I don’t usually go for the whole ‘New Year’s resolutions’ thing. But, after I weighed myself on a scale following the holidays this year, my heart skipped a beat. All that gravy, stuffing, cheesecake, and champagne had made by weight sky rocket. I also don’t go for the dieting fads things since I know what a harmful toll they can have on a person’s body. And, I definitely love my fruit and veggies. It’s just that steaming, boiling, or grilling them gets kind of dull. This is especially true in winter when the produce aisles don’t exactly yield a cornucopia of organic goodness. So I went online to search for an affordable, efficient blender or mixer. I wanted something that wouldn’t take up much space in my already small kitchen. I also wanted to find a product that could be put to other uses besides juicing nd blending veggies (such as crushing ice, making baby food, preparing cream soups, etc.) That’s when I discovered the NutriBullet bullet blender. Find out if this product works as advertised in this latest NutriBullet review.

What I Like in This NutriBullet Review

NutriBullet ReviewAfter purchasing and installing Magic Bullet’s NutriBullet onto my counter, I started exploring the product. The twelve part pack advertised on TV seemed rather daunting; the last thing I wanted to do is to waste my time endlessly washing this thing. The product really looked more powerful in the infomercial than what I needed. At 600 Watts torque-power, I can guarantee the NutriBullet is quite powerful. It comes with two blades. One blade blends to produce delicious smoothies. Another blade mills your food. The milling blade has no rival in its category. I was even able to crush ice with it, grind coffee, and even managed to make some nutritious, homemade almond butter. The NutriBullet bullet blender passed all of my tests spectacularly well. However, it did require a bit more time cleaning than I would have preferred. As for making smoothies, the biggest benefit here is that don’t have to throw away the pulp. It all went into the smoothie itself. Cleaning is a breeze, that doesn’t normally take more than 5 minutes and I even had my older kid (now 8) use it. I didn’t worry since the appliance is entirely safe for children. And, yes, it produces baby food (for the younger tyke) which rivals commercial quality.

Things to Consider in This NutriBullet Review Before Making a Purchase

As much as I love my NutriBullet bullet blender (and I really do love it), there are several things you might want to consider before you purchase it.

  • Its capacity is bit small. However, the small stature of this appliance can be both good and bad. It only fits three cups of blended food (be it kale, baby spinach, nuts, or banana slices). Some of you may find the time spent prepping a smoothie with the NutriBullet just not worth the 3 cup portion serving it yields – especially if you’re making a smoothie for friends.
  • Some people complained about their product leaking. My review model never once leaked. So, it worked fine for me. Some of these people may have simply tried to fill the blender beyond its capacity one too many times.

Where to Buy the NutriBullet Bullet Blender

I purchased my NutriBullet bullet blender online at Amazon. I found this to be a better idea than shopping for it offline at, say, Target. Not only will you typically find products at much lower prices on Amazon, but you can also select from several retailers. Alternatively, you could order it directly from the manufacturer’s website which might make you eligible for some special offers. However, it will undoubtedly costs much more there.

The Final Word for the NutriBullet Review

I couldn’t be happier with my NutriBullet. In the two weeks since I first started using it, I’ve managed to shed 3 lbs from the extra 10lbs I packed on during the holidays. I don’t plan on keeping up with the weight loss once I reach my target. More hardcore dieters might find this product even more useful than I do. For those of us who simply enjoy consuming fresh produce, this blender that will make you fall in love with smoothies and healthy living all over again!

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