Carry All Of Your Essentials Safely And Discreetly With The Go Belt!

Do you feel vulnerable carrying your credit card, phone, cash, and other important items around with you in a purse?  Do you like the idea of a fanny pack but hate the look of them? If so, we found this wonderful alternative to tell you about! The Go Belt is a simple and discreet product that you can use to carry around all your important items.

Simply clip it around your waist and store everything you need- like credit cards, your mobile phone, cash, passport, and more. The stretchable belt can be adjusted to fit comfortably and can be worn in a discreet way so no one has to know that you’re wearing it!

Go BeltTo use the Go Belt, simply adjust it to fit around your waist. You can do this by adjusting the straps that clip and hold the belt in place. Then, unzip the pockets to store your essentials. You can store as much or as little as you want in your belt. Just remember, the bulkier the items in the belt, the harder it is to hide them. Items such as credit cards and cash are very easy to hide with the Go Belt. Some people wear the belt over their clothing, but others choose to wear it under their shirt so that they can hide the belt.

The Go Belt is a durable product that can be used over and over again. It is a great product to have when you are traveling, especially in a foreign country. It deters pickpocketers because they cannot easily access your valuables. It is also a great product to have when you are taking a walk or jog at night because it has a reflective strip that makes you more visible. The belt comes in blue or grey, so you can choose the belt color that best coordinates with your wardrobe. Because it is a hands-free product, you can easily wear it around the house when you are cleaning or getting work done.

Positives for the Go Belt

  • The Go Belt is durable and can be used over and over again
  • It is discreet so you can safely keep your money and other valuables close to you
  • Unlike a traditional purse or bag, the belt allows you to have your arms and hands completely free
  • It can be adjusted to fit people of various sizes
  • The belt is comfortable to wear
  • The Go Belt comes in 2 different colors
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to move around in
  • The belt has 2 pockets with zippers so you can store a variety of your essentials and valuables
  • It has a reflective stripe on it which makes you more visible at night if you choose to wear the belt over your clothing
  • The belt can be worn under clothing so it is much more difficult for people to know where your cash or credit cards are being stored

Negatives for the Go Belt

  • Some customers felt that the belt did not comfortably fit their waist (50″ or larger)

Purchasing a Go Belt

The Go Belt can be purchased directly from Amazon. When you purchase right from Amazon, you know you are getting the real thing- not a poorly made knockoff! On Amazon, you will find positive Go Belt reviews from satisfied customers. When you purchase the Go Belt from Amazon, you will get your awesome Go Belt for just $9.99! This is an excellent value for a durable and reusable product. Be sure to select the belt color you prefer- blue or grey. Amazon users agree that the belt is an excellent investment for practical and security reasons! We think you will find it to be a valuable product too.

The Final Word on the Go Belt

The Go Belt as seen on TV is a good product overall. It does exactly what it claims to do all while being durable and reusable. When you use the Go Belt to store your cash, password, credit cards, mobile phone, and other important items, your hands and arms will be free. That means, it is easier to shop, work around your house, and move in general without have to lug a heavy or cumbersome bag or purse around with you.

The only complaint we saw about the Go Belt is that some individuals with a waist that is larger than 50” felt that the belt was too tight for them. The belt does adjust, but may not be comfortable for individuals who have a waist that is larger than 50”. This is something you may want to take into consideration before purchasing this product. Otherwise, most reviewers agree that the belt is comfortable to wear all while being discreet (if you want it to be). This belt is excellent to have when you are traveling in areas where theft and pick-pocketing is common. With your valuables safely zipped inside the pockets of this belt, a pick-pocket would have a much harder time accessing your possessions. This is especially the case if you wear the Go Belt under your shirt.

Overall, this product is well liked by Amazon customers. We think it is a good investment if you travel frequently or just like to have your hands free when you are out shopping or are working around your home. This belt is both durable and reliable, so you get a great value on what you are paying for. It makes a great gift too! Give the Go Belt a try by placing your order today.

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