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Are you thinking about the summer which just started? You probably are, since there are so many new and exciting things on our agendas: making our lawns and beach bodies get into tip-top shape, preparing our barbecues and getting ready to spend more time around the swimming pool. One of the best perks of the upcoming summer is enjoying frozen desserts on particularly hot days, and that’s exactly why the new Swirlio Frozen Dessert Maker caught my eye as soon as I saw the TV ad for it. With the help of this appliance, you can turn your favorite fresh fruit into a soft serve dessert in a matter of seconds (literally in seconds). Considering how delicious one of these fruit desserts can be on a summer day, I can really see myself easily becoming addicted to the Swirlio dessert maker.

amazing swirlio!


After testing the machine myself for about three weeks (and the heat waves aren’t even here yet!) and reading the Swirlio reviews from around the web to compare the opinions of other clients to mine, I can safely say I reached my conclusion and it’s a favorable one. The Swirlio Dessert Maker is one of the best kitchen gadgets to have this summer, and the way it can make a hot day brighter with help of freshly made 100% fruit desserts is irreplaceable. In short, I was pleased with the product, and there are the main features of Swirlio which I think should be taken into account if you’re considering buying one for yourself.

Swirlio Dessert Maker
You can enjoy delicious fruit desserts with Swirlio!

Swirlio Dessert Maker Perks

I already mentioned I was pleased with the product and was especially pleased to discover that the ads were entirely truthful when detailing the impressive feats of this awesome kitchen gadget. These are the main highlights of Swirlio:

  • The machine really works as easy and as fast as advertised. You put the fresh fruit ingredients in (and other ingredients of your choice, should you want anything extra) and you have fruit desserts with a soft frozen consistency in a matter of seconds.
  • Since the fruit ingredients are enough, there’s no dairy or fat in the frozen fruit desserts you obtain with Swirlio. This makes them not just delicious to enjoy on hot summer days, but also as healthy as frozen desserts get, and suitable for vegan and raw vegan diets as well.
  • The Swirlio Dessert Maker is affordable: just $49.99 and no extra expenses for the sending and handling.
  • The machine comes in various color options so you can pick the one which suits the rest of your kitchen decorations. I personally prefer the red one, but I’m sure you all have your own preferences.
  • The aftermath of the dessert making is also easy enough to seal the deal: the device is specifically designed to be easy to clean and all of its components are compatible with dishwashers.

Where to Buy the Swirlio Dessert Maker

If the temptation to have cool and delicious desserts at any time of the day this summer is strong enough to make you give the product a go, you can find it here. The Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker can be ordered for $49.99 and free shipping if you want it new, and you can also purchase a slightly used one on a major retailer website such as Amazon or eBay (though I recommend getting yourself a brand new one, especially since the machine is pretty affordable as it is). Even if you don’t take my word for it, this product is incredible. You can check out tons of positive reviews such as the one below to back up my opinion.

Final Recommendation for the Swirlio Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker

As already stated throughout this review, I was more than pleased with the Swirlio and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. I would even gift it to my friends just to make sure I can continue to enjoy the desserts I like when I’m visiting them as well. The ease of use of the machine makes it ideal for entertaining guests. There won’t be much preparing or cleaning up to do when you decide to use it, and you can easily adjust the number of fruit desserts you can make in the event you have friends or relatives spontaneously stop by. All you need to do is have enough fruit around, but besides that, it will be easy as pie!

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