How Long Should a College Essay be?

How Long Should a College Essay be?

A college essay is an essential part of the application procedures; it has to be well-structured and organized in a way that guarantees the candidate’s success when it comes to evaluation for admission. You might be so enthusiastic that you would like to write about all of your life in the essay so that you show the admission officers how motivated you are. Yet, do you think that this could work? Upon reflecting on the bases of such an essay, one could come to grips with the fact that it should abide by the laws of the college applied to.

Reading the guidelines is important; it should be done before getting to writing so that you know what to include and what to avoid. The length of the college essay is something that is decided by the university authorities. There is no universal law that specifies the number of words for college essays. Thus, this factor varies depending on the college per se. Some universities would require that you write a 500-word college essay. Once you read a specific word limit in the guidelines, you should never overlook it. In fact, it is ethical that you respect the word limit imposed by the admission officers. It is the first thing that they might note once they receive your essay.

As a matter of fact, some colleges do not specify word limits for college essays, and here where the candidate’s dilemma lies. How much is too much? How could one know if they have gone beyond the limits of a good college essay? How can one know if their essay is too long? In this case, you should not focus on word count, yet on other criteria. Answering the questions and all parts of a particular prompt is essential. If there are no specific questions, try to build your own arguments, and make sure that all of your content is based on coherence and cohesion. Redundancy should be avoided; hence, trimming down your essay when revising is necessary. Showing your attributes, values, and personal qualities to the admission counselors increases your chance of admission.

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