Bit 360 Screwdriver Bit Set Review

It doesn’t exactly happen all the time, but when it does, it’s cause for celebration. You probably know what we’re talking about: some As Seen on TV products simply seem too good to be true. They make a lot of promises, in terms of both affordability and efficiency. And, then, they fail to follow through […]

NutriBullet Review

I don’t usually go for the whole ‘New Year’s resolutions’ thing. But, after I weighed myself on a scale following the holidays this year, my heart skipped a beat. All that gravy, stuffing, cheesecake, and champagne had made by weight sky rocket. I also don’t go for the dieting fads things since I know what a harmful toll they […]

Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Review

Nowadays, losing my things seems inevitable. At any given time, I carry around a slew of items. Smartphones, tablets, Kindle readers, car keys, iPods, remote controls – you name it. They all can become (and often are) easily misplaced. What follows next is the part where I run around like a chicken with my head […]

Jeaneez Jeggings for Women ReviewYT

Jeans? Leggings? Slimming and stylish? Why can’t it be all of the above! That’s what the new Jeaneez has to offer all for as little as $20 plus shipping and handling. The offer even includes a second pair for FREE! But, forget about price. All the value in the world means nothing if a product doesn’t […]

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets Using Clip N Store Spice Racks

Even the most meticulous neat freak probably has a tough job keeping his or her spice rack and medicine cabinet orderly. Residents typically fill these two storage spaces with tiny bottles and tubes. The situation becomes even more complicated if you live in a small house or apartment where storage is scarce. Being able to […]

The Fast Brite Lens Restore System ReviewYT

It’s a well-known fact that car owners tend to feel a bit compulsive about the cleanliness of their cars. But, they may actually have a point in their attention to detail. For instance, badly worn headlights that are scratched up and clouded by build up could prove fatal while driving at night. Without headlights in […]