Night View Review

Night View Glare Reduction Glasses Review The decreased visibility of driving at night or in bad weather is the source of significant anxiety for most people. Add the glare of other drivers’ headlights and you have a cocktail for disaster. However, an innovative solution has recently hit the market. Night View Glare Reduction Glasses claim […]

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Never Buy Compressed Air Again The all new 02 Hurricane Canless Air System replaces expensive cans of compressed air for cleaning and dusting sensitive electronic equipment. There are currently four models available and all can be purchased on the main website, From the 160mph hand-held air compressors to the unsurpassed 220mph industrial strength units, […]

Perfect Polly Review

Perfect Polly Says Yes to Indoor Pets In most working parent households, having an indoor pet can be demanding, even if the responsibility of care and attention is shared. The Perfect Polly Pet is a wonderful solution for any busy household, or in situations where indoor live pets aren’t allowed. This life-like parakeet measures over […]

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

Non-Stick Stone Wave Microwave Cookware Nothing beats the taste of foods prepared in authentic stoneware crockery. But, up until now, this couldn’t be done inside a microwave oven. Telebrands Corp. has broken the mold with their revolutionary ceramic stoneware. These unique dishes are completely microwave safe, offer a comfort touch handle which never retains cooking […]

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review (Jesse James Replica Pocket Watch)

Capture a Moment in History With the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch, the Jesse James replica pocket watch On a cold morning in January, 1874, Jesse James and his gang staged the most famous train robbery in history. After relieving Conductor, C.A. Alfred, of his personal valuables at gunpoint, James reportedly returned his gold pocket watch, […]

Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review

Light the Way Automatically with Light Angel Motion Activated Light Almost all of us have places both inside and outside of our homes that could use a little more light. The back door, the garage, the driveway, hallways and closets are just some of the places that aren’t always lit to our satisfaction. Installing a […]

Rollie EggMaster Review

Is Rollie EggMaster the Best Way to Cook Eggs? If you struggle with cooking eggs, or simply want a new fast and easy way to prepare them, you may be interested in the Rollie EggMaster from Instead of cooking your eggs in a pan, this product uses a non-stick, vertical, cylindrical cooking surface that […]

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review

What You Need to Know About Jillian Michaels Body Revolution If you’ve tried dozens of diets and workout programs without success, you may be interested in checking out Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from It aims to be significantly different from other exercise programs by using the principles and philosophies developed over 20 years by […]

Richard Simmons Project Hope Review

Richard Simmons Project Hope: Worth the Hype? For years, Richard Simmons has been known as an eccentric yet charming fitness guru. His exercise videos are well-known for being high-energy and packed with helpful workouts. His newest endeavor, Richard Simmons Project Hope from is a brand new effort to combine balanced exercise with an equally […]