I have been trying for years and years to get a good lawn. I’ve tried everything, from different types of grass to using professional lawn services. Despite repeated efforts, I was never quite happy with the way my lawn looked. I was sure it wasn’t the fault of the climate or of the local soil, either, as most of my neighbors managed to maintain perfectly presentable lawns, making mine feel even more inadequate. Last year, however, I decided to try the QuickLawn Grass Seed, despite being half-sure that my lawn is forever cursed to remain barren.

Quicklawn Seed Reviews 2018

The QuickLawn seed reviews in 2018 were mostly positive and I thought that might as well try it, since it can at least do no harm. To my great surprise, not only did it work, but it worked without any sort of extra effort on my part. I merely had to drop the seeds unto the ground and make sure they got plenty of water and in an unexpectedly short amount of time, out came the best lawn I have ever had. It was by no means perfect and I suspect that you should probably use a bit more seeds per square foot than the instructions imply if you want a full and evenly spread distribution of the grass, but it was by far the most successful grass experience in the history of my household. It should be noted as well that I used a minimum of organic fertilizer on the land, just as much as I use for my potted plants. Additionally, because I live in an area that is often plagued by acid rain, everybody in town is advised to lye the ground, as a way of countering its effects. While that might not be the case in your area of residence, I do lye my entire garden and am unable to say what effect, if any, that had on my QuickLawn success story.

Several QuickLawn Grass Seed reviews mentioned that after an initial promising result, the lawn thinned out considerably and quite quickly too, but that was simply not the case in my front yard. It lasted for almost the entire year, until it was covered by snow. The seed mix being mostly comprised of annual species, I did it again this year, quite late unfortunately, and am now waiting to see the results that should become apparent in a few days or so. If anything, writing this QuickLawn Grass Seed review is a way of dealing with the anticipation.

QuickLawn Grass Seed Perks

Save your lawn with the new QuickLawn grass seed

There are many reasons I would recommend QuickLawn to anyone who is trying to improve their lawn and the following are only the most important ones:

  • It prevailed where others have failed. I still haven’t solved the mystery of why my lawn in particular seemed to be so troublesome, despite trying very different stuff, but it seems that I don’t need to. Baring the unlikely event in which this year’s growth will turn out to be disappointing and reveal last year’s as a fluke, I see no reason to stop using QuickLawn Grass Seed, my efforts being much better spent at trying to improve the parts I wasn’t completely happy with, rather than seeking alternatives.
  • It is actually one of the cheapest solutions I tried to fix my lawn with. Immensely cheaper than hiring professional help and, it turns out, more efficient as well.
  • It seems quite resistant, literally a grass that stays green all year, maintaining its proprieties until late in the cold season, even when freezing temperatures were becoming common.
Fix up your lawn with QuickLawn grass seed

Where to Buy the QuickLawn Grass Seed 2018

You can get QuickLawn Grass Seed for cheap from the official website. Supposedly you should be able to cover an area of 1,000 square foot with the content of two bags (which should cost you about $40), but based on my experience from last year, I recommend making sure you put in a little extra, just to make sure you won’t be experiencing any thinning spots or unevenness.

Final Recommendation on the QuickLawn Grass Seed

I wholeheartedly recommend this to anybody who has had trouble obtaining a proper lawn in the past. It requires very little work to grow and maintain it other than the actual seed dropping and the regular watering, which really are the bare minimum one can expect. One of the QuickLawn Grass Seed reviews I have read before deciding to try it out actually mentioned they planted the seeds and left town for a month, only to return to a fully grown lawn, with only rainwater serving as nutrient in the meantime. While I don’t doubt that to be possible, it is unlikely that it’s feasible in all climates and depends quite a lot on where you live, so you’re probably better off providing it with plenty of water both during the growth period and for the rest of the year.

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