How to Finish an Essay

How to Finish an Essay

Establishing closure

You could do that by linking the main ideas explained in the body to each other in a way that sums up their essence in a brief manner. Closure could also be done through different structures, such as a short sentence. A brief statement that is simple in structure could bring together the nitty-gritty of the whole essay without getting into too many details. Alternatively, you could wrap up what has been dealt with by means of a parallel structure that brings together your elements. The sense of closure is an act that could be performed through different structures; even an exclamative construction could transmit the meaning of closure. What matters is the function in itself, not the number of words.

Open conclusion

According to essay kitchen, another way you could use when finishing your essay is ending the argumentation without closing it off. That is to say, you can broaden the topic and enlarge its scope through redefining the main concept from another perspective, which could convince the reader of the shaky foundation of what has been criticized in the content, for instance. Suggesting solutions to some issue could also be included in the conclusion through the implications of your arguments. You could choose not to close off the discussion through the use of a quote from another source to set it in a larger sphere.

Call to action

Especially when dealing with rhetorical, persuasive, and argumentative essays, the conclusion is the only chance left that could impact your reader’s opinion, if the body and introduction have not been so effective. Thus, a call to action seems useful in such essay types, which could persuade the reader of your point of view and boost them to take action. For example, after having criticized how much polluted your city has become, you could encourage your readers to be more responsible towards their environments in a variety of ways that you might also suggest in the concluding section. Upon reading the conclusion, the reader should feel the urge to keep their environment healthy and clean through the adoption of better environmental habits.

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