The Lock Wallet is a new product looking to take advantage of consumers scared of credit card fraud. Are they wrong for doing so? Absolutely not. In fact I commend them for bringing attention to yet another way that cyber thieves can steal credit card information. If you haven’t seen the Lock Wallet As Seen On Tv commercial, check it out below.

The one issue with this Lock Wallet RFID Blocker commercial is that the risk of skimmers stealing your credit card information is pretty slim. In case you are unaware let me give a quick explanation of what they are claiming. New credit cards with smart chips are beginning to replace the old ones with magnetic strips in an effort to bolster security. The smart chips use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification. The commercial claims that skimming devices can pick up a credit card’s RFID even if the card is in someone’s pocket or handbag. But if someone does steal the RFID they can only use it once as the smart chip uses a different code with each use. Also if you have more than one card with a smart chip in it a skimmer will not be able to differentiate between them and instead will download a mess of unusable numbers.

So with that being said, should we be concerned about using an RFID blocking wallet to protect our personal information? My answer is: Why not? If it’s cheap and not at all cumbersome shouldn’t we take any and all measures to protect our personal assets? I decided to give it a try. Read about what I found in my Lock Wallet review.

The Lock Wallet Pro’s

I really couldn’t find any disadvantages for the Lock Wallet. So here are the main advantages you need to know about the Lock Wallet:

  • The Lock Wallet comes with a reasonable price tag of just $10 (plus shipping and handling).
  • If you order from the official Lock Wallet website they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • The RFID protective barrier shields your credit cards from identity theft skimmers.
  • Holds over 30 cards and ID’s, plus it has a slot to hold bills.
  • The Lock Wallet uses a zipper to make sure nothing unintentionally falls out.
  • The Lock Wallet sports a pretty stylish design. It is made of a faux-leather material that doesn’t feel cheap and comes in one of three colors (black, brown, and red). It’s well constructed and offers a clear slot on the outside for your ID. (While I don’t mind the design I could see some guys wanting a more traditional wallet look and feel. There are other RFID blocking wallets offers available on Amazon that can accommodate different styles and tastes.)

Where to Buy the Lock Wallet

Currently the Lock Wallet can only be purchased at their official website. For $10 (plus $6.99 S&H) you will receive a Lock Wallet and a free LED light that can easily be stored in the wallet. For an additional $6.99 you can also receive a second Lock Wallet. All orders through their site have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Lock Wallet is not sold in any stores that I could find. It is offered on Amazon, but they are currently out of stock. If you prefer to make your purchases on Amazon be sure to check back after the holidays to see if they have restocked.

Final Recommendation for the Lock Wallet

As I stated before, perhaps the need for RFID blocking material is not as dire as some may want you to think. But if it means that you’re a little more protected I contend that it is an investment that makes sense. So for that reason I think that Lock Wallet is a winner. Considering that other similar wallets can cost you anywhere from $20-$50, Lock Wallet makes it easy to see if an RFID wallet is right for you without spending a lot of money.

I am thoroughly happy with my purchase. It fits easily in my pocket, holds everything that I need it to, and I feel a little more confident that my personal information is safe. I recommend the Lock Wallet to anyone looking to keep their finances protected.

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