Cat’s Meow Review

Entertaining cats can be a hard job! A lot of cats are perfectly content laying around, staring at the window, and waiting for someone new to pass by. This would be just fine except for the fact that cats, like people, need exercise. They also need a change in routine every once in awhile. But the question is, how are you supposed to motivate your cat to do anything, let alone exercise? I have the answer to that question! The answer is the Cat’s Meow cat toy. This review will tell you why this will be the greatest toy you ever bought for your feline friend.

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Cat’s Meow – 300×250

– provides long lasting entertainment for your cat

– the cat gets lots of exercise

– takes up very little space

– entertains all ages of cats, from kitten to the elderly

– durable fabric that can withstand clawing


– it takes batteries, which can wear out quickly. This problem can be remedied by using rechargeable batteries

– the color may vary

– your cat will be begging you to get it out all the time!


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How do you sum up the greatest cat toy ever invented in a review? It provides hours of entertainment for your cat without taking up a lot of room or causing a big mess. The main purpose of this toy is to entertain you cat. The Cat’s Meow is a circular piece of nylon fabric with a magic wand underneath it that mimics the motions of a mouse trying to escape. It will go in one direction, then quickly change direction to keep the cat from getting bored, which is one reason why it is so entertaining to the cat. As soon as they are about to pounce, the magic wand turns the other way, or changes speeds, and the cat has to go chasing after it.

This toy reminds me of using a laser pointer to play with your cat. The cat pounces from spot to spot trying to catch the laser pointer. Some people think it’s mean to play with cats like that, but honestly, your cat loves it, right? Cats are naturally hunters, and the love to pounce and stalk things. The Cat’s Meow gives them the opportunity to do just that, and you don’t have to do a thing!

One thing that was mentioned by other Cat’s Meow reviews is that this toy is great for keeping young cats out of mischief. Kittens are notorious for getting in to places where they shouldn’t be, and you have to constantly be watching their every move. And it’s not just kittens that you have to worry about. Bored cats can tear up curtains and furniture in just a few minutes. With this toy, you can safely leave the room for more than a few minutes and know that you cat isn’t getting into anything he or she shouldn’t, because the Cat’s Meow will have their full attention.

This toy is very user friendly. There is really no manual reading required. You just push a button, and it turns on, providing lots of entertainment for your cat. Push the same button and it turns off again. Another thing I really like is that when you’re done, you turn it off and put it away. No clean up at all. And it’s small enough to put in a closet or on a shelf, unlike many cat toys that are bulky and must stay in plain sight all day long.


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According to many reviews I have seen, even if your cat pounces on the toy, the wand will keep going, so you don’t have to worry about your cat breaking the product. Other cat’s meow reviews have complained about the batteries going out quickly, but is you use rechargeable ones, this isn’t such a big issue. Another con found in reviews is that you don’t get to pick your color, and the color may vary. I don’t find this such a big problem, though. I mean, you cat doesn’t care, right?

I have seen a few Cat’s Meow reviews that said this product works well not only with one cat, but with multiple cats. Many people who have cats have more than one, so it’s great that this one product can entertain many cats at the same time.

I hope this review was helpful to you! To purchase your Cat’s Meow toy, head over to and order today. Right now, you can get two for the price of one, as long as you pay separate shipping for the second. And don’t worry, if you have problems with it, there is a 30-day manufacture guarantee. So, act quickly! Your cat will thank you for it.

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