I’ve been saying that this time I want to seriously commit to changing my diet for the better for a long time now, ever since the last New Year’s Eve resolutions. My plan was to quit eating so many processed foods and start incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet by cooking more at home: just some simple fresh stuff, nothing complicated. The problem was that I like this kind of food enough to eat it, but I simply abhor all that time wasted in the kitchen, chopping and cutting and slicing and dicing. I did it a couple of time until my fingers got raw, and didn’t feel more enriched by the experience or anything.

That’s why when I first saw the TV ad for the One Second Slicer, I began to feel hopeful that this might at last be the product I was waiting for to finally make my life easier. I ordered mine at the end of May and have been using it ever since, much to my relief and delight, since it works just as well as advertised. I really don’t have any kind of complaint to make about it – even the money guarantee is solid, so I’m as pleased as possible with it.

The One Second Slicer Perks

One Second SlicerFrankly, the advantages of this food slicer seem to weigh so much right now that nailing them down into just a few concise bits may be a bit difficult now, but I’ll do my best. The main perks you should consider about the One Second Slicer are:

  • You can multi-task effortlessly, because the One Second Slicer acts like a food preparation station and does the multi-tasking for you. If you’re cooking a curry, or stir-fry, or a good old Southern dish of meat with gravy and biscuits or even a simple fresh salad, the gadget will do all the preparations you need in a matter of seconds. Some ingredients need to be minced, some thinly sliced, some diced and some quartered? No problem, the One Second Slicer has got it. Just check out this One Second Slicer video on YouTube below to see how wonderfully it can juggle all of these tasks.
  • You can also use the storage and serving boxes wonderfully: the lids are tightly staying on, so you can put whatever you sliced in the fridge and keep it until later, and the box itself is pretty enough to use as a serving casserole. Yes, even when expecting guests. As a tip though, I’d recommend you to buy two sets (with the special 2-for-1 offer), since the boxes tend to be a bit small (with only a cup of fruit capacity or so).
  • The Once Second Slicer is not only easy to use, but also easy to clean: just push a button on the lid, remove any left-over traces of food, and rinse. It’s as simple as that.
  • The price of this food slicer is quite low, considering all the accessories it includes and the quality of the stainless steel blades: only $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H for a set, with the possibility of getting a second set for only an extra $7.95 (its sending and handling fee).

Where to Buy the One Second Slicer

You can even search for one of the One Second Slicer Amazon offers and see what you find (though we cannot guarantee that you’ll still benefit from the full guarantee if you buy it like that), or you can buy it directly from the One Second Slicer English website. As stated above, you can buy one One Second Slicer set for $27.90 (price for one set plus S&H) or about $35 for two sets. Also, on each set you buy, the seller offers you a V-slicer set of another $20 value, which makes the deal even sweeter.

Final Recommendation for the One Second Slicer

I was pleased with the results of using the food slicer (for two months now), and the rest of the One Second Slicer reviews which I’ve encountered online seem to agree with me. The only precaution I’d recommend it not leaving the gadget within the reach of children, since the blades are right on its top and are quite dangerous (they could get some cuts easily). But with that in mind, I still think this kitchen gadget is a life-saver and I’d fully recommend you to get such a food preparation station of your own.

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