As winter progresses, snow in our area has given in to a sort of messy, dirty slush. And it’s not just that it looks ugly and messes up the traffic – it also causes a ton of puddles and stains around the house. Add to this the fact that my kitchen, like all loved kitchens, is usually dirty from one spill or another. Bottom line: I really needed a solution to deal with all the cleaning up I have to do this time of the year. That’s when I saw a Shamwow infomercial on TV and thought I might give the product a try.

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On first glance, I didn’t find the Shamwow to be in any way special. I really thought that this product was just a result of hype and that I would end up writing a negative Shamewow review. It just looked like a regular set of chamois/shammy towels. I was already using towels in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. I had a stash of paper towels always at hand. I recycled old bathroom towels to dry the dogs after their walks. I had tried all variants, in search of a towel to dry my car that would not scratch it. Why would I invest in yet another set of scratches, then? Well, as my review will explain, these towels do a far better job than regular ones. Are they worth the higher price? I guess it depends on your own household cleaning needs. For me, buying this might have been the best purchase decision I’ve made this year thus far.

Shamwow Perks

I fell in love with Sham wow right from the get-go. Here are some of the product’s most obvious qualities, which I discovered right away:

  • Shamwow towel actually do hold a lot of water. The commercial advertises that they can hold up to 12 times their own weight in fluids. I put that assumption to the test and it turns out it’s true. Not only that, but they can actually hold a bit more.
  • They work very fast. I’ve had to deal with major spills, soaking wet dogs who had just come in from a run in the pouring rain, and I’ve even used my Shamwow towels to dry out the car. I had just washed it and the Sham Wow made it squeaky clean and shimmering. The biggest boon was that this produced no pesky spider scratches. I’m curious if they can even be used with a boat.
  • Though I haven’t owned and used this towel for too long, they do look sturdy, made from good quality fabric. I think I’ll be using these towels for years.
  • Forget about using rags and cloths around the house. And forget paper towels, too. You won’t need to go through any of that hassle if you own a set of towels.

Where to Find Shamwow

ShamwowThere are several different Shamwow towel sets available for sale online. Since I was very enthusiastic after reading the reviews from other buyers, I sprung for a larger set. It contains 8 large towels (20 x 23.5in) and 8 mini Sham Wow towels (15 x 15in). All in all, it cost just $27.99, with an additional $7.13 for shipping and handling. They shipped out very fast and the box arrived in mint condition. I haven’t had the chance to test out the manufacturer’s customer support, but since I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about this in other reviews, I’ll assume there’s no problem in that department.

Final Recommendation

I think any homemaker should own a set of these towels. I am completely satisfied with them, to the point that I can barely believe they’re an As Seen on TV product. They work exactly as advertised, in the sense that they can clean up just about any mess around the house, are super absorbent, and very quick to do the job. I’ve been using them outside, too, on my car, and have seen no scratches, likethe ones terry cloths sometimes use. Finally, for people who might find their price tag a bit too steep, think about it like this: Sham Wow is better than top-grade chamois. It will save you a ton of money that you’d otherwise spend on paper towel rolls and it will also save you the effort of constantly having to wash, boil, and dry kitchen towels, cloths, and so on.

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