Looking for an alternative to expensive razor blades? If you find a good option please let me know. Recently I saw a commercial for Micro Touch Toughblade razors. You may have seen it. It features Brett Favre and a number of satisfied customers claiming that the MicroTouch can match any 3 blade razor at a fraction of the cost. I’ll try anything if it means that it will save me money, and since I prefer a 3 blade razor vs 5 blade anyway I thought that if it works as advertised the Micro Touch 3 blade razor could be the solution to my problem.

I’ve had my MicroTouch razor for a month now and my experience with it has not been a good one. First off I ordered it from the MicroTouch website, and they repeatedly tried to sell me on additional products besides the razor. They told me that it would take 6 to 8 weeks for it to be delivered, and lo and behold it arrived week 8, so I can’t hold that against them. Everything was included that I expected to be in the package: the handle, 12 replacement blades, and the MicroTouch Trimmer. (The ad claims that you will get a stand for the razor but I was told that the stand came with the “deluxe” package, which was an additional $9.99). The trimmer works just fine. The razor, however, is subpar at best. First I’ll cover what this offer does well and then conclude my MicroTouch Toughblade review with what I don’t like about it.

The MicroTouch Perks

Like anything there are pros and cons to any product, but I think that the perks for the MicroTouch are worth singling out. Here are all of the positive attributes for the MicroTouch Toughblade razor that you should consider (take notice that there are only 2 bullet points):

  • The biggest advantage for the MicroTouch razor is the cost. At only $20 you’re not going to break the bank giving it a try. Plus the bonus addition of the precision trimmer is nice.
  • The other advantage is the 30-day money back guarantee (less shipping & handling).

Where to Buy the MicroTouchMicroTouch

To get the money back guarantee and the bonus trimmer you must order from the MicroTouch website here.

If the trimmer or the money back guarantee doesn’t matter to you the MicroTouch can also be ordered on Amazon. Amazon offers only the Toughblade razor and 12 refillable razors.

Final Recommendation

So I mentioned the perks of the MicroTouch, now it’s time to discuss the cons. I went into my trial use hoping for the best, but this product doesn’t come close to any of the best 3 blade razor options on the market. For my money that distinction still goes to the Gillette 3 blade razor. First off my experience when ordering through the MicroTouch website was annoying. After receiving the razor my first 3 shaves weren’t bad. But then the blades became dull and irritated my skin terribly. I switched out the blades and had the same thing happen. If the blades only last for 3 or 4 shaves I’d rather stick with my Gillette that gives me almost twice the usage. I’ve read the complaints in other Micro Touch 3 blade razor reviews and that seems to be the consensus. I’ve also seen that many people complained that the housing on the handle that holds the blade in place tends to break easily. While this didn’t happen to me I can see it being a problem. It’s not the best design, especially considering that people shave in the shower and things tend to get dropped.

I wasn’t pleased with my purchase but decided that trying to get my money back was more trouble than it was worth, so I decided to just eat the $20 I spent. I read that some people had issues with getting charged more than the advertisement states, and there were difficulties in getting a full refund. While I can’t confirm either of those claims I thought it was worth mentioning.

If you don’t mind being out $20 or dealing with the hassel of trying to get a refund by all means try the MicroTouch out for yourself. I for one recommend sticking with the razor that currently works for you. Your mileage may vary here.

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