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Night View Review

Night View Glare Reduction Glasses Review

The decreased visibility of driving at night or in bad weather is the source of significant anxiety for most people. Add the glare of other drivers’ headlights and you have a cocktail for disaster. However, an innovative solution has recently hit the market. Night View Glare Reduction Glasses claim to be the answer we have all been waiting for, but does the product live up to the hype?

If you have seen the advertisements for Night View glasses on television, you may have found yourself intrigued by their promises. Still, like many of us, you may have also had trouble silencing your inner skeptic. This list of pros and cons can help you decide if the glasses are right for you. In addition, there is a comprehensive review, including opinions of other consumers, following the list to help you make an informed decision.


  • Yellow lenses allow the Night View glasses to be used to block glare during day and night.
  • Fashionable frames come in a classic aviator style that perfectly complements a variety of looks for both men and women.
  • UV protection keeps eyes safe from the threat of UVA and UVB rays
  • Sturdy, well-made glasses that are tough enough to stand up to the daily use and abuse that most of us put our routine eye ware through
  • Effective glare reducing under virtually all conditions, including typical headlights, snow and pavement
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Less expensive than comparable alternatives on the market
  • 2 pairs for the price of 1


  • Style is somewhat limited. Although the classic aviator style frame is appropriate for most everyone, some consumers may prefer other color and style options that are not available.
  • Unfortunately, they are only available in non-prescription lenses.

Night View Review

What Reviewers Are Saying:

Odd Transition, Great Results

Some reviewers were quick to point out that it may initially seem strange looking through yellow lenses, since most of are accustomed to darker lenses. However, they all agreed that the yellow lenses are the magic behind these unique glasses. When you put on these yellow tinted glasses, the difference is literally like night and day.

More Than Glare Reduction

While the main promise of the Night View glasses is to reduce glare, many reviewers were surprised to find another advantage to these driving glasses. Not only do these lenses block out the headlight glare that makes it impossible to see at night, but the lenses also enhance your vision. It is like going from regular viewing to high definition, everything is clearer and sharper, enabling you to feel more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

Night View is Not Just for Night Driving

Other reviewers noted that only wearing the Night View glasses at night is a waste of a great benefit. They are also great for seeing in daylight. Glare is not limited to headlights; the blinding sun can be maddening during our daily commutes, causing eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. So, despite their name, use these glasses during the day, too.

Not Enough Options

A few reviewers voiced their opinions about there only being one choice of frames. Although there are no other colors or styles to choose from, you could always add some adhesive colored jewels or decals to update the frames if they do not appeal to your personal style.

Night View Review

Our Conclusion

We searched all over the internet for people’s honest opinions about the Night View Glare Reduction Glasses and while there was no shortage of reviewers to be found raving about them, negative reviews were almost nonexistent. The few that we did find were simply displeased with their aesthetics, not the way they function.

The bottom line is that these glasses are one of the few products that actually deliver on their promises. They do not use clever camera tricks and overzealous pitchmen to confuse you or hide the truth. They may not be expensive, flashy designer sunglasses, but they do what they were designed to do; reduce glare and make it easier for you to see while driving.

In fact, they actually go above their claims of enhancing your night vision and help you see better in daylight, as well. Therefore, we can honestly stand behind them and offer a recommendation to anyone who wants to see better while driving at night, during the day or in inclement weather. They will help you see better, decrease your battle with eyestrain and headaches and ease your stress and anxiety when driving at night.

Besides, what have you got to lose? For a very reasonable price you can buy a pair for yourself and receive an extra pair for a friend or relative. Take them for a test drive and decide for yourself. If you decide that they do not meet or exceed your expectations or that they are not for you, just return them and get your money back. It really is that simple, but if you are like the reviewers we found, you will be so impressed with the Night View Glare Reduction Glasses that they will become a permanent fixture in your daily routine.


O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Never Buy Compressed Air Again

The all new 02 Hurricane Canless Air System replaces expensive cans of compressed air for cleaning and dusting sensitive electronic equipment. There are currently four models available and all can be purchased on the main website, www.canlessair.com. From the 160mph hand-held air compressors to the unsurpassed 220mph industrial strength units, you can find the right compressor for your needs. There is even an ESD safe unit for electrostatic discharge that measures in the 10e+9ohms range of static displacement. Unlike canned compressed air, these compressors use nothing but 100% air. Canned air is made of various compressed gasses including a propellant with several environmental and health risks. There is nothing ‘greener’ than all-natural ambient air, and there is no aerosol cans to dispose of.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System ReviewPROS:

  • Uses 100% environmentally safe and healthy air.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Single Charge Equal to 4 Cans of Compressed Air
  • Safe and Effective for use on all Delicate Electronics
  • Contains No Hydroflurocarbons or Toxins
  • Will Not Cause Frostbite or Accidental Ignition
  • Non-Flammable
  • Lasts up to 18 Minutes Per/Charge


  • Powered by Nickle Hydride Batteries

02 Hurricane Canless Air System: What Is It?

This technologically advanced hand-held air compressor replaces the need for expensive canned air to clean and dispel electromagnetic charge on sensitive electronic equipment. Some customers did complain about these units being battery powered and requiring charging, however, a single charge produces more compressed air than four cans of traditional compressed air. A single charge can produce up to 18 sustained minutes of compressed air flow. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be held and sprayed from any angle, including upside down. No toxic chemicals or gasses are used with these units, they are 100% environmentally safe, and are not harmful to humans or animals. Canned air uses dangerous gasses and an environmentally harmful propellant. Canned air can also be purposefully misused and abused leading to health risks and even death. These units use nothing but healthy and safe ambient room air.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

How Well Does O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Work?

Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be used again and again. These hand-held air compressors are battery powered, and each charge lasts as long as four cans of canned air. Models are available in 160+mph, 200+mph, 220+mph, and the 220+ mph ESD Safe unit. Sustained compressed air for up to 18 minutes on a single charge ensures all of your electronics can be cleaned on a single charge. From light household use to heavy duty industrial use, these units are powerful and sustainable. These hand-held units can also be used from any spraying angle, including upside down. They offer a safe and healthy alternative to dangerous canned air that will not harm the environment or sensitive equipment. Canned air is expensive and comprised of dangerous gasses and a potentially dangerous propellant. These canless hand-held compression units use nothing but air. These units cannot produce chemicals that can be misused or purposefully concentrated for illegal and potentially harmful uses, as can products using gasses and propellants.

Potential Drawbacks of the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Because the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System runs on rechargeable batteries, a power supply is required to sustain the units periodically. Each unit charges fast and lasts for up 18 continuous minutes of sustained compressed air. Each charge effectively replaces up to four cans of canned compressed air. By running on sustainable battery charges, over time, these units can save thousands of dollars for companies with entire rooms of sensitive electronics equipment. There are four different canless units to choose from, and each model preforms to a different standard. Make sure to choose the model that best meets your unique needs.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Is the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Right For You?

Anyone with small children, elderly, or individuals with breathing complications such as asthma, can greatly benefit form homes using this canless system. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System uses no harmful gasses or propellants. Ambient room air is compressed by the unit’s powerful motor, and then released under pressure to dust and demagnetize sensitive electronic equipment. Homes and offices can be dusted and cleaned, even those hard to reach areas, more effectively with these canless units as they operate from any spraying angle. Homes and businesses wishing to ‘go green’ will love this canless system because it creates no waste. There are no aerosol cans to dispose of, and no harmful chemicals released to the environment or left behind on surfaces. These inexpensive, powerful, hand-held air compressors use nothing but ambient room air. From standard home use to heavy duty industrial and commercial use, there are 02 Hurricane Canless Air units available to meet the use demand. The ESD Safe unit dispels electromagnetic charge are are perfect for corporate and IT use on sensitive equipment.

Perfect Polly Review

Perfect Polly Says Yes to Indoor Pets

In most working parent households, having an indoor pet can be demanding, even if the responsibility of care and attention is shared. The Perfect Polly Pet is a wonderful solution for any busy household, or in situations where indoor live pets aren’t allowed. This life-like parakeet measures over six-inches in height, and over seven-inches tall when perched. Vibrantly colored with realistic green and yellow markings, this animatronic bird mimics the sounds and behavior of the real thing. Advanced technology makes this parakeet motion activated, so it comes to life the moment movement it detected. You can find them on the official website at www.perfectpollypet.com, and for a limited time, when you purchase one pet, you can get a second pet for a small additional fee. Perch is included with each purchase, as well as instructions. Batteries are not included with some models.

Perfect Polly ReviewPROS:

  • No Need For Cage, Feed, Water, or Maintenance
  • Battery Powered and Motion Activated
  • No Need to Turn On/Off
  • Can be Taken Anywhere Real Pets Are Disallowed
  • No Training Necessary
  • Will Not Bite or Cause Injury
  • Will Not Fly Away


  • Not Recommended For Children Under Three years of Age
  • Batteries Not Included With Some Models

The Perfect Polly Pet: What Is It?

The Perfect Polly Pet is the closest thing to real-life pet ownership on the market. Advanced motion-activation and realistic detail bring this life-size parakeet to life. The hard-body plastic design is durable and color fast. The soothing sounds of natural bird chatter and song emanate from this attentive pet, as it seems to respond to your every move. Head and tail motion mimic the movements of real birds, and the stunning attention to color detail complete the illusion. Full animation is achieved using two ‘AAA’ batteries or three LR44 watch batteries. Models requiring the LR44 watch batteries will need to purchase batteries separately. Being motion-activated, there is no need to turn the bird on or off. When perched, this life-like parakeet measures over seven-inches in height. The hard-body plastic design makes cleaning easy with nothing more than a damp rag. Unlike real pets, this astonishingly real counterpart can be stored when not in active use.

Perfect Polly Review

How Well Does the Perfect Polly Work?

Advanced motion detection sensors in the design of the Perfect Polly Pet allow the bird to appear alive and responsive whenever anyone is present. If no one is present, the fully automated bird ceases to respond, automatically conserving battery life. Unlike a real pet, this parakeet will never bite or cause harm. There is no worry of it flying away, or leaving unsightly and unhealthy droppings behind. No cage is required, so there will never be a messy cage to clean. One of the hardest tasks of real bird ownership is training. This technologically advanced replica is programmed to respond and behave like its well trained live counterpart right from the box. This is the perfect pet for anywhere live pets are not allowed, such as condos or rental homes. Unlike a real pet, this exquisite copy of nature can never die, so there will never be the fear of explaining pet loss to a child.

Potential Drawbacks of the Perfect Polly

As with a live pet bird, delicate handling is required. The Perfect Polly Pet is not recommended or intended for children under the age of three. Being battery powered, it will require occasional battery replacement. The bird is not intended to be treated as a toy, and could be damaged or broken if used as such. The hard-body plastic design is water resistant, but not water-proof. Accidental immersion could cause the bird to become inoperable. When used as directed and intended, the Perfect Polly Pet will bring years of fun and enjoyment to any room.

Perfect Polly Review

Is the Perfect Polly Right For You?

If your children have longed for a real pet, the Perfect Polly Pet is a far better choice than goldfish or other small creatures that require care, supplies, and managed climate control. There is never the fear of having to explain pet loss with this perfect replica of a real-life parakeet. If pets are not allowed where you live, this animatronic bird offers all the realism of pet ownership without any rule violations. Being motion sensitive, the bird only comes to life when someone is present, and automatically detects when a room is empty and remains dormant. Fully automated, this perfect pet moves its head and tail as a real bird would. The chattering and birdsong of the parakeet emanate from an internal speaker and fill any room with the cheerful sound of nature. If you’ve ever longed for a pet yourself, or wished you could allow your children to experience the joy of pet ownership, the Perfect Polly Pet is the perfect pet solution.

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Review

Non-Stick Stone Wave Microwave Cookware

Nothing beats the taste of foods prepared in authentic stoneware crockery. But, up until now, this couldn’t be done inside a microwave oven. Telebrands Corp. has broken the mold with their revolutionary ceramic stoneware. These unique dishes are completely microwave safe, offer a comfort touch handle which never retains cooking heat, and ceramic is naturally non-stick. There’s no dangerous Teflon coatings, or any need to cook with oils or butter. The trick to the way the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker works is in the design of the dish. Each cooking dish features a round stone ware basin for the foods which evenly distributes the microwave heat. The lid is specifically designed to release heat. The result is foods infused with flavor, moistness, and nutrients. You can find Stone Wave Microwave Cookers on the official website at: www.stonewave.com. With each order, you can get a second cooker completely free!

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker ReviewPROS:

  • Naturally Non-Stick Ceramic Stone Ware Cooking Surface
  • No Need For Oils, Fats or Butter to Prevent Sticking
  • Comfort Grip Handle Resists Cooking Heat
  • Convenient Size, up to Four Cookers Fit Inside a Standard Microwave
  • Completely Free Recipe Book Included With Dozens of Five-Minute Dishes
  • Order One, Get One Free


  • Only One Style and Size Currently Available

Stone Wave Microwave Cooker: What Is It?

We’ve all heard the health warnings of using Teflon coatings, and most major manufactures are switching to alternative non-stick coatings. However, there’s no need for a coating with all natural ceramic! Ceramic stone wear surfaces have always been naturally non-stick and completely healthy. The Stone Ware Microwave Cooker is dishwasher safe, and can go directly from the microwave to the table as serving ware. This attractive crockery brings to mind old Southwest pottery in rich earth tones with accents in deep lacquer. Each cookers unique style allows the heat of the microwave to distribute evenly, assuring all the flavor and nutrients of the foods are trapped inside. The dome shaped lid allows for the steam to escape through a chimney. The convenient small sizes allow for cooking an entire meal in the microwave at once, or four separate dishes. With every order placed, you receive a free cooker.

Stone Wave Review

How Well Does the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Work?

There are dozens of easy five-minute meals included in the free recipe book. The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker can cook to perfection an astonishing array of favorite foods in a matter of minutes. From delicate souffles to intricate casseroles and baked deserts, these cookers are guaranteed to please every member of your family. You can prepare party favorites such as cheese dip, three-bean dip, beef au jus sauce, and even hot wing dip. For a quick after school snack, kids will love a healthy apple bake, delicious twice-stuffed potatoes, or fun cheese and noodles. Up to four cookers can fit into a standard microwave at one time, so you can prepare an entire meal in five easy minutes! The heat resistant handle makes serving a snap and there’s no need for separate service dishes. The naturally non-stick ceramic stone ware surface makes clean up a breeze with just warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Potential Drawbacks of the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

Large families may prefer larger cookers and currently, there is only one size and model available. The alternative is to buy multiple cookers, and Telbrands is currently offering a buy one get one free promotion. Up to four Stone Wave Microwave Cookers can fit inside a standard microwave oven, so multiple dishes or up to four dishes of the same foods can be prepared at the same time. With the ease of cleaning, dishwasher safe, non-stick surface, using multiple cookers has never been easier. Most customers take advantage of the current offer and purchase cookers in multiples.

Stone Wave Review

Is the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker Right For You?

Almost anyone with a microwave can benefit from the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker. In as little as five minutes, you can enjoy the taste of authentic stoneware crockery from the convenience of your microwave. Casseroles, deserts, appetizers, and even sauces can be prepared in these uniquely designed cookers. Flavor is locked inside while steam escapes from the chimney in the domed lid. Dishwasher safe, cook and serve, and completely non-stick, these cookers are a great addition to any busy kitchen. From a single dish to an entire meal, the possibilities are limitless. College students are often not allowed anything but a microwave inside dorm rooms. These cookers would make excellent gifts, and give them the taste of home cooking that thy miss. Senior citizens who live alone and want a small meal would also benefit from these cookers. Children love the variety of tasty treats that can all be prepared at the same time. Adults love the easy non-stick clean up and health benefits of the stoneware ceramic surface.

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review (Jesse James Replica Pocket Watch)

Capture a Moment in History With the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch, the Jesse James replica pocket watch

On a cold morning in January, 1874, Jesse James and his gang staged the most famous train robbery in history. After relieving Conductor, C.A. Alfred, of his personal valuables at gunpoint, James reportedly returned his gold pocket watch, saying, “You’ll need this.” Forevermore immortalized in the annals of time, this event was just one of memorable note during a time in American history known as the Wild West. It may have been over one-hundred-thirty years since the outlaw Jesse James returned a watch like this to a scared train conductor, but you can re-tell the legendary story long into the future. For a fraction of what other similar models can cost, this Jesse James replica pocket watch is offered on the official Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch website, www.kansascitypocketwatch.com, for an unbelievably affordable price, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. jesse james replica pocket watch

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch ReviewPROS:

  • The look-through face of the pocket watch revels the replicated gold inner features of the precise and intricate clockworks. The gears, cogs, and springs are all visible, and the delicate silver overlay accents the Roman numerals on their white background.
  • The butterfly hinge folds flawlessly away from the centered stem-set.
  • This pocket watch has the same cutting edge technology that is employed on the world’s finest and most expensive modern timepieces.
  • The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is a great statement item and conversation piece.


  • Due to the mechanical nature of pocket watches, they will maintain accurate time longer in use and wear than they will in storage or on display.
  • This pocket watch is not waterproof.

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch: What Is It?

TeleBrands has turned back the hands of time with the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch. Expertly crafted in silver tone bezel, this stunning replica brings to mind the early days of the great American frontier. The open design showcases the inner clockworks in gold tone, accenting the white clock face and bold black numerals. A butterfly hinge allows access to the stem set for winding. Every detail of this antique masterpiece is newly represented and comes with a certificate of authenticity. To complete the historical look of this stunning timepiece, it also includes a matching chain and fob. Timeless allure as well as historical romance and intrigue meet on this single magnificent representation of a time long past. Also included is an easy to follow instruction manual for setting and winding the timepiece. Length of wind may vary with wear.

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

How Well Does the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Work?

The same technology used on much more expensive and modern timepieces has been exquisitely crafted into this historical replica. The matching silver tone chain and fob allow you to wear the watch today, just as the early frontiersmen did in their day. The fob ensures the chain does not tangle, and both accent the vintage pocket watch design perfectly. A striking accessory to any proper attire, this pocket watch is designed to draw attention. The luminescent silver tone finish of the casing and gold tone inner clockworks make this pocket watch a key component to the well tailored suit vest. It can also be worn as a necklace by women and men alike. For storage, the pocket watch also comes with a convenient bag designed to polish and prevent scratches.

Potential Drawbacks of the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch

This vintage mechanical timepiece is reminiscent of the great American Wild West. Even Jesse James himself knew that a man needed to keep his timepiece. He returned a pocket watch, aesthetically identical to this one, to the train conductor in the famous 1874 robbery. Just like the watch this legendary timepiece is based upon, the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch isn’t waterproof. It must be wound in order to keep accurate time. The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch manual gives basic instructions for winding and the approximate length of accurate timekeeping. As with most items of adult jewelry and accouterments, this item is not recommended for children.

Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Review

Is the Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch Right For You?

Avid collectors of authenticated and reduplicated memorabilia of the railways of America or the early frontier days of the wild west will love this stunning timepiece. The Kansas City Railroad Pocket Watch is the perfect gift item for any discerning collector of authenticated old west memorabilia on your list. This is not just a conversation starter or focal point of a display, this watch is an actual working and fully functional timepiece. Fine attention to detail, quality materials, and modern technology ensure this pocket watch will remain a treasured keepsake for generations to come. For anyone who loves the old west frontier days of the iron horse and the legend and lore of the most famous train robber in American history, this pocket watch is a true modern marvel.

Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review

Light the Way Automatically with Light Angel Motion Activated Light

Almost all of us have places both inside and outside of our homes that could use a little more light. The back door, the garage, the driveway, hallways and closets are just some of the places that aren’t always lit to our satisfaction. Installing a new light can be costly, however. And what if you only want the light to come on when you need it? The Light Angel from www.lightangel.com is an affordable, automatic way to light anywhere with the power of LED lights. But is it good enough for your home?

Light Angel Motion Activated Light ReviewPROS:

– Quality LED bulbs last up to 100,000 hours

– Can increase the safety of your home

– Automatically turns on when it detects motion from humans, pets and cars

– Sticks up with a powerful adhesive that allows it to go practically anywhere

– Doesn’t require any electrical know-how or complicated wiring

– Features a pivoting base for easy adjustments


– Runs off of batteries

Light Angel Motion Activated Light: What Is It?

The Light Angel is a new way to light up all the areas of your home. Installing a light inside your home would normally require that you crack into the walls, pull out wires and connect the light yourself. This can be both dangerous and costly, not to mention that you can’t easily move the light once you’ve installed it. This product foregoes these problems by operating on batteries, and installation is as easy as sticking it up on the wall with the included adhesive backing. This allows the light to be stuck literally anywhere inside and outside your house. The product also turns on automatically when it senses any kind of motion. By turning on automatically, it works perfectly as a security light or a light for your closet. Using high-quality LED lights also helps guarantee a quality lighting experience that lasts up to 100,000 hours without issue. Lastly, the product features a pivoting motion that allows it to be adjusted as you need it without moving it from its mounted spot.

How Well Does Light Angel Motion Activated Light Work?

If you need lighting for absolutely anywhere in your home, there isn’t any easier solution that buying the Light Angel. Installation is as easy as pulling the paper off the adhesive backing and sticking it wherever you need it. With the pivoting design, you can even angle it to just the right position you need. Once the four AA batteries are installed, it’s immediately ready to use. Whether you plan on using it as a spare closet light or as a security light outside, you get access to bright LED lighting that comes on instantly when it senses motion. Overall, it’s the easiest and most affordable light you can ever buy.


Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review


The value of having a light that comes on automatically when it senses motion is immeasurable when it comes to the safety of your family. It’s a known fact that having a motion-sensing light outside of your door is one of the best ways to scare off potential intruders. When a possible criminal approaches your door, the Light Angel will immediately light up. Most criminals will assume that someone inside the house has flipped the light switch on, so they will almost always run off. It doesn’t just work as a security light for scaring off intruders, however. Installing the light near a pool or other dangerous areas can help alert you if your child runs out without your knowledge. Having this product can easily mean the difference between a safe child and an injured child.

Potential Drawbacks of Light Angel Motion Activated Light

The Light Angel is one of the best LED lights you can buy, but the fact that it runs on batteries is a little bit disappointing. No one likes having to change batteries on a regular basis, or worse, have batteries go out on them at an inopportune time. It really is a requirement for the device, however, since running on batteries is the only way for it to be independent of your electrical wiring. It’s also what helps the product truly go anywhere in your home. Plus it allows it to run even when you have a power outage. Running on batteries isn’t a great thing, but it does help the product perform better in a quite a few aspects.


Light Angel Motion Activated Light Review


Is Light Angel Motion Activated Light Right For You?

If you need a new light for any part of your home, the Light Angel is a great choice. It doesn’t require any electrical know-how nor do you need to drill holes anywhere in your home. If you can put batteries in a radio, you have all the knowledge you to need to run and install this product. It features extra-durable, extremely bright LEDs that can light the way for you and your family in even the direst circumstances such as a power-outage. It can even help scare off potential intruders. Overall, it’s a great light that you should definitely give a try.

Rollie EggMaster Review

Is Rollie EggMaster the Best Way to Cook Eggs?

If you struggle with cooking eggs, or simply want a new fast and easy way to prepare them, you may be interested in the Rollie EggMaster from www.getrollie.com. Instead of cooking your eggs in a pan, this product uses a non-stick, vertical, cylindrical cooking surface that automatically pops-up your eggs when it’s done. They can then be sliced for sandwiches and salads or eaten right out of the cooker. But is it really a better alternative than the normal way of cooking eggs?

Rollie EggMaster ReviewPROS:

– Cooks and pops-out perfect eggs automatically every time

– Uses a special silicone gripping pad for easy transportation with no slipping

– Non-stick cooking element means you won’t have to use heavy oils or worry about sticky messes

– Comes with cleaning brush, five skewers, a packing tool and a recipe guide

– Covered by a fantastic one-year limited warranty

– Can be used to cook more than just eggs


– Not everything will come out well cooked in the device

Rollie EggMaster: What Is It?

The Rollie EggMaster is a revolutionary new way of cooking eggs and more. Instead of using a horizontal, flat surface like a stove-top pan to cook your eggs, this device utilizes vertical cooking technology to cook eggs fast. Furthermore, this vertical cooking environment also uses a cylindrical heating element that totally encompasses your egg on all sides with even, powerful heat. This ensures that you egg is cooked perfectly every time and it allows you to easily eat your egg straight from the cooker. Other foods like tortilla wraps, desserts and more can also be made with ease using this unique and convenient cooking device.

Using the Rollie EggMaster is also extremely easy to do, especially since it comes with practically everything you need to cook perfect eggs in minutes. The first step to using the device is to plug it in and pour in one or two raw eggs. Insert one of the five included skewers, and wait for the device to cook your egg to perfection. Once it’s done, it’ll pop your egg rollie out for an easy grab-and-go snack. Then you can simply wipe the device down and it’s ready to be stored away for next time. Your order also includes a packing tool, cleaning brush and a recipe guide to help you use and maintain your device. As a bonus offer, the official store offers a free chopping tool with purchases as well. And it’s all covered by a limited one-year warranty.


Rollie EggMaster Review


How Well Does the Rollie EggMaster Work?

While cooking eggs isn’t necessarily the hardest task you’ll ever perform in the kitchen, there’s no doubt that they can be a pain to master. And that’s why we really need tools like the Rollie EggMaster. It’s simply one of the easiest, fastest and most delicious ways to cook eggs. Plus it does so perfectly every time thanks to its unique automatic pop-out design and vertical cooking element. Rather than grabbing a fattening toaster pastry or an unsatisfying bowl of cereal, you can grab an egg-on-a-skewer from this device in just minutes. There’s no need to grease up a pan or do any dishes; you can just grab it and go in the morning.

Cooking with the Rollie EggMaster can also be better for your health. Since the non-stick cooking element doesn’t require grease, butter or oil, you can enjoy just the natural flavor and nutrients of the egg itself. You can even pour in just egg whites if you’re looking for an even healthier option. Not to mention the fact that by cooking eggs yourself, you can avoid eating fast food egg sandwiches that are loaded with fat, grease and more. In less time than it takes for you to get through the drive-thru, you can enjoy a healthy, tasty breakfast that satisfies your morning hunger. You can even mix in fresh veggies for a veggie-egg rollie that cooks up just as fast as a regular egg rollie. The possibilities are truly endless.

It isn’t just eggs that you can cook up with the Rollie EggMaster, however. Practically anything you can fit in the device can be cooked to perfection with a little trial-and-error. Cinnamon pastry desserts filled with apples, homemade mini-burritos and more are just a few minutes away with this device. And while you can try your own ideas, you don’t have to thanks to the included recipe guide. It includes tips, tricks and plenty of complete recipe ideas for getting the most out of your new cooking device. You may not like all of them, but you’ll definitely want to give all of them a try.

Potential Drawbacks of the Rollie EggMaster

When it comes to cooking eggs, the Rollie EggMaster is truly hard to beat. When it comes to cooking other dishes, however, sometimes you’re just better off doing it the old-fashioned way. Essentially, not everything can be cooked with this device. For starters, the cylindrical opening isn’t large enough to cook things like a full steak or a chicken leg, for instance. Other things just might require a little more finesse to cook properly. If you want to cook eggs and other wrapped-foods, this is definitely the product for you, however.


Rollie EggMaster Review


Is the Rollie EggMaster Right For You?

While you may not think your kitchen needs another appliance, you’ll definitely change your mind once you give the Rollie EggMaster a try. It cooks eggs perfectly each and every time, and it does so with less mess and with less wasted time than doing it over a stove. It comes complete with all of the essentials you’ll need to cook fantastic egg rollies and more. Not only that, but the product can be used to cook so much more than just eggs as well. You’ll even be eating healthier since the product doesn’t require extra oil or butter to prevent sticking. Top it all off with a great one-year warranty, and buying this product is truly a no-brainer.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review

What You Need to Know About Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

If you’ve tried dozens of diets and workout programs without success, you may be interested in checking out Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from www.jillianmichaelsbodyrevolution.com. It aims to be significantly different from other exercise programs by using the principles and philosophies developed over 20 years by trainer Jillian Michaels. It uses a mix of cardio, weight training and diet to totally transform your body for the better. But will this program really deliver success where others have failed?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution ReviewPROS:

– Uses a comprehensive program that combines cardio, weight training and diet

– Developed by Jillian Michaels, a trainer with over 20 years experience

– Separated into three distinct 30-day sequences that gradually increase in difficulty

– Includes 15 DVDs, fitness guide with detailed calendar, and 90-day preplanned meal guide

– Free bonuses including a resistance band, personal 90-day journal, metabolism guide and 30-day online club access

– Great for both beginners and fitness experts


– Results can’t be guaranteed for everybody

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: What Is It?

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is the brainchild of TV’s favorite trainer, Jillian Michaels. Using her 20 years of fitness expertise, Jillian has combined her knowledge of diet, exercise and the science behind metabolism to make a near unparalleled workout program. Her program specifically uses the idea of Metabolic Training; a technique that can actually boost your metabolism for nearly 16 hours after you finish working out. By following the program exactly and staying committed throughout, your body can be totally transformed in just 90 days.

When you order the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution kit, you get a wide variety of valuable tools and information to help guide you to your weight-loss goals. Everything starts with the four Metabolic Training DVDs and one cardio DVD per phase; that’s a total of 15 DVDs to follow over 90 days. The included fitness guide acts a supplement to the DVDs and includes a detailed calendar that show you exactly which workout you need to do on that day. You even get an expertly-crafted meal guide that plans out for you exactly what you need to eat for each of the 90 days of the program. It also allows you to mix and match recipes for the ultimate in customization. Currently, all orders also include a great set of bonuses including a resistance band, a 7-day metabolism kick-start guide, 30 days of online club access for additional support, and a personal 90-day journal where you can log and study your own progress through the course of the program. Everything is also covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee that promises results.


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review


How Well Does It Work?

Everything in the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program has been tested, fine-tuned and expertly designed to give you extreme results in only 90-days. There are lots of 90-day programs that promise the same body-transforming results, but none of them come close to working as well as this system does. There are several reasons for this; for one, none of the other programs have been designed by fitness guru Jillian Michaels. Having successfully changed the lives of several TV show contestants, she has taken all of her knowledge and condensed it into a program that works for you. Secondly, this program doesn’t think of “diet” as an afterthought. It clearly explains that dieting is an integral part of your success. It even plans all 90 days of the program out for you so you know exactly what you should be eating.

It should also be noted that you’ll never feel lost or like you’re not making progress while using the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program. In addition to the detailed meal plan and the easy-to-follow workout calendar, you also get a personal 90-day journal so that you can record every pound lost. The program has also been split into three distinct, gradually harder sections. Because of this, you’ll never feel unprepared to tackle the next section of the program. As long as you follow the program exactly, you’ll hardly notice the increase in intensity as your body becomes fitter. You even get 30 days of free access to the official Jillian Michaels online social club. This club can give you answers to all of you questions, and you can even ask questions to Jillian herself.

Potential Drawbacks

There aren’t any true drawbacks to following the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program. As long as you dedicate yourself totally to program and you change your diet accordingly, you are practically guaranteed to get amazing results. That said, there is always the chance that you’ll stray from the program, and in that case, your results may not be very impressive. This is true of basically every exercise program, however, so you can’t really fault this particular exercise program for that.


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Review


Is It Right For You?

If you’re ready to change your body for good, you’ll definitely love Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. As long as you can follow the simple diet and exercise instructions included, you’ll be amazed at the results. With the revolutionary Metabolic Training incorporated into every facet of this system, you’ll shed pounds like never before. Plus it has a 30-day guarantee that lets you try the system without any risk.

Hot Huez Review

Making Your Hair Look Amazing with Hot Huez

Your hair says a lot about your personality. Whether your wear it up or down, short or long or straight or curly can tell someone a lot about who you are. More than anything, though, a bright streak of exciting color can tell everyone even more. Dying your hair pink or green isn’t something you necessarily want to be permanent, however. Hot Huez from www.hothuez.com offers a temporary solution to streaking your hair with bright colors by using a chalk-based, shampoo-washable color. But is it what you’ll really want to show off your exciting side?


Hot Huez Review– Chalk-based color that uses no dyes

– Washes out with shampoo

– Applies directly to each strand of hair for maximum control and minimal mess

– Comes with bonus carrying case and hair bands

– Available in four exciting colors

– Compact for ultra-portability


– Temporary color could fade over the course of the day

Hot Huez: What Is It?

Hot Huez is a hair-coloring solution that forgoes the typical sprays and dyes by using temporary chalk coloring to allow you to color your hair without committing to a permanent change. Instead of dying the strands of your hair, the chalk-based color in this product coats the outside of your hair. Not only does this make your hair more vibrant than a typical dye, but it also allows you to wash off the color with shampoo and water. The chalk is kept in a compact device that can be snapped around as much or as little of your hair as you like. Simply sliding the device over your strand of hair imparts a bright color that is sure to wow and amaze. This also gives you precise control over what part of your hair you are coloring.


Hot Huez Review


Every order of Hot Huez includes a vast array of colors and tools to help you customize your look. For starters, you get all four colors of Huez that are currently offered. This includes Neon Green, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuchsia and Hot Pink. Also included with each order is a bonus set of six Pony Bands that are specifically designed to work well with Hot Huez. These bands can hold your hair in many different styles for further customization of your hairdo. Another bonus product that’s included is the stylish carrying case. This carrying case is designed to hold all of your coloring devices plus more. Everything even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Well Does Hot Huez Work?

The main draw of using Hot Huez is the fact that you can change the colors in your hair every day without committing to a long-term dye. By allowing you to wash out the color on a daily basis, you can more easily experiment with colors and styles that fit your personality. Unlike a dye, you won’t have to worry about making a bad style mistake that you’ll have to live with for weeks or months. If you don’t like the particular color or style you make with this product, you can wash it out in minutes. By including four different colors, you also have the option of mixing and matching colors in your hair for the ultimate expression of style and creativity. And by designing the product to work strand by strand, you’re always in precise control of where you’re applying color.

By placing the product in a compact-styled device, you also have the added benefit of taking Hot Huez with you wherever you go. You can keep a specific color in your purse for touch-ups, or you could even add and change the colors in your hair while you’re out and about. The included carrying case makes this even easier. It can hold whichever colors you like plus it has room to hold the included Pony Bands as well. All-in-all, by making the entire product so portable and mess-free, you can take your color anywhere and apply it at any time.

Potential Drawbacks of Hot Huez

While Hot Huez is likely the best option you have in temporary hair-coloring, it isn’t without a few flaws. By using a chalk-based material, you do run the slight risk of your color fading or diminishing throughout the night. This is especially true if you sweat or find yourself in a rainstorm. The color does do a great job of staying in while under even extreme conditions, but some fading could be noticeable. This is easily remedied by carrying the coloring device with you in case of needed touch-ups, however. And since the product was designed with portability in mind, this really isn’t much of an issue at all.


Hot Huez Review


Is Hot Huez Right For You?

Without a doubt, Hot Huez should be your very first choice if you’re looking for a temporary hair-coloring solution. It uses a unique chalk-based material that coats your hair with vibrant color that washes out when you want it too. The four included colors give you a wide variety of styles to choose from, and the precision of the coloring device give you ultimate control. Throw in the bonus Pony Bands, carrying case and 30-day money-back guarantee, and you have a product worth looking into.

Richard Simmons Project Hope Review

Richard Simmons Project Hope: Worth the Hype?

For years, Richard Simmons has been known as an eccentric yet charming fitness guru. His exercise videos are well-known for being high-energy and packed with helpful workouts. His newest endeavor, Richard Simmons Project Hope from www.richardsimmonshope.com is a brand new effort to combine balanced exercise with an equally balanced healthy diet. It promises long-term results that can truly change and shape your body and your life. With so much hype surrounding it, however, can it really be as good as everyone says?


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review– Combines proven exercises with well-balanced nutrition

– Foodmover program makes tracking your nutrition easy

– Includes bonuses like Success Guide, vitamins and online club access

– Helps you lose weight fast but also helps you keep it off

– Backed and designed by fitness legend Richard Simmons

– Covered by a complete 90-day money-back guarantee


– Program may not meet expectations of everyone

Richard Simmons Project Hope: What Is It?

Richard Simmons Project Hope is a complete program that focuses on healthy exercise but also on healthy eating. Rather than having you diet for 30 days or exercise only to lose quick weight, this program is designed to permanently integrate healthy habits into your life. This is accomplished through both progressive cardio and toning workouts spread across three DVDs plus nutrition guides and tools to help you learn what your body needs every day. By taking a comprehensive and balanced approach, this program aims to give hope to any individual willing to commit to it.

As a comprehensive kit, Richard Simmons Project Hope includes loads of tools and guides to help you regain control of your body. The first part of the kit is the set of three DVDs which feature progressively harder workouts. These workouts are separated into cardio and toning workouts that help you burn calories while also building muscle. The other part of the kit is focused mainly on nutrition and it is dubbed the Foodmover program. At the crux of this program is the pocket electronic Foodmover device that allows you to easily track what starches, vitamins, fruits and veggies your body has taken in all at the push of a button. Also included in the program is a complete nutrition guide with 90-day meal play that can help you eat exactly what your body needs. You also receive an “eating-out guide” that helps you make good choices when eating out. You also get a set of great bonuses including “Richard’s Success Guide,” a workout calendar, a 7-day food plan, a 30-day trial to the online web club and a 7-day supply of specially-formulated vitamins. Your order is also covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review


How Well Does Richard Simmons Project Hope Work?

There are hundreds of exercise programs out there, but few are as complete and balanced as Richard Simmons Project Hope. Instead of focusing on shedding pounds as quickly as possible or building huge muscles in weeks, this program takes the approach of changing your entire lifestyle and how you see food and exercise. It’s because of this approach that you not only see results, but you see results that you can actually maintain for the rest of your life. It all starts with the DVDs, though, and these workouts are intense enough to let you lose weight, but simple enough for almost anyone to do. You’ll see yourself losing fat and gaining lean muscle over the course of just a few weeks. With included bonuses like a workout calendar and online support, it’s easy to keep track of your success while sticking to your daily workout routine.

One of the real stars of Richard Simmons Project Hope is the Foodmover Program. Using the Foodmover Device to keep track of everything you eat is nothing short of brilliant. Part of the reason many of us don’t eat the way we should is because we take in too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good stuff. With this device, you can easily count down everything your body takes in from veggies, fruits and vitamins to starches, fats and proteins. Throw in a surprisingly comprehensive 90-day food plan, and you’ll never have to guess if you’re eating right.

Potential Drawbacks of Richard Simmons Project Hope

Despite being somewhat revolutionary, Richard Simmons Project Hope is still an exercise program, and as an exercise program, not everyone is going to find what they need in it. Since the program is mainly designed with everyday eating, exercising and living in mind, those looking for a hardcore workout that builds huge muscles in weeks or burns off tons of fat in days shouldn’t be following this program. Everyone that wants to change their daily lives by learning healthy habits that last, however, will definitely enjoy the program.


Richard Simmons Project Hope Review


Is Richard Simmons Project Hope Right For You?

If you know that you need to get in shape and you’re willing to commit yourself to working out and eating better, there are few exercise programs that will work as well as Richard Simmons Project Hope. It teaches you everything you need to know about fitness and healthy-eating by providing you with the guides and tools you need. It even comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied.