The QuickLawn Grass Seeds Reviews 2018

I have been trying for years and years to get a good lawn. I’ve tried everything, from different types of grass to using professional lawn services. Despite repeated efforts, I was never quite happy with the way my lawn looked. I was sure it wasn’t the fault of the climate or of the local soil, […]

Climbing Strawberry Plants Strawberry Varieties

Even if strawberry isn’t your favorite fruit from the whole array of options and flavors available, it’s surely somewhere in the Top 5, surely. Strawberry is a flavor impossible not to love, and the fruit itself is so commonly found in a wide range of pastries, ice-creams, jams and ice-creams that we could easily conclude […]

FlexAble Hose Review – Another Expandable Hose, Does it Work?

If you are tired of dealing with kinked and heavy hoses that never want to work with you, then you might want to consider the FlexAble Hose. This hose has a unique construction that makes it small and lightweight when there isn’t any water, but it can expand to the size of a regular hose […]

Flex Seal Review – The Rubber Sealant Spray

Flex Seal is a versatile sealant product that makes common repairs much easier by eliminating expensive repairs or multi-step processes. This product is great for use on anything from household repairs to waterproof repairs for marine vessels. Pros: Heavy duty rubber sealant Easy spray on application Durable yet flexible Waterproof Versatile Cons: Clings to everything, […]

Pocket Hose Review – The Green As Seen on TV Expandable Hose

The Pocket Hose is a innovative hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. Similar to the DAP X Hose, it stretches and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body due to heavy hoses. Pros: Compact size expands Durable nylon and rubber construction Lightweight Tangle and kink proof Cons: […]

XHose Review – The Expandable Hose by DAP

The X Hose is a unique hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. It expands and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body. Pros: Expands and contracts – no more lugging extra hoses or rolling heavy ones Made of durable materials Lightweight Easy to use Tangle proof Cons: […]