Everyone past their mid-twenties benchmark starts feeling at least some amount of mild back pain occasionally. It doesn’t necessarily signify a health problem, it just means that the demands of modern life are sometimes a little too much for the complex nerve and bone system of our backs. If you have a habit of working out, which would of course be more than good news for your health, then things may potentially be even worse: even if working out can be good for your back, intense activity may also spring up some short-term pain. This is why special equipment to prevent and alleviate back pain (or joint pain) has become so popular and so useful in the past decades. The Copper Fit Back Pro was designed to act like a compression brace for your lower back area, meant to prevent and alleviate pain, while also providing a cushion-like comfort for your back area.

You may already be familiar with the brand from their previous product, the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve, which targeted the knee joints and surrounding areas. Today’s product, the Copper Fit Back Pro, is a tight back brace made of a special stretch fabric infused with copper wires, which will keep the delicate tissues of the lower back into place in order to prevent and alleviate mild pains. Furthermore, the Copper Fit back piece will also provide you with an all-day-round feeling of added comfort, as if you would be wearing a little cushion strapped to your back. Unlike many similar products which tend to become unhygienic for longer use due to accumulated sweat and the bacterial layers which form in their fabric, the copper wiring in Copper Fit is specially designed to keep the odors away and prevent the extra sweating or bacterial growths.

Copper Fit Back Pro Perks

Copper Fit
Is this the perfect back brace for you?

After testing the product myself and reading some of the other Copper Fit reviews around the web, I decided it’s definitely not a sham and worth buying. These are, in my opinion, the main benefits and perks of the Copper Fit back brace:

    • First of all, the compression brace really works and prevents mild back pains associated with an active day (whether or not there are actual workouts involved or you’re simply doing your office job). For as long as I used the product, I felt more relaxed throughout the day and had by back better sustained. The pains which usually kicked in after a long and active day seceded, so I’ll definitely keep using the Copper Fit compression
    • The product looks pretty good (tight and pro equipment-like), so there will be no need to be embarrassed about wearing it. In the gym you can wear it on top and in clear sight, while in your regular daily activities you can simply wear it underneath a shirt or a T-Shirt. The black color is also gender-neutral so both men and women can wear it without a problem.
    • The copper wiring really does seem to be getting the job done: I noticed no excessive sweating and no funny smells for the 3-week period in which I tested the Copper Fit Back Pro and worn it daily.
    • The price is pretty low for a product with the potential to make your life that much easier: only $18 for a back brace piece. Considering the price ranges of similar fitness equipment pieces which also promise pain relief (usually $40-$50), this is more than a good deal; it’s a great deal.

Where to Buy the Copper Fit Back Pro Compression Brace

The best place to find the As Seen on TV compression brace is on the official website. Here you will find the Copper Fit in various sizes (discerned by waist measurements) so you can place the order for the one which would fit you best. There are also Sending and Handling taxes, as with any other product, but Amazon’s offer is that for 2 pieces of Copper Fit ordered, the S&H is free (or for any orders over $35). My advice is to take advantage of this offer to be able to change your compression brace often and have a replacement for when the initial piece is getting washed.

Final Recommendation for the Copper Fit Back Pro

As pointed out throughout this review, my experience with the Copper Fit back piece was more than favorable and I wholeheartedly recommend this product for anyone experiencing mild to moderate back pains which appear with physical activity or with standing at a desk for long periods of time and so on. If you or a family members have any degree of back trouble, then this is the product for you.

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