Simply Straight is a hair straightening brush with heated ceramic bristles. It is another product that gives you the same results as other at-home hair straightening techniques. But this product does the job without some of the negatives.

Simply StraightChemical straighteners eventually cause hair damage when applied regularly and the cost to continually purchase them mounts up. Blow drying is time consuming, not to mention extremely loud (not the best thing if you have a sleeping baby in the next room!) Flat Irons work great, but again you are abusing your hair by essentially frying it. And not to mention that everyone has a different preference for what works for them; what works for one may not work for another.

Any hair straightener is going to have mixed results due to these differing preferences and the wide range of hair types. But according to many hair straightener reviews this heated ceramic brush delivers on its promise as an effective alternative to your tried and true method.

What I Found to Be Great About Simply Straight

I do have a few criticisms which I will discuss in detail later.

Here are the things that I thought Simply Straight does really well.

  • It’s easy to drag along with you when you leave home. It only weighs about one pound and comes with a travel case.
  • Easily control the temperature of the brush with temp control buttons. There is also an LCD screen that displays the temperature clearly.
  • The 60 minute automatic shut off means you don’t have to worry if you left it on!
  • Because it’s ceramic it heats up quick (in about 30 seconds), has a constant even temperature, and emits negative ions (helps to stop frizzing by eliminating static electricity).
  • The bristles lift and begin to straighten hair beginning at the root for more consistent volume.
  • Nothing beats a money back guarantee and the makers of Simply Straight know that this reassurance will let people feel more confident giving it a chance. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have 30 days to return your product for a full refund (less S&H). You will need to call their customer service department at 1-800-613-0526 and obtain a return authorization number before returning.

Where You Can Find It

As with most As Seen On TV products they claim that you can only buy it from their website, and then you see them everywhere! If you think that you want to buy Simply Straight check out their listings like Amazon. You can purchase one for around $40.

Does it Work?

Yes it does. The rhetoric in their advertisement makes it sound like this is a hair care product that will revolutionize the at-home hair care industry but in fact this is just another great tool to have in your bathroom arsenal. If you’ve read other Simply Straight reviews then you know that some of the testimonials are a little exaggerated:

“With Simply Straight it makes it easy and with 1 brush I can get the job done!”

Not quite. The product instructions explicitly state that you must use a regular hair brush prior to using Simply Straight brush so that your hair is free of knots and tangles. While I like the fact that the ceramic bristles are able make more contact with individual strands of hair it is not a substitute for a regular hair brush.

“With Simply Straight it’s just so much easier, I can do everything at home and still look like I just left the salon!”

Has this person never used a flat iron and brush at home before? I have not discovered an at-home technique that you can do by yourself that gives salon results. That’s why you pay a salon so much! This specialized brush gives the same results that you can get by using a flat iron/blow dryer and brush. And that’s great! But Simply Strait is much easier to use and it doesn’t take as long which means that you can get out the door that much faster!

Bottom line, this is great product. If you like your blow dryer or flat iron that’s okay. This product is a great complimentary tool to have in your bathroom, but you may just find that it becomes your preferred tool for getting wonderful looking straight hair.

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