When I initially saw the Grab Bags As Seen on TV grocery bags commercial, I really said to myself this is exactly the kind of thing I need to make the whole shopping experience easier. While I love to shop as much as the next average consumer does, sometimes the experience can feel like a chore, especially when you’re shopping for more than a juice bottle and a snack. We probably all know how it’s like to struggle with pushing the shopping cart with one hand, holding the personal bag hanged on our wrist, and trying to handle the shopping and coupons and money and so on with the remaining hand. God forbid that our phone should ring at the same time. It would be chaos until everything would be just piled in the shopping cart so we can answer the phone and then go dig for the shopping list through the products already in the cart!

The grab bag is actually a pack consisting of a pair of reusable shopping bags with clips attached to their superior side, as to enable their clip-to-cart system. They’re made out of a sturdy material that can hold the equivalent of two normal plastic bags once you clip them to your shopping cart and expand them. That means you can easily carry the contents of what would normally fit in 4 shopping bags, comfortably fastened to your cart. The Grab Bags As Seen on TV promise to be a comfortable way to shop with less effort, more organizing, and less of a plastic bag waste, since you won’t be needing the disposable bags from now on if you switch to a Grab Bag. Each product also includes a generously sized front pocket to hold coupons, money, your wallet or cell phone. This all seemed pretty tempting so I decided to order out the bags and give them a try. I was overall not disappointed in how the reusable grocery bags turned out to be: the product did make good on every promise it made in the ad, so there’s really nothing to complain about, except that maybe it’s a little pricey.

The Perks of the Grab Bags As Seen on TV Grocery Bags

Grab BagsYou can’t really find any major complaints about the grab bag, except that maybe they’re priced too high for the material they’re made from, which is the same material as any other reusable shopping bag you can usually buy for a lower price. While this is true, it’s also true that the product simplifies your shopping a lot and that you can’t really find a cheaper similar product, so there you have it. These are the top advantages of the product, in my opinion and according to other reviewing customers as well:

  • …I usually don’t buy things I see on an infomercial because I’m skeptical and I tend to think everything advertised on TV is a waste of money, but this actually turned out great and works just like it should! I was able to carry a whole shopping cart worth of groceries in only two trips.
  • … I think it’s a great idea and the clips worked just fine in the cart. It made emptying the cart on the checkout belt much easier, as I just lifted the bag and put the contents there instantly

Where to Find the Grab Bags

As usual, you can buy the products directly from their website. For the relatively high price of $15 you get a pair of reusable shopping bags, or you can even opt for a more expensive ‘deluxe’ version of the bags, which customers have described as being quite elegant and fancy, material-wise. Be assured that the regular version of the grab bags is just as efficient and sturdy, only that it doesn’t look as wonderful as the deluxe one, so there’s no need to splurge if you don’t want to.

Final Recommendation for These Reusable Grocery Bags

After trying out the product for myself and after seeing what most of the other customers had to say on the matter, I can confidently recommend you to get these trendy reusable shopping bags and simplify your life. The clip to cart system works just fine and the sturdiness of the bags is indeed reliable. When you’re not using them, you can simply fold them away so they don’t occupy much space inside your house. I will definitely continue using them!

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