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The QuickLawn Grass Seeds Reviews 2018

I have been trying for years and years to get a good lawn. I’ve tried everything, from different types of grass to using professional lawn services. Despite repeated efforts, I was never quite happy with the way my lawn looked. I was sure it wasn’t the fault of the climate or of the local soil, either, as most of my neighbors managed to maintain perfectly presentable lawns, making mine feel even more inadequate. Last year, however, I decided to try the QuickLawn Grass Seed, despite being half-sure that my lawn is forever cursed to remain barren.

Quicklawn Seed Reviews 2018

The QuickLawn seed reviews in 2018 were mostly positive and I thought that might as well try it, since it can at least do no harm. To my great surprise, not only did it work, but it worked without any sort of extra effort on my part. I merely had to drop the seeds unto the ground and make sure they got plenty of water and in an unexpectedly short amount of time, out came the best lawn I have ever had. It was by no means perfect and I suspect that you should probably use a bit more seeds per square foot than the instructions imply if you want a full and evenly spread distribution of the grass, but it was by far the most successful grass experience in the history of my household. It should be noted as well that I used a minimum of organic fertilizer on the land, just as much as I use for my potted plants. Additionally, because I live in an area that is often plagued by acid rain, everybody in town is advised to lye the ground, as a way of countering its effects. While that might not be the case in your area of residence, I do lye my entire garden and am unable to say what effect, if any, that had on my QuickLawn success story.

Several QuickLawn Grass Seed reviews mentioned that after an initial promising result, the lawn thinned out considerably and quite quickly too, but that was simply not the case in my front yard. It lasted for almost the entire year, until it was covered by snow. The seed mix being mostly comprised of annual species, I did it again this year, quite late unfortunately, and am now waiting to see the results that should become apparent in a few days or so. If anything, writing this QuickLawn Grass Seed review is a way of dealing with the anticipation.

Climbing Strawberry Plants Strawberry Varieties

Even if strawberry isn’t your favorite fruit from the whole array of options and flavors available, it’s surely somewhere in the Top 5, surely. Strawberry is a flavor impossible not to love, and the fruit itself is so commonly found in a wide range of pastries, ice-creams, jams and ice-creams that we could easily conclude that America loves strawberries. The supermarket prices per ounce of strawberries confirm that, on a less cheerful note: we must love strawberries indeed considering they can be pretty pricey. Unfortunately, the price isn’t the only issue one could have with this fruit: strawberries are much more fragile than say, apples and pears, and therefore become mushy and lose much of their charm after just a day or two of sitting in the shelves. That’s where the climbing strawberry plants comes into play.

FlexAble Hose Review – Another Expandable Hose, Does it Work?

If you are tired of dealing with kinked and heavy hoses that never want to work with you, then you might want to consider the FlexAble Hose. This hose has a unique construction that makes it small and lightweight when there isn’t any water, but it can expand to the size of a regular hose when you need to water your plants or clean off your driveway. Our review will look at the specifics so that you’ll know if this is a good replacement for your hose.

flexable hose


  • The largest hose only weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • The FlexAble Hose can be stored almost anywhere because it shrinks down when you’re finished with it.
  • The thin design ensures that you’ll never have to deal with kinks.
  • Your wrists, arms and back won’t be strained because the hose weighs so much less than a conventional hose.
  • It’s easy to connect and remove from any water system.


  • It’s just as strong as a regular hose. This isn’t much of a con, but a number of people complained about this because they were hoping that this hose would be stronger than a conventional one.
  • The connecters sometimes leak, but you can fix this by just tightening them a bit by hand.

flexable-hoseThere’s no one perfect hose length. It all comes down to what you need to water and how far away the spigot is. Some people will need a 25-foot hose while others will need something longer.

One of the best things about the FlexAble Hose is that it comes in three different lengths so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. They offer 25-foot, 50-foot and 75-foot hoses. This is the extended length of the hose. They are much more compact when there’s no water running through them.

The longest hose is only 28 feet long, and the shortest one is about 9 feet long.

So, Why the FlexAble Hose?

The average hose weighs about 10 to 20 pounds depending on its size and material. While this may not seem like much, you need to remember that the water is going to make it heavier, and the shape of the hose is going to make it seem much heavier when you are using it. Many people experience muscular and joint strain when using these hoses because they weigh so much.

The FlexAble Hose weighs close to nothing. The 25-foot hose is half a pound, the 50-foot hose is one pound and the 75-foot one is about 1.5 pounds. While water will make it heavier, the hose will still weigh considerably less than a standard hose.

No Kinking

Probably the best benefit of the FlexAble Hose is that, like the DAP X Hose and the Pocket Hose, it doesn’t kink at all. If you have ever handled a hose, then you know how hard it can be to roll it up when you’re finished. The hose will work against you the whole time, it doesn’t want to bend correctly and it all turns into a mess within a few seconds.

flexable hose

That does happen with this hose. It takes absolutely no effort to roll this hose up when you’re finished. The thin and light material allows you to easily manipulate it so that you can quickly store it without having to get frustrated.

Safe and Durable

This hose is incredibly durable because it is made with a double-wall construction. Some people were worried that the hose would burst and rip from the water pressure because it’s so thin, but this hose can easily take a lot of abuse without breaking.

Just because it feels weak doesn’t mean it is. This unique construction is also what allows the hose to easily stretch without kinking.


flexable-hose-reviewsSome people were a little let down by this, but the FlexAble Hose is just as strong as your conventional water hose. This is actually a great thing because the hose is so much lighter and smaller than a regular hose. Usually this would make the water weaker, but not with this product.

You can easily water flowers, blast dirt and clean off anything with this hose without experiencing any difficulties.

Even Children can Handle it

Children often have a very hard time using garden hoses because they are heavy and difficult to work with. That’s not the case with this hose. Children can use it safely without having any troubles or problems.

Final Thoughts

The FlexAble Hose has many benefits and advantages over a common garden hose, but it doesn’t cost as  much as you might think. You can buy this hose for about $30 at most retailers and online stores. If that isn’t a great deal, then I don’t know what is.

This hose passes the ReviewYT test. It weighs close to nothing, never kinks, is small enough to store anywhere and it’s much easier to use than a regular hose. If you hate the idea of having to water your flowers because you’re tired of dealing with all of those pesky hose problems, then you need the FlexAble Hose. This will fix all of those hose woes without giving you any additional problems.

For those who haven’t seen the commercial, I’ve included it below for your convenience.

Flex Seal Review – The Rubber Sealant Spray

Flex Seal is a versatile sealant product that makes common repairs much easier by eliminating expensive repairs or multi-step processes. This product is great for use on anything from household repairs to waterproof repairs for marine vessels.

flex seal


  • Heavy duty rubber sealant
  • Easy spray on application
  • Durable yet flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile


  • Clings to everything, so watch your fingers

flex-sealI’m sure I’m not the only person who has pulled a boat out of storage after a long winter only to find that last year’s holes have yet to be patched. I don’t enjoy using epoxy putty – it’s not pliable at all and they make you knead it, it doesn’t stick to anything as it promises to and if you’re lucky enough to get it to stick, it takes all of eight hours to dry. It never really brings me peace of mind, either. I always worry that the moment the boat hits the water, that epoxy will take a leisure swim straight down to the bottom of the bay and never be found again.

Flex Seal provides a much easier alternative for small holes. This wonderful product makes household repairs a walk in the park (literally; you’ll have time to actually take a walk with how quick this is), and can be used for a variety of applications (case in point, the boat). All you have to do is spray it on.

So, Why Flex Seal?

It works just as well as caulk would, but it’s not caulk. It’s a heavy duty liquid rubber sealant that seeps into small holes and hardens to keep leaks sealed. It works excellently for sealing drafty holes, pipes, cracks in ceramic, patching or grafting hoses, and just about any application where you would desire a heavy-duty glue that’s guaranteed to stay. And it’s not limited to just repairs – consumers have reported using it for other applications, such as creating a spray-on non-slip surface for porch stoops or stairs.

flex seal

flex-seal-reviewsThe secret behind is versatility is a unique rubber compound that dries while holding tight to surfaces that need bonding. The rubber allows it to still remain flexible, making it the perfect solution for hoses, vinyl, rubber and any other surface that requires a moderate amount of expansion under pressure. Flex Seal is guaranteed to hold your materials in place and will never crack under pressure, making it the perfect product to have on hand in emergencies when you need a quick, strong fix.

Flex Seal is incredibly easy to use—if you can use a spray can, you can use this; no special caulking guns required. Simply clean the area you’re repairing with soap and water, ensuring no soap residue is left behind for optimal clinging on contact. Let the area dry completely, and then spray your first coat of Flex Seal onto the area to be repaired. For best results, hold the can about a foot away from the surface to allow the sealant to evenly coat the area, and use even side-to-side motions. Let the first layer dry completely (about three to five minutes) before applying another coat. For best results, gradually build up the layers; it’s better to apply several thin coats than one thick coat that may not dry thoroughly. Each layer works to create a permanent water tight bond—if one layer is broken, you’ll have a few good layers underneath to protect your project.

For best results, do not apply Flex Seal to wet surfaces. Although the sealant will more than likely adhere to the surface, water will prevent it from sticking as best as it can, and can even cause air bubbles to form, which will lead to further problems. Avoid applying Flex Seal in rain or humid weather – the moisture in the air will keep it from performing at its best.

Final Thoughts

flex-seal-rubber-sprayFlex Seal is an ideal product for many household applications – you can use it to coat shingles to prevent rain from leaking into your home, seal gutter leaks, or flowerpot cracks. One fourteen ounce can of flex seal is enough to seal up to twelve feet, depending on how much you need for each part.

Flex Seal is available in two color options—original, which yields a charcoal-grey seal, and brite, which creates an off-white seal. For a limited time, when ordered from the official website you can receive an aero-sprayer handle that makes spraying for an extended amount of time easier on your hands. Flex Seal is available for just $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping and handling, but when purchased from the official website, you can receive an additional can for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Pocket Hose Review – The Green As Seen on TV Expandable Hose

The Pocket Hose is a innovative hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. Similar to the DAP X Hose, it stretches and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body due to heavy hoses.

pocket hose



  • Compact size expands
  • Durable nylon and rubber construction
  • Lightweight
  • Tangle and kink proof


  • A little narrower than common garden hoses
  • So easy to use, you might actually enjoy your chores

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve complained about doing garden chores, and most of my complaints were centered around uncooperative garden hoses. They’re heavy, stiff, and put strain on my arms and back. Needless to say, I don’t enjoy watering plants with hoses – I’d rather stick to tiny watering cans, because even if they take twice as long to get the job done, they don’t strain my body.

The Pocket Hose is designed to be easier to use than than the traditional garden hose. Instead of just being hollow snake of plastic or rubber, it is made out of two layers that work with each other to provide a more versatile hose. The inner layer is made of a tough, ultra-strong rubber material that stretches to allow room for expansion during use. This layer is covered by a nylon fabric-like material that expands when the hose does. The nylon covering helps to protect the inner hose from punctures and isn’t prone to melting or freezing in extreme temperatures.

So, Why the Pocket Hose?

The Pocket Hose works like any other garden hose – simply connect it to your faucet, turn it on, and use it like any hose. When water flows through the hose, the rubber hose inside of the Pocket Hose will begin to expand, stretching the hose out so you can turn up the water as much as you need. The expansion of the hose depends on water pressure and how far you pull it. The pocket hose conveniently works with standard garden hose nozzles, so you don’t have to worry about investing in new accessories.

pocket hose

pocket-hose-reviewThe Pocket Hose simplifies gardening tasks being more lightweight than common hoses, which allows you more freedom in manueverability; so you’re not pulling the weight of a heavy hose, just the weight of the water. The rubber-nylon construction duo prevents tangles, kinks, or pinches during use and storage – just think, no more chipping hoses from excessive pinches.

When water begins to flow through the vibrant green Pocket Hose, it will uncoil and expand by itself. After use, drain the hose completely to allow the inner hose to compact properly, and the hose will begin to contract to its compacted size as the water exits. After that, simply roll it up and place it away for storage.

Proper use of the pocket hose and regular care will extend the life of the product. The hose should be stored away from direct sunlight and not left near abrasive chemicals, and absolutely no water should be left in the hose – excess water may damage the rubber. Pocket hoses should not be stored on concrete, brick, or any other coarse surface that can tear the nylon covering.

Residual moisture from previous usage might cause the internal rubber hose to stick to itself, which is natural and usually not harmful to the performance of the hose. For optimal result and for extending the life of your product, take care when turning the water on. Do not start with a heavy stream of water; rather, gradually increase water pressure so that the rubber has a chance to unfold as water seeps through it.

Final Thoughts

pocket-hose-reviewsThe Pocket Hose is an easy to use fun and affordable solution to tiring watering applications. If your garden requires frequent watering, you understand how tiring it can become to constantly lug a full-sized hose out of its hiding place and use it for applications that require you to lift it high. The pocket hose is a good idea for watering small areas, such as apartment building gardens and small patios. The Pocket Hose’s lightweight, flexible design ensures that you won’t put excess strain on your body while watering, making it ideal for frequent watering, or physically challenged people who can’t perform gardening chores without difficulty.

The Pocket Hose is available in four lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet, which costs $12.99, $19.99, $32.99, and $39.99 respectively, with an additional $7.99 for shipping and handling. You can receive an additional pocket hose for a small additional fee starting at $9.99, so you can connect two of them to ensure the hose is long enough for all of your gardening needs. If you’re not completely satisfied, your purchase is covered by a money back guarantee on your purchase when purchased from their official website.

XHose Review – The Expandable Hose by DAP

The X Hose is a unique hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. It expands and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body.

x hose


  • Expands and contracts – no more lugging extra hoses or rolling heavy ones
  • Made of durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Tangle proof


  • A little narrower than common garden hoses
  • Must be stored away from direct sunlight
  • So easy to use, you might actually enjoy your chores

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who hates playing tug of war with garden hoses every time I need to water the plants. Those hoses are great and everything, but they’re heavy, extremely stiff, and become even stiffer in the wintertime (not that most people do much watering in the winter, but hey, sometimes it’s necessary).

So, Why the DAP X Hose?

xhoseThe XHose is designed to be significantly more cooperative than the traditional hose. Instead of just being a rigid tube of plastic or rubber, it is made out of two layers that work with each other to provide a more versatile hose. The inner layer is made of a tough, ultra-strong rubber material that stretches to allow room for expansion during use. This layer is covered by bunched, strong nylon webbing that expands when the hose does. The nylon covering helps to protect the inner hose from punctures and isn’t prone to melting or freezing in extreme temperatures.

The DAP XHose works like any other garden hose – simply connect it to your faucet, turn it on, and wash away! When water flows through the hose, the rubber hose inside of the XHose will expand up to three times its original size, so you can turn up the water as much as you need. The expansion of the hose depends on water pressure and how far you pull it.

x hose

As enjoyable as gardening can be, I know first-hand that watering plants can get exhausting (in fact, I just use a lawn sprinkler to water my garden; saves time, but the plants don’t always get even amounts of water). The DAP X Hose simplifies such tasks by being significantly more lightweight than common hoses, so you’re just pulling water weight and practically nothing more. Its unique construction ensures that it will never tangle, kink, or pinch during use and storage – which is a glorious thing, because I always lamented the fact that no one had invented a pinch free hose yet.

dap-x-hoseWhen water begins to flow through the XHose by DAP, it will rapidly expand (while twisting and turning like a snake, which makes it quite fun to watch!). When the water’s turned off, it’s recommended to drain all of the water from the hose to ensure proper contraction and prevent additional wear on the internal hose. The hose will automatically contract to its compacted size—all you have to do is roll it up and store it.

Use and Maintenance

Of course, as with any garden hose, proper use and care are essential to extending the life of the XHose. In addition to making sure water is completely drained from the hose, the hose should be stored away from direct sunlight and not left near abrasive chemicals. It also helps to not store the hose on a coarse surface that might cause unnecessary wear on the outer nylon hose.

Another significant thing to note is to use care when turning water on. Bear in mind that the internal hose might acquire folds or even stick to itself, so gradually increase the water pressure before you begin using it to prevent the hose from bursting. Too much water pressure around a fold could cause the rubber to break and damage your hose.

Final Thoughts

xhose-reviewSo why choose the XHose? It’s easy, fun, and affordable. If you’ve spent hours in the sun tending garden patches, you understand how frustrating it is to accidentally drag a heavy hose over your plants and ruin them all. Or maybe you wash a lot of cars and are tired of inflexible hoses that don’t bend as well as they should for the hard-to-reach spots. The XHose’s lightweight, flexible design ensures that all of your hosing applications can be completed with newfound ease.

The XHose is perfect for anyone who does frequent watering, or even for physically challenged people who require additional assistance with chores.

Although common garden hose accessories can be used with the XHose, the XHose has special hose nozzles and other accessories available for separate purchase.

The XHose is available in four lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet, which costs $19.95 plus an additional $6.95 for shipping and handling, $39.95 + $7.95, $49.95 + $8.95, and $59.95 + $9.95 respectively. If you’re not completely satisfied, the manufacturer provides a 90 day money back guarantee on your purchase when purchased from their official website.