I am a regular user of super glue. I am clumsy, I have a giant 125 lb dog that does not realize that she is 125 lbs, and I have a toddler that is constantly pulling things off of any shelf she can reach. So when I saw the commercial for Five Second Fix (see below), I was cautiously interested. First off, if you haven’t seen the 5 Second Fix commercial it’s a little over the top for what essentially looks like super glue. The 5 Second Fix As Seen On Tv ad doesn’t refer to its product as super glue but instead touts it as a plastic welding kit. The ad claims that the product is extremely clean and easy to use. You apply the resin on the desired surface and “weld” it with the device’s UV light. The UV light acts as a hardening agent when it comes into contact with the liquid glass block sealer compound.

The ad uses some gimmicky effects to show off the UV light’s incredible bonding abilities, but suffice it to say I decided to try it out. My first impression when dealing with Five Second Fix was not totally pleasant. First, when I called I was taken through a list of other products to buy (which is common for ASOTV). And second was the wait. I ordered my Five Second Fix repair kit in the middle of July and I just received it. It took 9 weeks, but ok. Now that I’ve had a chance to put the product to use here is what you need to know.

The Five Second Fix Perks

Five Second Fix

So why should you spend $19.99 on Five Second Fix when you can get a bottle of super glue for $2? Well here are the main perks that I thought made the product worth purchasing:

  • The liquid sealer adhesive is almost scent free. Now when I say “almost,” I mean there is a faint odor. But compared to the pungent smell of normal glues, this product is more than tolerable.
  • Because the product uses a UV light to harden the liquid bond you can easily position whatever you are trying to fix to make sure that it is exactly how you want it before the resin hardens. With normal glue you have a very small window of getting it right before the glue hardens, and if you get it wrong you usually have a mess on your hands, literally.
  • The liquid resin dries clear. The ad claims that you can sand any excess resin and paint over it. I didn’t actually try to sand it down myself but I can attest that it does dry clear so their claims seem valid.
  • The manufacturer’s offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Where to Buy the Five Second Fix

The best way to buy the Five Second Fix is by calling their toll free number 1-(800)-586-3024, or by going directly to the official manufacturer website. With this offer you get free shipping, two 5 Second Fix adhesive pens, and two carrying cases. If you’re not satisfied they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee (minus S&H). You must first obtain a return authorization number by calling the customer service department at (844)-239-0488.

Final Recommendation for the Five Second Fix

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing this product here is the verdict from my 5 Second Fix review. I recommend the buying the Five Second Fix… depending on what you’re using it for. Here is what I used it for:

  1. I have an outdoor shed that has a door that is held in place by two plastic tabs. One of the tabs broke and I used the product on it. I opened and closed the door repeatedly after fixing it to see if the bond held and it did. So no complaints there.
  2. My wife had a craft made for her by one of her students. The wood top has a handle that fell off (it was glued on previously) that I used the adhesive on. I was concerned because it was wood, but again, the product held up. Two for two.

The commercial shows the Five Second Fix repairing a steel tow cable. I don’t know if I believe that but to their credit I didn’t try. I barely used any of the first applicator and I still have the second one, so I think that I’ll get plenty of use out of my purchase before they’re both empty. If you’re looking to repair the normal everyday household items that you usually use super glue on then I would recommend giving this adhesive a try.

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  1. 20years ago I used a product like this made buy 3m.using uv to cure and it worked great,but was never made available to the public.It was in the trial state I was told.And could never get anymore

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