As soon as I saw the latest commercial for the As Seen on TV furniture mending solution called Scratch Aide, I felt intrigued enough to pick up a bottle for myself. I had to try it as soon as possible. This product is from the same manufacturer who makes Dutch Glow. Especially since spring is here and we all know it theoretically time for one of the year’s major home cleaning sprees, during April and May we all become acutely aware of how old and tarnished some of our furniture looks like. Instead of having a complete reconditioning done by actual wood workers or furniture reconditioning teams, jobs which cost a lot more than a simple wood scratch repair solution, trying out this product seemed a wonderful idea, even if it sounded a little too good to be true. For the relatively low price, I was willing to take the risk, only to find out for myself if the product worked or not. Well, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the results. Read on to see the details.

According to the TV commercial for the Scratch Aide for furniture, after you order a bottle of the liquid wood mender solution, you get it by mail, along with a free set of 3 sponges for wood, a Scratch Aide Wood Butter and a microfiber cloth, all intended to help you care and condition your wood surfaces better. The results of the wood mending solution were advertised to be immediate, so as soon as I received my order, I applied the Scratch Aid for furniture on a particularly scraped and ugly-looking counter top from one of my old kitchen cabinets. The result was that particles in the liquid seemed to immediately reflect the light and make the affected area look better almost right away, and as soon as the liquid settled and dried up, the scratches were almost gone from sight. Sure, I could still notice something had been wrong in that spot and that the furniture wasn’t particularly pristine new, but only after a close inspection. That result made me very happy to say the least – I almost had half a mind to replace the cabinet altogether!

The Perks of Scratch Aide by Dutch Glow

I looked around to see what other customers had to say about the product, and fairly all of them gave the Scratch Aide for furniture a positive feedback, except for some problems regarding long shipment times and customer service issues, but not related to how the product itself works. In the words of other reviewers, these are the best things about this product:

  • …it completely transformed my furniture and I loved how easy it was to use. It’s almost like an instant shine or instant waxing liquid that brushes the scratches away at the same time. Just one application and the scratch is gone from sight.
  • …it works, as long as you keep your expectations realistic. It may not work as well as the infomercial has made it look, and it will not provide miracle cures for furniture that suffered serious damage, but it works.

Where to Find Scratch Aide

The Best way to order the scratch aid wood conditioner is the official website. A bottle of the solution costs only $10, but the S&H fees are a whooping $12.90 and the purchase also requires you to pay a web fee of an additional $2, so the total cost of the product is actually $24.90. Still, considering you get a whole wood conditioning kit for that sum, it’s more or less acceptable by my standards.

Final Recommendation

Considering what I’ve seen it do to my own furniture and wooden floors, I’d say go for the repair solution with no worries. Yes, you may be put off by the fact that the solution is more expensive than the commercial initially lets on, but let’s face it: if you were to take your furniture to an actual repair shop, the whole job would definitely be more expensive than this in the end. Also, even if the solution only works for a few months, it’s still a great way to instill new life into your dining table, cabinets and wardrobes and so on. A renewed look for your furniture gives the whole house a subtle makeover, and we’d all like that, wouldn’t we?

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  1. will it work on a watermarked bathroom cabinets? My cabinet has no scratches but the laquer has stripped on places due to water damage. Rather than stripping the whole cabinet and relaquering, I was wondering if I can use this product.

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