If you’re like me you’ve heard of the D Scope Pro. I disregarded this product as a gimmick looking to cash in by saying that it is a “VR” headset. Boy was I wrong. I love video games and I love new technology. I always have my ears open as to what new consoles or formats will be making their way into my living room. So if you’re like me then you know that a wave of Virtual Reality is about to hit the mainstream consumer line. Unlike the 3D fad of the past few years (remember all of those 3D Tv’s that were supposed to change the way we view television) virtual reality has a lot of major players placing their bets that people will buy into this latest trend. Remember two years ago when Facebook acquired Oculus for $2 billion in cash and stocks? Well all of that investment is coming to fruition as Oculus and other major brands like Samsung, Playstation, and HTC all roll out their VR headsets this year.

So this brings me back to the D Scope. As I said, I figured that Google had merely seen the upcoming rush of virtual reality headsets as an opportunity to put out an inferior product as a ruse to make a quick buck. I mean, the thing is made of cardboard! But as I looked at reviews of this model of the cardboard kit, any disadvantage that I heard didn’t discount the device from doing exactly what it says it is supposed to do: deliver a 3D virtual reality experience. So if this piece of cardboard, by placing your own phone in it and downloading the Google Cardboard app, can give you a Virtual Reality experience for under $20 where is the issue? I didn’t see one either and that’s why I just went ahead and purchased it.

The Perks of the D Scope Pro

D Scope ProTo be honest, the advantages of the D Scope Pro outweigh the disadvantages so much that I’m only going to focus on the positives. The main perks that you should consider about the D Scope are as such:

  • You can experience 3D Virtual Reality FOR ONLY $16.99! This is crazy! The D Scope is an amazingly cheap and effective way to see what all the fuss is about with those more expensive model. Because the headset is made of cardboard and you use your own phone the technology really rests in the Google Cardboard app that you download. Shell out the money, download the app, and enjoy.
  • Easy to construct. The DIY kit will arrive at your door. Take your time to pull the open tab (this might actually be the hardest part!) so that you don’t rip part of the headset. You will then see a set of easy to follow illustrations. After you have completed the assembly download the Google Cardboard App and you’re ready! You’ll immediately see that you made the right choice. Hold the headset up to your eyes and immerse yourself in a cool 3D experience. I will warn you if you have young children be sure that they don’t run into anything! It’s easy to lose your bearings if you’re not careful.

Where to Buy the D Scope Pro

You can search for a D Scope Pro on various websites. I’ve seen it on eBay going for $20 plus, and on other retail sites for upwards of $35. The best place that I’ve seen the D Scope being offered is on Amazon. Right now you can buy the D Scope kit for $16.99. Your purchase comes with a full money back guarantee from Google if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

The Final Word for the D Scope Pro

Break out your credit card, get on your computer, and order the D Scope Pro. This is the best way to experience virtual reality technology without spending an entire week’s paycheck. I fully expected to be disappointed but instead was pleasantly surprised with my decision. I would just advise that you check and make sure that the VR kit is compatible with your phone. If it is compatible place your order, assemble your headset, download the Google App, and get ready for a great experience. Now the big question: Can the D Scope compete with other headsets? And the answer is – I have no idea! This is the first headset that I’ve personally ever used. I’m sure that when the major hitters start to roll out their very expensive headsets they will be leaps and bounds more advanced than my cardboard kit. But my headset cost less than $20. The cost and the quality means that anyone can and should experience the D Scope Pro.

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