As a man, I honestly never thought that I would need a pouch purse or any kind of purse holder for my car. I never really thought that a manbag was, well, very manly at all, let alone a car purse holder. I usually just grab my stuff in my arms when I walk out of the house in the morning and then sprawl them on the back seat of my car. I might not be the most organized person in the world, but I usually (I admit, not all the time) know where everything is. I never realized until recently just how much stuff I had to carry around with me all day and how much they can become a pain in the rear in my car. That’s when I learned that I need a product like the purse pouch.

Purse Pouch
Is this new purse holder worth purchasing? Find out in our product review!

About half a year back I got relocated to Miami with my job and I had to adapt to the extremely hectic traffic and careless drivers in the city. This meant that roughly ten times a day all of my belongings from the back seat of my car would fall everywhere when I had to slam on the brakes to avoid yet another potential car accident. It was actually the first time in my life when I considered some sort of items or handbag organizer so I wouldn’t have to gather my things every ten minutes. I had remembered my wife talking to her girlfriends about a purse organizer one of them had bought, called Purse Pouch (or The Car Cache?). She praised this bag organizer for helping her avoid accidents and not getting her purse dirty on the floor of her car.

At first I thought it wouldn’t be the case for me, as I do not believe in men carrying handbags, but then she described how she kept a water bottle, her iPad and all sorts of other miscellaneous items in there when she went to the gym. I instantly thought about all of my papers and gadgets (I work in IT) snugly in one place, without having to start a treasure hunt on my back seat to find them. I looked up the purse pouches online and saw that the manufacturer’s price was only $10, so it was worth giving a shot. This as seen on tv purse hanger works great and after about three months of use I admit that it was quite a useful purchase.

Purse Pouch Perks

The Purse Pouch has upsides and downsides, like any other product, but thankfully enough the perks outnumber the cons. Here are the ones that stood out for me the most:

  • You can assemble it in just a few seconds, literally. All you have to do is strap it on to the driver and passenger seats of your car and the armrest in the middle and make sure you secure it with the hooks provided. Afterwards, you can use it as a pouch to fit all of your items in, or as a hammock to rest your purse (or, in my case, briefcase) against.
  • The Purse Pouch really is an inexpensive product. If you visit the website of the manufacturer, you can enjoy a buy one get one free offer, which means that you get two purse pouches at the price of 1 ($10).
  • The best Purse Pouch perk is that all of your things stay in one place. Your belongings will not get dirty, you won’t have to waste time looking for them and you don’t have to put yourself in danger looking for them while driving.

Where to Buy the Purse Pouch

While there are various places where you can buy the Purse Pouch online, the best one is the Purse Pouch website. HSN is yet another place where you can buy it, but it’s twice as much ($19.95). So, I don’t really think it’s worth the asking price.

Final Recommendation on the Purse Pouch

All in all, the Purse Pouch was a good idea to purchase. I got a double offer with two black ones, but you also have the option to choose the tan variety, according to the interior of your car. A slight downside is its size, my wife complained a few times that her XXL handbags don’t fit, but you can’t have it all. Personally, all of my daily items fit just fine and I have saved up a lot of time and money on other kinds of products. Another possible downside might be the fact that their 30 day Money Back Guarantee does not include P&H, so only $10 will be returned to you. It wasn’t the case for me, so I did not come across this problem. You can rest assured that the Purse Pouch will fit your car, as it comes in a universal size that’s suitable for any vehicles. My main recommendation is to buy the Purse Pouch if want to organize all of your items in a safe way in your car.

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  1. Thank you ReviewRT for reviewing my product! I invented this product purely to hold my Huge purses – I carry my laptop, billfold, umbrella, etc all in my purse – and throw it easily into the Purse Pouch. (The pocket has recently been added to only store small purses and small misc. items.) My first version, called the Car Cache, received well over 90% 5 star ratings on Amazon and was rated 144 out of over 10,000 automotive products in a little over its first year on Amazon, and that was with only, basically, $3 facebook posts used to get the word out – so I know it works!

    Here is my first versions Amazon reviews – again, we only added the pocket to hold small purses and miscellaneous items:

    Amazon’s headquarters actually called me on my first day of national launch 2 years ago asking me if they could put a store up for me! Stating, “This is going to be big!” They were right!

    Thank you for thinking my Patent Pending invention is worthy of at least reviewing. If you have any questions or suggestions please call or text me at (859) 912-2747.
    Thank you,
    Catherine Seifert

    1. No problem, Catherine. You’re welcome. And, thank you so much for the comment. As stated in our review, we love our Purse Pouch and find it incredibly useful!

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