Clip N Store Spice Racks
The Clip N Store system will show you how to organize kitchen cabinets using their customized spice racks.

Even the most meticulous neat freak probably has a tough job keeping his or her spice rack and medicine cabinet orderly. Residents typically fill these two storage spaces with tiny bottles and tubes. The situation becomes even more complicated if you live in a small house or apartment where storage is scarce. Being able to add additional storage would be great. However, the lack of space might make this task impossible. The complexities of home improvement (such as drilling holes into walls, doors, or cabinet doors) may significantly challenge your DIY skills. So, what can you do? Does a solution exist to this small item storage conundrum? The producers of Clip N Store, a small organizer which can hold up to 20 tubes or bottles, believe that their product could prove be the answer to all of your questions. Read more about how to organize kitchen cabinets using Clip N Store spice racks in our Clip N Store review. We will examine the item’s positives and negatives to determine whether the product really works as advertised.

What I Like About the Clip N Store Spice Racks

The Clip N Store presents quite a few strong selling points right off the bat. You can see these positive points in its infomercial. If your space feels cramped or you’re looking for good storage solutions, simply watch the video. This will probably help you determine whether you should purchase the cabinet door organizer. For one thing, installing the rack really requires very little to no effort. You simply place it wherever you need it (either above the kitchen counter, on the cabinet door, or on the side of your fridge). For another thing, you can pull the separate bottle holders apart. If you need to, you can easily use three of these custom spice racks in the kitchen and five in the bathroom. The Clip N Store system provided a strong hold on whatever I placed in the rack. The infomercial shows the rack sticking onto the surface of a paint shaker. At the same time, it’s easy to remove a bottle when you want to use it. The product is suitable for all sorts of things such as medication tubes and paint tubes (not just spices).

Things to Consider about the Clip N Store Hanging Spice Rack

Before you purchase Clip N Store, make sure you consider the following things:

  • This As Seen on TV product is not yet available in any real-life stores. Aside from the link below, you can also find it on the website of a major supermarket chain.
  • Since Clip N Store is relatively new, there aren’t many user reviews circulating the web.
  • While the price of the Clip N Store remains affordable, you may be able to find similar products at lower prices. Bear in mind, however, that cheaper prices often equate to poorer quality and experiences.


Where to Buy Clip N Store

As of this writing, one of the few places where the Clip N Store was sold was the producer’s official website. The manufacturer offers a BOGO deal (buy one, get one for free) through the website. Pay for one set of Clip N Store cabinet organizers and you will receive a second set for free. You simply must cover the price of shipping and handling for the extra item. That means you’ll be paying $10 for the two Clip N Store racks and $7.95 twice (or $15.90) for s&h. Remember that this is the price before sales tax which applies for some orders.

Final Words

All in all, we think the Clip N Store represents a much-needed product that works very well. We like its simple design, as well as its customization options. I felt it held quite a few spices in my home quite securely. I never worried that the rack would break off or drop spices from the rack. It’s great to know that you can use it to keep your kitchen, bathroom, office, or rec room tidy. The fact that the product is actually made in the U.S.A., is pretty cool. Buy it online, try it out. If you don’t like them, you can always return the Clip N Store using the 30 day return policy.

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