I’m not exactly the type of person you would typically call a ‘gym rat’. I have worked out before and usually enjoy it. I find the exhilaration of meting goal of deadlifts or bench presses highly satisfying. Considering my New Year’s resolution to focus on becoming healthy and lean (rather than obsessing over numbers on a scale), I decided to give the P90X system a go. I’d heard a lot of good things about this intense fitness and nutrition plan. I also saw the infomercials and felt really curious about experiencing it first-hand. I wanted to know what all the fuss is about. Does the P90X really work as advertised? Will it make you totally ripped in no more than three months? Read my P90X review to find out what my experience with this program was like.

What I Like in this P90X Review

P90X ReviewMy favorite thing about the P90x is that it takes out any guesswork involved. The manufacturers plan your exercise and eating habits for three months for you. You eat 6 meals a day with most of the attention on breakfast. You can substitute food with the program’s own protein powder supplement. I quickly discovered that this plan will not let you starve to death. It provides enough food to fuel your grueling workouts. It also tells you what, when, and where to eat these meals. I also appreciate the fact that I work up a sweat every single day using this plan. You’ll need every calorie from those meals your eating. This exercise system is incredibly high energy. Aside from the strength training, P90X includes cardio, core training, and yoga. I found that the yoga really improved my stamina, flexibility, and maximized my aerobic capacities. One word of warning: this system is not for the faint of heart. Some people end up selling their system because it is too extreme. But, if you really need to lose weight, this exercise routine will do the trick.


Check out this user’s transformation video using the P90X

Things to Consider Before Buying the P90X

Up until now, my experience with P90x remained largely positive. However, the plan carries a few minor pitfalls. Here are the things I’m not exactly comfortable with:

  • Working out for 90 minutes, seven days a week, for a whopping three months with no breaks is hard work. That’s the secret here guys. Hard work. You literally burn too many calories to gain weight (assuming you follow the system’s eating regimen). I appreciate hard work. But, the requirements of this program may cramp your social life.
  • The program is a tad bit expensive. I could afford it. I also see how others would not be able to. However, you must weigh this against all of the protein powders, instructional DVD’s, and additional accessories you receive here. You also must consider the fact that the system works. It would be nice if the creators of P90X included a form of personalized feedback for your progress. That would provide incentive for the steep price tag.

Where to Buy P90X

If you’re going to pick up the system, make sure you purchase the P90X Ultimate kit at BeachBody.com. You can pay for the complete system in three installments of $109.85 plus $39.90 shipping and handling. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire package in one go. The Ultimate kit provides you with an improvement over the Base and Deluxe P90X kits. You get a fitness and a nutrition guide, workout DVDs, three resistance cables, a resistance band, a protein powder supplement, a chin-up bar, plus five advanced DVDs to add an extra kick to your routine.

The Final Word for this P90X Review

As much as I’ve enjoyed my P90X regimen thus far, I can easily see how this program might be too intense for some. Even though I work from home and have the freedom to work out on my own daily schedule, I can see how fitting my workout schedule in on a daily basis might turn into a chore down the road. By and large, I recommend the P90X to someone who’s worked out before and who has the mental discipline to stick to the system. If you absolutely must lose about 50 to 100 lbs. in a short period of time (and keep it off), the P90X may work for you too. However, I advise most beginners seek out a more sustainable, customized fitness plan.


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