I’ve always enjoyed grilled food. When I was a kid, my father and grandfather would grill our meals during the hot summer nights. My husband and I have a grill, but we don’t use it as much as we should. It’s often a real hassle to use and clean. Interestingly, my sister-in-law gave me a Minden Anytime Grill for Christmas. So far, we are pretty happy with it. It’s actually a stovetop grill, that mimics the design of a traditional grill. This means that air circulates around your food improving its texture and flavor.

What I Like About the Minden Anytime Grill

Indoor Countertop Grill ReviewWe live in an area that’s known for its inconsistent weather. Practically speaking, we can only use our grill for about 5 months of the year. There is no guarantee that even in the warmer months the weather will be good enough for outdoor activities. This grill allows us to have the benefits of grilling (such as not having to cook with oils or fats) without having to battle the outdoor elements. In addition, we don’t have to purchase charcoal, wood chips or propane. We also don’t have to clean away ashes after cooking out.

The other thing that I like is that the grill includes a special plate that makes it easy to grill items such as chopped veggies and delicate seafood without worrying about the items sticking to the grill or falling down into the flames or charcoal.

Things to Think About with the Minden Anytime Grill

The Minden Anytime Grill has its good points, but it’s also important to consider what other people have said about their experiences with this product. Some folks have noted that cooking with this grill can result in a lot of smoke in the kitchen. This may require disabling smoke detectors, opening windows or turning on an air purifier. Other people have claimed that you have to fuss a lot with the appropriate temperature for cooking to ensure consistent, quality results. If you don’t want to bother with these issues, the Minden Anytime Grill may not be right for you. In that case, I would suggest looking at an alternative competitor on Amazon like this one. Also, I find that the Minden Anytime Grill pairs well with other cooking systems such as this one.

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Where to Buy the Minden Anytime Grill

If you think you want to try out the Minden Grill, there is a website where you can get some special deals. First off, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. This can be useful if you’re not entirely sure whether this product is right for you. In addition, you’llĀ  get some bonuses like an extender ring and a cookbook. In addition, you’ll have the option of adding a digital thermometer or a second grill at a special, discounted price. Of course, you still have to pay normal shipping for the additional grill.

That’s it for this week’s indoor countertop grill review. If there’s a product you’ve been on the fence about, tell us to review it on our Facebook page. While you’re there, you could give us feedback about the site. How are we doing? We love hearing from our readers, so don’t be shy.

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