The Lazer Bond is another Plastic welding kit that uses a UV light as a hardening agent. You’ve seen these with other products such as the Bondic and the Five Second Fix, which we have previously reviewed in this older post. I thought I’d give this new competitor a try and see which UV glue is the best on the market.

For those unfamiliar with what a UV sealer is or how it works let me give you a quick rundown of the Lazer Bond. Products like this use a liquid plastic resin that hardens to become a bonding agent. But the resin only hardens when it comes into contact with the UV light that is attached to the other end of the Lazer Bond liquid resin applicator. The light is battery operated, and the entire applicator is about the size of a marker. There are no refills available for this product. So, if you run out you will need to buy an all new applicator.

Lazer BondI’ve seen that Lazor Bond is now advertising that they are offering free shipping and handling on all orders, plus they will give two applicators for the price of one. Since I wanted to try out this product for myself I thought that this was a good time to get it. I placed my order. Within 3 weeks, the package arrived at my door. Since then, I’ve scoured my belongings looking for something scratched, cracked, or straight up broken that I could use my new glue on. It’s worked on everything that I’ve applied it to except for one thing (read on to find out.) Like its predecessor, the Five Second Fix, I think that this is a fine product and I’m glad that I have it.

The Lazer Bond Perks

  • Because the Lazer Bond adhesive hardens when it comes into contact with the UV light it is easy to apply the glue only where it is needed. Cleanly wipe off any excess that you may have applied.
  • Because of the design of this product, the point of application allows for precise placement of resin.
  • The bonding resin dries to a clear finish. It can be sanded and painted if necessary for cosmetic fixes.
  • The product does have a money back guarantee if purchased through their website.

Purchasing the Lazer Bond

Lazer Bond Where To Buy: You have a few options. Like much of these As Seen On Tv products, you can probably find one at a local retail or outlet store. More than likely you will be able to find one on Amazon in the coming weeks, although I didn’t see any on there currently. The best option is probably to purchase it on the Lazor Bond official website here. As of today they are offering a buy one, get one free offer plus free shipping and handling. That’s 2 LB applicators for the discounted price of $19.99! I’m not sure if the free shipping and handling offer is available only for the holiday season but that definitely makes the deal enticing.

Final Recommendation for the Lazer Bond

Whether or not you’ve read other Lazer Bond glue reviews or not you’ve probably already got your mind made up about it. I’m here to tell you that while it certainly is NOT the panacea for all rips, tears, and breaks, the Lazer Bond is a worthwhile product. This is most certainly made by the same company that released the Five Second Fix, which was an equally impressive product. I don’t know why they changed the design, but it functions just the same. Like the Five Second Fix that we reviewed before, this liquid glue product is a bit limited to what it can do. I fixed a couple of things around the house with no problem at all. I did try to use it to fix the sole of my boot that had just started to split. The product didn’t seem to hold for very long, especially once I wore them through some inclement weather. The commercial’s claims that it can hold up to 350 pounds or fix a boat that has been cut in half are obviously embellished. But if you’re looking for an adequate substitute for an ordinary glue or adhesive without the mess, I recommend giving this product a try.

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