers whenever you have a question or need some moral support. The program is very exhausting, but with all of these supports tools, you are almost destined to succeed.

The Insanity program is also designed for the on-the-go individual. Since it doesn’t require the use of any heavy gym equipment or bulky weights, it’s the perfect companion for the traveling exercise buff. If you travel for business, for instance, you almost certainly can’t find time to make it to the gym. You also likely don’t have room in your luggage to haul heavy equipment either. Since everything you need is included on 10 DVDs, it’s easy to stay fit while staying in a hotel. As long as you have access to a DVD player, you can stay focused on your fitness goals.

Potential Drawbacks

If you’ve been following along, the one drawback of the Insanity program is pretty clear: it’s really hard. This isn’t a program that everyone will be dedicated enough to finish. If you aren’t used to pushing yourself or exercising, you likely won’t be able to handle the intensity that this program provides. For those that are willing to work hard and sweat copiously, however, it is the best exercise program you’ll ever try. It is extreme, but it really does work wonders on your body.

Is It Right For You?

Insanity is one product that isn’t right for everyone, but it can work for everyone if they’re willing to push themselves hard. With 10 specially-designed workouts that push you to your breaking point, you’ll never feel like you aren’t making progress on improving your body. It’s hard for sure, but with a host of support tools, you have a great chance of succeeding. And since the program is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout: Getting In Shape

It’s a well-known fact that getting in shape is hard. It requires eating well, exercise and a lot of dedication. The hardest part about it, however, is finding an exercise program that truly works for you. You want something that burns fat, but also builds muscle. And you want something that works quickly so you don’t get discouraged. The Body Beast Workout from www.beachbody.com aims to be a complete muscle builder for you in just 90 days. Does it really deliver remarkable results?
ab carver pro


Body Beast Workout ReviewPROS:

– Real results in just 90 days

– Builds muscles and burns fat

– Available in several different packages

– Includes nutritional guide

– Led by world-class bodybuilder Sagi Kalev

– Includes free mobile app



– Requires dedication and lots of sweat

The Body Beast Workout: What Is It?

The Body Beast Workout is a revolutionary muscle-building exercise program that claims to be able to add 20 pounds of lean muscle in just 90 days. Unlike other exercise programs, this system takes a wide-reaching approach that includes focus on nutrition, intense exercise and proper supplement use. By taking an all-encompassing approach, users can tackle all the obstacles that would typically inhibit fat loss and muscle growth. The system features twelve different muscle-building workout routines that include single sets, giant sets, drop sets and more. These routines are developed by world-renowned bodybuilder Sagi Kalev to push you to the limit.

There are actually three different Body Beast Workout packages offered by Beachbody and each includes more than the last. The Base Set includes the 12 Body Beast Workouts on DVD, the Book of Beast nutritional guide, a Body Beast training schedule and the Body Beast Mobile App. The Huge Set includes everything included in the Base Set plus a Bonus DVD “Tempo” that includes two additional workouts, a 30-day supply of Hardcore Base Shake supplements and a 30-day supply of Fuel Shot supplements. The Beast Set includes everything from the Huge Set plus a 30-day supply of M.A.X. Creatine supplements and a 30-day supply of Super Suma supplements. Whichever set you buy, you are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.


ab carver pro


How Well Does It Work?


Unlike most other “revolutionary” exercise programs, the Body Beast Workout truly delivers what it promises. As long as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to following the program exactly, you will see definite results in just 90 days. The program isn’t easy; you will push yourself hard and you will definitely sweat, feel sore and feel tired with this program. What is easy about the program, however, is knowing exactly what you have to do to get in shape. Between the DVDs, the workout schedule and the nutritional guide, you’re never left wondering what you have to do next. It guides you through every step of the process including recommending supplements you may want to take. If you’re up to the challenge, you won’t have any trouble making it through your 90 days. And when you do, you’ll be rewarded with a muscular body that you’ll love.

It’s also worth noting that the Body Beast Workout is also much more versatile than some of the competing programs out there. For starters, you get a choice of three different packages to suit your lifestyle and your price-range. If you don’t feel you need supplements, for instance, you’ll be fine with the Base package. If you have the money to spend and you want the best bang for your buck, the Beast package is right up your alley. The Mobile App adds an even greater versatility to the mix. It helps you stay on track with a results tracker, a calorie counter and more. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot but want to stay on goal with your workouts. It’s everything you need to build muscle at home or abroad in just 90 days.

Potential Drawbacks

Just like every other intense exercise program out there, the Body Beast Workout only works if you follow it every day. You need to be dedicated and willing to change your exercise routine and eating habits to get the most out of this program. Just sitting on the couch and expecting quick miracle results just isn’t going to happen; not with this program or any other program. This isn’t really a drawback as much as it is a simple truth, but it’s still worth noting. If you’re absolutely ready to put in the work, though, this program is definitely one of the most effective workout packages available.


ab carver pro


Is It Right For You?

Despite requiring lots of hard work and dedication, the Body Beast Workout is simple enough for any able-bodied person to follow. You don’t have to be an exercise-fiend to follow this great program since everything is set out for you. Whichever of the three comprehensive packages you choose, you won’t ever have to do any guesswork with this program. After 90 days of hard work, you’ll have bigger muscles and less fat than ever before. And since it has a 90-day guarantee, you can insure you see results without risking your hard-earned money.

ChaLean Extreme Review – The 3 Month Workout System from Chalene Johnson

If you’re looking for a change of pace in your workouts or just want to try something new, the ChaLean Extreme program could be for you. Designed by Chalene Johnson to burn fat and tone muscle for astonishing results in just three months, this workout program is tailored for busy schedules. For another Beachbody workout program, check out our 10 Minute Trainer review I recently posted.

chalean extreme


  • Motivational and easy to stay committed to
  • Simplifies workouts and provides guidance
  • Comes with simple meal plans for healthier eating
  • Gradually increases in intensity
  • Great for anyone looking to get into shape


  • Can be difficult for those not comfortable with weight lifting
  • Requires patience; results don’t happen overnight

I’m nearly sure it’s safe to say that at least one point in our lives, we’ve all made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, become healthier, or any different name you want to call it, so we’ve dragged ourselves out of our daily routines and into a more active one that didn’t really suit us, but the image of a perfectly toned body kept us going for a week. Or Two. Three, if you were dedicated. And by four, you know you really deserved that extra bowl of ice cream that sent you into the same place you were before and left you making the same resolution a year later.

Consolatory truth be told: few people adhere to those crazy work out regimes unless:

  1. They’re crazy enough to stay dedicated
  2. They’re paying hundreds for a personal trainer, or
  3. They have some sort of workout program/company to keep them dedicated

And I’m not talking about the gym routine list you scrawled on a tiny piece of paper, or the best friend-turned-workout-buddy that convinces you to order the large movie popcorn so she doesn’t feel guilty chowing down on hers.

So, Why ChaLean Extreme?

chalene-johnsonMost of us don’t care to waste time with workout program DVDs where the hosts sport bodies that clearly have not been achieved through the same routines that have us foolishly waving our arms and hopping around the living room. Simply put, they’re boring, and the proof for that is the fact that our bodies get bored of the routines and stop responding when we’re silly enough to do it for more than a month. ChaLean Extreme brings a different assortment of workouts to the table – ones that will keep your body guessing what will happen next, and as a result, actually works.

The ChaLean Extreme program is designed to burn fat with less effort by performing activities that raise your metabolism enough to keep your body burning calories even after the workout’s complete. This program combines cardio exercises and resistance training to bring all of the benefits of a thorough gym workout to your living room.

chalean extreme

The product claims to guarantee a 60% chance of results in just three months, and I believe it. No, ladies, you can’t do this every few weeks and get the whole platter of results at the end of three months – you have to put some effort in, but it’s pleasant effort. The program boasts a gradual three-step training regime that will tone your muscles while burning fat and strengthening your body.

chalean-extreme-resultsChaLean Extreme starts the program off by teaching you how to maintain proper form throughout your workout (something I neglected for years; I mean, the weights were heavy. Why not lean forward and take the pressure off my back?). The program encourages the use of resistance bands and/or weights – both of which achieve excellent results—throughout this slower-paced phase to allow you to become familiar with how they work and feel. This step is designed to gradually allow your body to get used to new movements while raising your metabolism to help burn excessive fat. The first phase targets your upper body and strengthens your cardiovascular system, before gradually descending towards lower body fitness.

The second phase of the ChaLean Extreme programs teaches you to lift heavier weights, while maintaining correct posture and not straining your body. As the weights increase, more muscles are built and the fat burning process becomes more rapid and intense. At the end of this phase, your body will start to show some, if not significant, results.

The third and final phase combines new routines and movements that keep your body from growing too familiar with regular weight lifting routines. In this phase, you are using all of the skills you previously acquired in the first and second phases, but just stretched your muscles in new directions to keep them from becoming stagnant.

Final Thoughts

The ChaLean Extreme program includes 6 DVDs for a total of 15 workouts. When ordered directly from the manufacturer, you receive bonus extras at no additional course, which includes: Ab Burner and Extreme Abs bonus workouts, a fat burning food guide, a resistance band, thigh toner band, and bonus bonuses, such as the body fat measurer and Muscle Burns Fat guidebook, which includes a calendar to schedule your workouts.


ChaLean Extreme is designed to be used over a three month period, with each phase spanning the course of three days. As with any change in workout regime and dieting, consult your physician before beginning, especially if you feel you will be put at risk by any activities. This program is available for just 3 monthly payments of $29.95 (plus $19.95 shipping and handling), and is covered by a 90 day money back guarantee.

10 Minute Trainer Review – An Efficient Home Workout With 10 Minutes Per Day?

The 10-Minute Trainer is a workout program introduced by trainer Tony Horton. Designed to cater to busy lifestyles by keeping workouts short, but intense enough to yield real results, these assorted workouts work the entire body with or without workout aids.

10 minute trainer


  • Quick enough for even the busiest schedules
  • 5 different workouts that can be performed in any order
  • Workouts can be combined for longer, more intense sessions
  • Works out the entire body
  • Uses resistance bands for variation


  • It’s intense, which makes it difficult for some beginners
  • Encourages the use of bands attached to doors, which becomes a problem if you have ill-placed door or no doors

Most other workout programs require you to dedicate at least 30-minute chunks of time to workouts, a time luxury I couldn’t afford. At the same time, I didn’t want to do a “pansy” workout, or a workout that just warmed me up and then stopped. Having also tried Tony Horton’s P90X, I felt that this would be worth a shot, and it was. Being deathly afraid of the “Freshman 15”, I purchased the 10-minute trainer during my first year of college, determined to stay in shape despite my 17 credit schedule. The program adheres to the short workouts all across the board, but they’re designed where you can combine more than one for a more intense workout on days that find themselves with extra time.

So, Why the 10 Minute Trainer Workout Program?

Of course, the short length of the workouts means that getting a six pack will take longer than if you hit the gym for an hour every day, but that’s not to say it won’t help. The 10-Minute Trainer is designed to work different muscle groups together for a thorough workout that doesn’t stagnate any particular muscle group.

tony-horton-10-minuteOne of the major things I loved about the workout was that it didn’t rely on workout aids to provide a good workout. The program does encourage the use of resistance bands, but unlike other workout programs that feel “too light” when performed without the aids, this continues to challenge muscle and raise your metabolism for a high calorie burn. Because of this, and the fact that they’re literally only ten minutes, I slipped a pair of the DVDs into my weekend bag when I went away for field work and have kept up the practice ever since.

10 minute trainer

I only had two complaints with the program:

  1. The workouts with bands encouraged you to fix the resistance bands to a door. The only door in my dorm was the exit door, which was situated in a recess in the wall and didn’t leave much flexibility. It would have been nice to gather some other ideas for resistance, other than having someone hold them for you.
  2. You need a decent amount of space. This didn’t matter when I moved into an apartment and had more space, but you’re required to run around a bit throughout the workouts, and tiny dorm room floors were just not ideal. Of course you could get away with running in place, but it still felt like cheating to me.

10-minute-trainer-resultsThe 10-Minute Trainer is full of workouts that range from cardio exercises that get your metabolism racing by requiring you to run around and reach to provide stretch to your muscles; lunges and kicks strengthen, extend, and tone legs; be warned: the lunges will leave you sore the first dozen times. The abs workout quickly became my favorite and provided fantastic results; I still perform some of the exercises without the DVD. There’s a separate lower body section that uses different styles of lunges and kicks to target the quads and gluts, as well as a total body session that gets the whole body motivated. There’s also a Yoga session, which provides an excellent change in pace for lazier days and provides great stretch to the body. The use of resistance bands is implemented throughout these workouts, but you can easily eliminate the use of it for a lighter, less intense workout.

Final Thoughts

The 10-Minute Trainer program is an excellent complement to a busy lifestyle, but is, by no means, a get-in-shape program unless you choose to dedicate a lot of time to it. It’s an excellent gateway to Tony Horton’s p90x program, which is much more intense and requires a lot more dedication. The 10-Minute Trainer is a great alternative to jogging and walking because it saves time and exercises muscles that would otherwise be unused. It worked especially well for me after dedicating a summer to getting in shape to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the DVDs were accompanied by a tiny meal plan pamphlet which gave me some direction for healthy eating, which certainly kept the freshman 15 away.


The 10-Minute Trainer is available from Beachbody for just two payments of $39.95 plus $19.95 shipping and handling. Included with your six-DVD purchase is a resistance band kit, a rapid results guidebook, cardio belt, 10-minute recipe guide, and customized workout calendar, plus two bonuses of On-the-go workout cards and a two-day jump start plan. Plus, for a limited time, you can receive 3 additional workouts, 24/7 online support, and a customized calendar for no additional cost.