Some kids sleep soundly. Others sleep quite light. Some have no trouble falling asleep, while others have many requirements such as a story or lullaby before they fall asleep. However, most kids have a passion for plush toys. The LullaPets The Musical Companions collection is here to make sure your child never has a hard time falling asleep again. The collection comprises ten different toys, each one in a different color and with a distinct personality. Each toy includes an MP3 player with enough memory to hold some 200 songs, plus a high-definition speaker. The Lulla Pets are remote controlled. The manufacturer makes their soft shell from 100 percent cotton which makes the doll easy to wash, clean, and care for. If your tyke gives you a hard time in the evenings, or if you want to wean a little one off of sharing a bed with you, then LullaPets could be right up your alley. The Musical Companions will help you recapture the magic of bedtime through song, imagination, and cuddly, plushy affection. Read on in our LullaPets Review to find out more.

What I Like about It

The kids that other reviewers tested their Lulla Pets on generally seemed to respond very positively to the devices. Most children found the pre-loaded songs soothing, relaxing, and calming. Many online reviewers reported that their tykes quickly grew attached to the plush toy. It’s important to note that even children suffering from disorders on the autistic spectrum can greatly benefit from exposure to music. Lulla Pets have been used successfully with kids suffering from Down syndrome and other special needs infants. All reports on child exposure to these toys were positive.

What I found especially great about the Lulla Pets purchased was the absolute ease of use. This is one toy that’s just as user-friendly for the adults as it is for the kids. It’s a breeze to shuffle through the playlists, create new ones, record MP3 sound-bites with personalized messages, and adjust the volume. Since the toys include a wireless remote control, you won’t have to worry about waking the kid up while you lower the volume.

I felt amazed at how quickly my kids became attached to these toys. The toys seemed to have been specifically designed to become a staple of their nightly going-to-bed ritual. There is a potential drawback to this. Should the toy break, replacing it may not be an easy task. However, LullaPets provides a great amount of emotional comfort for parents and children alike. They are especially great for caregivers who can’t always be physically present to tuke her kids into bed or soothe them at night should they wake up. Since the MP3 player can be loaded with personalized messages, the difficulties of physical distance between parent and child can be alleviated with a single click.

Things to Consider

One aspect worth considering is that they use a slightly unusual size of batteries. Using non-rechargeable batteries is not very efficient. They tend to run out after a few nights of consistent usage. I recommend finding a brand of rechargeable batteries that fit the compartment of the toys. Some reviewers reported having difficulties with this. Also, make sure you’re not exposing the toys to too much direct usage. Hanging them over a stroller or crib might be the better solution, since caregivers who allowed the children to snuggle up with them every night did find that the toys appeared worn out after a few months.

Where to Buy

Your best bet is probably to buy LullaPets The Musical Companions online, either from off the manufacturer’s official website or from Amazon. Not only will an online purchase offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it will also come with some extra perks. These bonuses include ten pre-loaded songs, two audio books for kids, plus a Lulla Pets story book that’s bound to stimulate your child’s imagination. When purchased from the official website, a Lulla Pets toy will cost you $39.95, not including postage, handling, and the online order processing fee. LullaPets includes a 3 year warranty so you can purchase without apprehension of the toy breaking.

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