Flex Seal Review – The Rubber Sealant Spray

Flex Seal is a versatile sealant product that makes common repairs much easier by eliminating expensive repairs or multi-step processes. This product is great for use on anything from household repairs to waterproof repairs for marine vessels. Pros: Heavy duty rubber sealant Easy spray on application Durable yet flexible Waterproof Versatile Cons: Clings to everything, […]

Pocket Hose Review – The Green As Seen on TV Expandable Hose

The Pocket Hose is a innovative hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. Similar to the DAP X Hose, it stretches and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body due to heavy hoses. Pros: Compact size expands Durable nylon and rubber construction Lightweight Tangle and kink proof Cons: […]