Do the Gotham Steel Pans Offer Hassle Free Cooking?

Gotham Steel frying pans are nonstick frying pans that are made of aluminum and have a ceramic coating to prevent sticking from occurring. With regular pans, foods like eggs, vegetables, cheeses, and other ingredients stick or burn quickly and easily.

Product promos and advertisements claim that even the stickiest foods will slide right out of your pans without the use of greases or nonstick sprays. These pans do not contain harmful chemicals such as PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS and are completely Teflon free.

These pans can be used in the oven, in the broiler, and on the stove. They can also go in oven with temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, we found that the ceramic coating began to chip and peel off after use. The Gotham pans are also supposed to remain rust free even after frequent use. The pans are made from aluminum with a sterling silver handle.

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Although you can opt to wash this pan by hand, it is dishwasher safe. However, we found that we had to soak, scrub, and scour the pan after use in order to get the foods out. For the size of the pans, the prices are fairly reasonable and competitive with the prices of other, similar pans. Though the Gotham Steel products sound like a solid investment, many Amazon customers were dissatisfied with their purchase. We concur with those customers. Too often, we ended up with a good bit of our food stuck to the pan. End results were very dissatisfying.

Positives and Negatives for Gotham Steel Pans


  • The Gotham pan is free from chemicals such as Teflon, PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS
  • The pan’s handle is made from sterling silver and the pan is made from aluminum
  • The pan can be used on the stove top, in the oven, or in the broiler which makes it very versatile
  • The pan is rust poof
  • Gotham Steel can be used in ovens with temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Food items stuck to the pan despite product advertisement claims that all ingredients would slide out of the pan with ease
  • The pan heats up very quickly which can cause foods to burn within a short period of time
  • The ceramic coating may peel or crack off shortly after being used for the first time
  • The pan has to be scrubbed or scoured if/when the foods stick

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Purchasing Gotham Steel Pans

You can purchase from the Gotham Steel pan Amazon’s website. Prices vary by the size of the pan. For example, the 9.5 inch pan costs $24.95. The 11 inch Gotham pans sell for $40.98. The 12.5 inch frying pan costs $66.49. Depending while sized pan your order, you may get free shipping on your purchase. By purchasing this product through Amazon, you can guarantee you are getting an authentic product. Amazon customers had mostly positive experiences with shipping and handling of their Gotham pans from Amazon.

The Final Word on Gotham Steel Pans

Customer reviews on Amazon were mixed, and we were not completely satisfied with the product. There were many negative reviews indicating that the product does not adequately do what it claims to do. Some customers claim that the pan worked well for them and they did not have any issues. However, many customers stated that most foods and ingredients stuck to the pans despite promo advertisements for the product claiming the contrary. Customers complained that foods stuck even with the use of greases and oils.

A consistent theme in the Amazon reviews of the Gotham Steel pans was that customers would not recommend purchasing the pans. Many of the customers also indicated that they would not purchase the pans again or decided to send them back to Amazon. If given the choice, we too would not purchase the pans again. Some customers had issues with their pans arrive dented, chipped, or scratched. Some Gotham pans arrived missing pieces of the ceramic coating. We did not encounter this issue, but we had trouble with the food sticking to the pan. The promotional product ads show foods sliding right out the pan. Unfortunately, most customers found that ingredients stuck fast or burnt to the pan. In regards to cleaning, the Gotham pans are dishwasher safe. After cooking, customers are supposed to have minimal clean up since the foods can “slide right out.” However, some Amazon customers claimed that they had to scrub and scour out the pans after use as many items burnt onto the pan. When we used the pans, many ingredients stuck and had to be soaked and scrubbed out.

Overall, we would not recommend that you invest in Gotham Steel pans. Other, similar products do what they claim to do better than Gotham pans. Although the prices are reasonable for the sizes of the pans, this is not a good investment for your household. Some customers claimed this was worst pan they ever purchased. Others claimed it was a big waste of their money. This is not the best non stick frying pan on the market. Based on customers’ Gotham Steel reviews and our personal experiences with the product, we would suggest choosing another pan such as the TFal nonstick frying pan here.

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