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The ReviewYT of The Kruncher

Staying in shape can be difficult when you work at a desk all day. There is no way around it: taking the time to exercise is crucial if you want to stay healthy. The trouble is that getting to the gym is a total pain. And the weather doesn’t always cooperate, making it hard to get out for runs or walks. Recently, I heard about a new ab machine endorsed by Lee “The Sarge” Reherman. The Kruncher is supposed to give you a total ab/core workout in just five minutes. The idea is that it provides resistance (up to three different levels) while you work your ab muscles. This machine speeds up the process of developing and toning your muscles.

What I Like About The Kruncher

The KruncherI like that The Kruncher allows me to get a full ab/torso workout without having to spend a huge amount of time on regular crunches. The resistance makes a huge difference. That means that I can get my exercise in a few minutes. I also like that it arrives completely assembled. I hate getting contraptions in the mail and having to build them myself. I always wind up losing parts and making mistakes. Finally, The Kruncher is easy to store and move around, which is a big improvement over other exercise gizmos and machines that take up half the living room. I also like that you can adjust the resistance as you make progress with your workouts.

Things to Consider

As the name implies, The Kruncher is basically for your abs and core. If you need to work out other areas of your body, you’ll have to find a separate workout. Most likely, this will include additional equipment. Another thing to consider is that while many of The Kruncher’s recommended exercises are done seated on a chair or couch, a few exercises require you to get on the floor. It’s up to you to figure out which exercises work best for you.The Kruncher

Where to Buy The Kruncher

The official website for this product offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if this isn’t the workout for you, you can get your money back. The manufacturer allows you to split the payments in two which makes the machine much more affordable. You can also get a bunch of free bonuses with your Kruncher: A DVD, a fitness book, a meal plan and a carrying case. It’s a really good deal and I am not sure if this offer is good if you buy your device elsewhere!

Facial Toner Review

Nobody here at ReviewYT is getting any younger. We often look for products that can help us retain youthful looks. The trouble is that a lot of skin care products out there aren’t particularly distinctive: They moisturize, they exfoliate, but they don’t actually do anything to address the deterioration of facial muscles. Unfortunately, facial sagging is often caused by aging muscles, not aging skin. You can have perfectly smooth skin, but still look older, due to sagging muscles. While there are medical treatments that can create a more youthful appearance, they aren’t covered by insurance and can be very expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative: A safe, FDA cleared, medical-grade machine that stimulates your facial muscles and gives them a tremendous workout. Over time, many people see a huge difference in the way they look after using Facial Toner.

Facial Toner ReviewWhat I Like About Facial Toner

Skin care products, such as lotions, serums and creams, are great, but they only address one aspect of your facial appearance. All the moisturization and exfoliation in the world won’t address a major contributor to facial aging: Slack muscles. Facial Toner stimulates the muscles to encourage their health and development, taking an “inside out” approach to keeping your face youthful. If you combine this device with an effective skin care regimen, you’ll probably see a huge difference in how you look!

The other thing I like about the device is that it is non-invasive and does not require you to spend a lot of time and money with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and estheticians. You use the machine at home, in private, without paying for appointments, parking or transportation costs.

Things to Consider

Unlike using creams and lotions, you’re going to have to set some time aside each day to use the device. The manufacturer recommends using the device 5 days a week, 20 minutes at a time, to start. After awhile, however, you can go on a maintenance schedule that only requires two sessions per week. You’ll also have to swap out the gel pads periodically (you get a three month supply with your order) but you can buy them directly from the official website.

Where to Buy

The official website is very informative. I recommend checking it out. It has a video that explains how the device works, along with a detailed FAQ on the product and its warranty. The website also has a special offer: Buy one Facial Toner and get a second one for $50 off. Finally, you’ll get a 60 day money back guarantee plus a 2 year warranty against defects.

The Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System Review

One of the weird things about getting older is that along with the wrinkles and gray hair, sometimes you still have the same problems as your teenagers do. For example, my teenage daughter struggles with acne. That’s something both my husband and I also had to deal with. He still gets back acne. I occasionally have facial breakouts. We checked out various products, never expecting that we’d find something that would work for my teen daughter and both of us. Fortunately, we found Broda Skincare. Nobody needed a prescription treatment which is really great. This medicine is over the counter. It gently clears up the blemishes. Read on to find out how I fared with the Broda Skincare acne treatment system

What I Like About the Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System

Broda Skincare Acne Treatment SystemBroda is an over-the-counter acne treatment system with a few differences. First of all, it’s active ingredient is salicylic acid which is effective on acne while also being much gentler on your skin than benzoyl peroxide. None of us experienced the serious redness and dryness that we’ve come to expect when using acne products. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, Broda doesn’t bleach clothing. My hubby can use it on his back acne without worrying about ruining his clothes.

Also, my daughter and I both hated how traditional treatments would sometimes break down into a chalky powder on our skin. It looked horrible and really diminished our self-esteem. Broda doesn’t do that. We simply apply the water-based mask, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse it off. We are getting great results with no residue and nothing that draws further attention to our blemishes. If we need an extra boost, we use the spot treatment or the portable pen. It just zaps away those stubborn blemishes.

Things to Think About with the Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System

While this is a great system, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, people with really sensitive skin may still experience irritation and dryness. This is an over the counter product. Your doctor may feel that you need a prescription treatment, so be sure to talk to him or her first about your concerns. While some people may appreciate the automatic shipment program that you get through the website, you may not need so much product. If this is the case, you might want to look elsewhere before buying this product.type title here

Where to Buy

The Broda website has a special offer: Get the mask for the cost of shipping and handling. 30 days later, they’ll bill and ship you a set of all three products. Cancel when you no longer need or want the products.

Does the iRenew Bracelet Work? Read Our Review

If you’re like me, you’re suspicious of using medicines and expensive therapies to make yourself feel better. Instead, I like to look for natural solutions to improve my sense of well-being. Recently, I was online and discovered an ad for the iRenew bracelet. It makes use of a patented technology called Selective Frequency Resonance.  Many people swear that it improves their sense of balance, strength and endurance.

I decided to place an order, and I’m glad I did. So does the irenew bracelet work?

What I Like About the iRenew Bracelet

First of all, I love the modern, sporty look of this bracelet. I often get comments on it just because it looks so cool. I’ve worn it iniRenew Bracelet different contexts, including while exercising and going out with friends in the evening. Both men and women can wear this bracelet easily.

Secondly, I like having access to a drug free, noninvasive technology that improves my sense of well-being. I don’t have to worry about allergies, side effects or other risks that accompany drugs and procedures. Also the cost of using the iRenew bracelet is minimal. This means that just about anybody can afford to purchase and use this product.

Things to Think About With the iRenew Bracelet and Does the iRenew Bracelet Work?

Of course, the iRenew bracelet isn’t a miracle cure, and you should always see your doctor about any health and medical concerns. In addition, while a lot of people love the sleek look of this bracelet, it only comes in black and silver.  This can sometimes present issues when putting together an outfit. You can of course, wear long sleeves that conceal the bracelet when you feel it’s best to do so.

Where to Get an iRenew Bracelet

I’m honestly not sure if you can buy these bracelets in stores, but  I’d suggest getting yours online. The official website has a special deal going: Buy one and get one free, just pay an extra shipping and handling charge. Also, the website gives you a money back guarantee, in case the bracelets don’t work the way you expected them to. Given that it’s so easy to purchase one of these products,  and the fact that you can take advantage of the guarantee, I’d suggest at least giving the iRenew a try.

Body Action System

Before I moved out of state, I was part of an MMA-style exercise class at the gym. I loved these high energy workouts, but had to quit once I moved to take a new job. My new town didn’t have any MMA-exercise classes, so I ended up just joining a regular gym. It’s OK, but nothing to write home about, and I missed my old exercise regimen.

Then one day I was watching TV and saw an ad for Bas Rutten’s Body Action System. This was an interactive, padded stand that I could use to practice my MMA kicks and punches. Even better, it was easy to store and move around. I love it!

What Is the Body Action System?Body Action System

The Body Action System was designed by MMA champ Bas Rutten to allow home fitness enthusiasts access to pro-style training equipment. Unlike standard punching bags and similar devices, the Body Action System is an exercise stand that is lightweight, interactive and easy to work with. Practice your kicks and punches directly on the stand, getting an incredible workout at the same time.

Plus, you’ll get an instructional DVD showing you a basic workout, as well as the option to buy additional DVD workouts that cover several different styles.

What I Like About the Body Action System

  • Designed to absorb the shock of high-impact moves, reducing stress on your joints.
  • Fully adjustable. One machine will suit every member of your household, tall or short.
  • Folds up quickly and can be easily stored in my closet.
  • The optional DVDs let me vary my workout so they stay fresh and fun.Body Action System

Things to Think About

Like any exercise program, there are some people who might not be able to use this system. Talk to your doctor before purchasing this or any other exercise program. Also, this is strictly an MMA workout stand. No weights or resistance, which is sometimes important to people.

Where to Get Your Body Action System

Try the official website. You’ll get to check out several videos showing the system in action. This can give you an idea as to whether this program is for you. You can select the stand that you want, along with any additional workout DVDs that are compatible with the system. You’ll also get a 90-day parts guarantee and, if you pay with PayPal, you may be entitled to use the Bill Me Later program. This program allows you to pay for your Body Action System over six months, with no interest charges!

Final Word

If you’ve been watching videos of MMA/boxing workouts and have been thinking that that you’d like to give them a try, what are you waiting for? The Body Action System allows you to choose a stand that suits your needs while also offering your choice of workouts.

ZQuiet Review

End Snoring for Good with ZQuiet

There really isn’t anything quite like getting a good night’s sleep. It refreshes your body and mind while rejuvenating you for a brand new day. For those that suffer from chronic snoring, however, a good night’s sleep may be just out of reach for you and anyone in the room with you. The ZQuiet device from promises to reduce snoring without any complicated surgeries or medications. Is this the product you’ve been looking for?


Z Quiet Review



– No surgery or medication required

– Simply fits into your mouth before you go to sleep

– Extremely comfortable

– Reduces snoring

– Comes with a handy travel case

– Free bonus gifts also included



– May require some getting used to

ZQuiet: What Is It?

Z Quiet - As Seen on TV

Looking a bit like a mouth guard worn by athletes, the ZQuiet apparatus is a product meant to be inserted into the mouth before sleeping to quite snoring. Snoring is cause by a narrowing of the air passageways in the back of the throat. This narrowing causes vibrations in the throat that emit the “snoring” sound that many sleepers suffer with. In order to combat this narrowing of the airways, this product gently pushes the jaw forward. By doing so, the airway is widened and breathing returns to normal. Essentially, as long as the product is worn, it ‘kicks snoring out of bed’.

This ZQuiet kit includes everything you need to reduce snoring. At the forefront is the device itself which is made from a comfortable, flexible material. This material is combined with a “living hinge” technology that allows you to breathe normally through the mouth even while the product is inserted. Also included with the kit is a handy travel case that lets you take your device anywhere. As a special bonus, the manufactures also include two free guides. The first is entitled “25 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep.” It includes helpful hints for sleeping better every night. The second is called “25 Ways to Enhance Intimacy in Your Relationship.” This tells you how to better connect with your partner both in and out of the bedroom.

How Well Does It Work?

ZQuiet attacks snoring at the root of the problem, and by doing so it effectively quiets snoring. For years, consumers have searched high and low for a solution to their snoring problems. Some are effective but are way too expensive. Others are affordable but really offer little to no snoring relief. This product is truly one of the first affordable snoring solutions that really work at alleviating snoring. While sleeping with something in your mouth is definitely a foreign concept to most people, this product has been meticulously designed with the utmost comfort in mind. The rubber texture and Living Hinge Technology combine to form an extremely comfortable and unobtrusive sleep aid. After a while, you’ll barely know it’s there. And for a snoring solution that helps you and your partner sleep better, it’s definitely worth the slight inconvenience.


Z Quiet Review


The other great design aspect of the ZQuiet is just how small and portable it is. Seeing as how snoring is a problem that follows you wherever you go, having a device that is small enough to discreetly travel with you is a top priority. Whether you’re traveling for work or simply are going on a vacation, this product is made with portability in mind. It even comes with a protective travel case that keeps your device safe and clean in your bag or briefcase. With this product in hand, you won’t have to worry about waking up the entire hotel with your snoring.

Potential Drawbacks

There isn’t any doubt that the ZQuiet is a near-perfect solution to the snoring problem that plagues sleepers all over the world. Its one drawback, however, is the fact that it does take a little getting used to. The first night you try to sleep with the product in your mouth, you may find it a bit difficult to get completely comfortable. This isn’t because the device isn’t comfortable, mind you, it’s just because your mouth needs a bit of time to get adjusted to having something in it as you sleep. Over the next couple of nights you’ll likely forget you’re even wearing it, and you’ll be sleeping better than ever before. Sacrificing a little convenience for a lot of good sleep is definitely a fair trade-off.

Is It Right For You?

If you or your sleeping partner suffers from frequent or even infrequent snoring, you should definitely look in to purchasing the ZQuiet kit. It’s affordable, convenient and it doesn’t require any intrusive surgery or bulky equipment. It even travels with you to alleviate snoring on the go. When you also factor in the fact that it includes two bonus guides and that it’s covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, you truly know you can’t go wrong in giving it a try.

Rockin Body Review

A Total Review of Rockin’ Body

One of the hardest parts about getting in shape is staying interested. It’s hard to keep doing a certain workout or routine if it absolutely bores you to death. If it feels like work, you’re not likely to enjoy it. The Rockin’ Body system from wants to make working out fun and interesting by incorporating dance into your exercises. With tons of different dance moves that are both fun and fat-burning, is it the exercise program you’ve been waiting for?

Rockin Body


– Keeps exercise fun with exciting dance-based workouts

– Results appear quickly

– Includes four bonuses

– Developed by fitness guru Shaun T

– Includes nutrition guide for permanent healthy eating

– 30-day money-back guarantee


– Exercises can be quite intense

Rockin’ Body: What Is It?

Rockin Body ReviewThe Rockin’ Body system is less like a “workout program” and more like a dance program. While the program will certainly get you in shape, the idea behind it is that you will have so much fun dancing that you won’t feel like you’re working out. The program is developed by famed trainer Shaun T, the creator of many other successful workout programs. Each DVD contains a set of intense but easy-to-follow dance routines that work to burn fat and sculpt muscle all over your body. By following along, your body will have fun while becoming healthier, slimmer and more defined. Results can be seen almost immediately and some participants have lost more than 30 pounds on the program. And since it’s fun to do, you almost certainly will never be bored.

Every order of the Rockin’ Body system includes everything you need to get fit while having fun. The bulk of the system is comprised of the seven workouts you get. These workouts are spread across 2 DVDs with the Hard-Core Abs and Booty Time workouts included as a bonus. In addition to these workouts, you also get the “My Quickstart Guide” which helps you plan your workouts on the easy-to-follow calendar. The Never Diet Again guide includes recipe and nutrition information that helps you change the way you eat for the better. Two other bonuses, the 3-day Slimdown and the Party Guide, provide information on how to lose weight fast and let you know what foods are healthy to eat while at parties. Rounding out the package is 24/7 online support and a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps insure your satisfaction.

How Well Does It Work?

The key difference between Rockin’ Body and all of the other workout programs out there is the fact that it is extremely fun. Because you are essentially learning how to dance, you never truly feel like you are exercising or doing any kind of hard work. Since you don’t feel like you’re working, you have no problem sticking with the program over the days, weeks and months to come. You don’t get bored or feel stressed out about getting in your daily exercise. With the wide-variety of dance steps you learn, you feel like you’re becoming a better dancer all the while you’re toning and slimming your body. It truly is a total body workout that will leave you feeling energized and confident.

Rockin Body

In addition to being lots of fun, the Rockin’ Body system works because of all the support it gives you in getting your body into shape. For starters, the startup guide helps you fully utilize the included DVDs. You’ll always know when to work out and when to rest. While the workout DVDs take care of exercising your body, the included nutrition guide helps you properly nourish your body. It doesn’t force you into dieting; it simply helps you understand what your body needs. It can permanently change how you see food. The support doesn’t end there, either. This program includes 24/7 online support from a vast community of other Rockin’ Body customers. You may even find yourself chatting with the creator of the program himself, Shaun T.

Potential Drawbacks

Even though the program really works and is quite fun to do, Rockin’ Body can still be quite intense. If you aren’t used to working out regularly, it will take some time for you to truly feel as though you’re ready to completely take on the intense dance routines on the DVD. With that said, you will eventually get in shape if you stick to the included DVD and nutrition guide. It’s very easy to follow, and it can easily be tailored to fit your current state of health. If you aren’t scared of the intensity, you’ll have a great time utilizing this system.

Is It Right For You?

From beginners to pros, anyone looking to try a fun exercise routine should look into buying Rockin’ Body. It’s a fun and stress-free way to tone and slim your body into the best shape you’ve ever been in. You may even find yourself becoming a better dancer thanks to the fun and unique dance moves you’ll learn from trainer Shaun T. And if you don’t find yourself getting the results you want, you always have the option of returning the program within 30 days for a refund.

Insanity Review

Insanity: Hard Work for Real Results

Most people will tell you that working out isn’t easy. Many exercise programs require dedication, lots of sweat and pushing yourself to get results. Few, however, claim to be as intense as the workout routines in the Insanity program from While many programs are designed for everyone, this exercise program is designed for only the truly dedicated individuals that want extreme results from extremely intense exercise. Is it something that is worth all of the hard work, however?



– Delivers incredible results in just 60 days

– Challenges your body for maximum fitness

– Designed by famous trainer Shaun T

– Comes complete with 10 DVDs

– Includes bonus nutrition plan and workout calendar

– Free online support and fitness guide to help you achieve your goals


– Likely too intense for the average person

Insanity: What Is It?

Insanity 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program

The Insanity workout claims to be the most extreme and intense workout program ever devised. Instead of simply easing your body into shape, this program bombards your body with some of the most exhausting workouts ever put on DVD. By pushing your body to its limits, you can achieve months’ worth of results in just 60 days. You shouldn’t be scared of the intensity, however, as this program is designed with your body’s overall well-being in mind. Even though you may feel as if you can’t take it, you can always push through and achieve unbelievable results.

Insanity comes with practically everything you could ever want in a workout system. For starters, you get 10 DVDs that include a wide variety of workouts meant to tone and shape every part of your body. These workouts range from several intense cardio routines to targeted routines for your abs. Also included in the kit is a nutrition guide. This guide allows you to know exactly what you should be eating to keep your body ready to handle everything the program throws at it. A fitness guide is also included that gives you quick pointers on what you need to know about keeping yourself fit. You also get a workout calendar that helps you keep track of your exercises and your rest days so you always know where you’re at in achieving your goals. Rounding out the kit is a comprehensive set of online support tools that lets you get the help you need whenever necessary. The whole kit is also covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee that promises you results without any financial risk.

How Well Does It Work?

If you’re looking for the absolute fastest way to get truly life-changing results, then there isn’t any program better than the Insanity system. While it isn’t for the faint of heart, this program will guide you to an unbelievable body in just 60 days. It’s clear before you place your order that this is a program designed for only the most dedicated and hard-working individuals. That’s because the program works your body to its limits to get you the fastest results possible. It doesn’t pull any punches, but the payoff is that you won’t ever feel like you’re not making progress. One of the worst aspects of the wimpier workout systems is that it can take what feels like an eternity to see any real improvement. That usually leads to giving up quickly and a loss of motivation. By making the program as hard as possible, you sacrifice a bit of comfort for an increase in motivation and results.


While its intensity is unmatched, Insanity is also a great program because of all the support you get while doing it. In addition to the fine leadership and encouragement of Shaun T on the DVDs, the kit also includes a variety of support tools to help you succeed during the most trying parts of the program. For starters, the fitness and nutrition guides are designed to inform you completely about the best ways to keep your body perfectly nourished and fit to succeed in the program. You’ll never have to guess about whether you’re eating right or eating enough to nourish your body completely. With the online support tools, you can always seek the advice of fitness professional and your peers whenever you have a question or need some moral support. The program is very exhausting, but with all of these supports tools, you are almost destined to succeed.

The Insanity program is also designed for the on-the-go individual. Since it doesn’t require the use of any heavy gym equipment or bulky weights, it’s the perfect companion for the traveling exercise buff. If you travel for business, for instance, you almost certainly can’t find time to make it to the gym. You also likely don’t have room in your luggage to haul heavy equipment either. Since everything you need is included on 10 DVDs, it’s easy to stay fit while staying in a hotel. As long as you have access to a DVD player, you can stay focused on your fitness goals.

Potential Drawbacks

If you’ve been following along, the one drawback of the Insanity program is pretty clear: it’s really hard. This isn’t a program that everyone will be dedicated enough to finish. If you aren’t used to pushing yourself or exercising, you likely won’t be able to handle the intensity that this program provides. For those that are willing to work hard and sweat copiously, however, it is the best exercise program you’ll ever try. It is extreme, but it really does work wonders on your body.

Is It Right For You?

Insanity is one product that isn’t right for everyone, but it can work for everyone if they’re willing to push themselves hard. With 10 specially-designed workouts that push you to your breaking point, you’ll never feel like you aren’t making progress on improving your body. It’s hard for sure, but with a host of support tools, you have a great chance of succeeding. And since the program is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast Workout: Getting In Shape

It’s a well-known fact that getting in shape is hard. It requires eating well, exercise and a lot of dedication. The hardest part about it, however, is finding an exercise program that truly works for you. You want something that burns fat, but also builds muscle. And you want something that works quickly so you don’t get discouraged. The Body Beast Workout from aims to be a complete muscle builder for you in just 90 days. Does it really deliver remarkable results?
ab carver pro


Body Beast Workout ReviewPROS:

– Real results in just 90 days

– Builds muscles and burns fat

– Available in several different packages

– Includes nutritional guide

– Led by world-class bodybuilder Sagi Kalev

– Includes free mobile app



– Requires dedication and lots of sweat

The Body Beast Workout: What Is It?

The Body Beast Workout is a revolutionary muscle-building exercise program that claims to be able to add 20 pounds of lean muscle in just 90 days. Unlike other exercise programs, this system takes a wide-reaching approach that includes focus on nutrition, intense exercise and proper supplement use. By taking an all-encompassing approach, users can tackle all the obstacles that would typically inhibit fat loss and muscle growth. The system features twelve different muscle-building workout routines that include single sets, giant sets, drop sets and more. These routines are developed by world-renowned bodybuilder Sagi Kalev to push you to the limit.

There are actually three different Body Beast Workout packages offered by Beachbody and each includes more than the last. The Base Set includes the 12 Body Beast Workouts on DVD, the Book of Beast nutritional guide, a Body Beast training schedule and the Body Beast Mobile App. The Huge Set includes everything included in the Base Set plus a Bonus DVD “Tempo” that includes two additional workouts, a 30-day supply of Hardcore Base Shake supplements and a 30-day supply of Fuel Shot supplements. The Beast Set includes everything from the Huge Set plus a 30-day supply of M.A.X. Creatine supplements and a 30-day supply of Super Suma supplements. Whichever set you buy, you are covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.


ab carver pro


How Well Does It Work?


Unlike most other “revolutionary” exercise programs, the Body Beast Workout truly delivers what it promises. As long as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to following the program exactly, you will see definite results in just 90 days. The program isn’t easy; you will push yourself hard and you will definitely sweat, feel sore and feel tired with this program. What is easy about the program, however, is knowing exactly what you have to do to get in shape. Between the DVDs, the workout schedule and the nutritional guide, you’re never left wondering what you have to do next. It guides you through every step of the process including recommending supplements you may want to take. If you’re up to the challenge, you won’t have any trouble making it through your 90 days. And when you do, you’ll be rewarded with a muscular body that you’ll love.

It’s also worth noting that the Body Beast Workout is also much more versatile than some of the competing programs out there. For starters, you get a choice of three different packages to suit your lifestyle and your price-range. If you don’t feel you need supplements, for instance, you’ll be fine with the Base package. If you have the money to spend and you want the best bang for your buck, the Beast package is right up your alley. The Mobile App adds an even greater versatility to the mix. It helps you stay on track with a results tracker, a calorie counter and more. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot but want to stay on goal with your workouts. It’s everything you need to build muscle at home or abroad in just 90 days.

Potential Drawbacks

Just like every other intense exercise program out there, the Body Beast Workout only works if you follow it every day. You need to be dedicated and willing to change your exercise routine and eating habits to get the most out of this program. Just sitting on the couch and expecting quick miracle results just isn’t going to happen; not with this program or any other program. This isn’t really a drawback as much as it is a simple truth, but it’s still worth noting. If you’re absolutely ready to put in the work, though, this program is definitely one of the most effective workout packages available.


ab carver pro


Is It Right For You?

Despite requiring lots of hard work and dedication, the Body Beast Workout is simple enough for any able-bodied person to follow. You don’t have to be an exercise-fiend to follow this great program since everything is set out for you. Whichever of the three comprehensive packages you choose, you won’t ever have to do any guesswork with this program. After 90 days of hard work, you’ll have bigger muscles and less fat than ever before. And since it has a 90-day guarantee, you can insure you see results without risking your hard-earned money.

Ab Carver Pro Review – A New Workout Gadget from Perfect Fitness

The Ab Carver Pro is an abdominal workout device that puts a twist on floor exercises by adding resistance to workouts that would otherwise have no resistance. This auxiliary device uses a kinetic engine to determine the amount of force generated, so each individual’s strength determines the intensity of the workout.

ab carver pro


  • Simple to use, but intense
  • Anti-slip
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Kinetic Engine
  • Easy on the back


  • Limited color options
  • Puts pressure on the knees

ab-carver-proI’ll be honest: I’m a sucker for defined abs and any workout product that claims to help maintain them. The minute any new product hits stores, I’m all over them (I have a growing collection of workout aid products at the bottom of my coat closet). The problem with me is that any routine I try gets boring after the third week (and third is kind of pushing it), so I’m always in the market for a new product that changes up the game.

The Ab Carver Pro is designed to target the same muscles that standard calisthenics exercises typically target and more, because it expands your range of motion and propels your body in the chosen direction, giving you the freedom to push yourself that much further. As much as I love the burn of accomplishment that results after a particularly intense session of side planks and twists, I have to say, the Ab Carver Pro certainly simplifies the process by eliminating the pain caused by too much twisting early on, so you have the strength to keep your workout going longer.

So, Why the Ab Carver Pro?

In the past, I’ve tried exercising oblique muscles by doing the whole forward-stretch thing with a weighted ball (for those who have never used one, is an extremely difficult workout tool to guide for any exercise among the gracefully challenged demographic). Needless to say, that worked out a little less desirably than I thought it would. The Ab Carver Pro significantly appealed to me because the construction is rugged enough to be used on any type of flooring (though, for the sake of my knees, will be restricted to gym floors unless there’s a yoga mat handy).

ab carver pro

ab-carver-pro-reviewOne of the more attractive features about this gadget (that sets it apart from weighted fitness balls) is that it has an internal carbon spring kinetic engine that helps intensify your workout while still offering you support. As you extend your body and roll the device forward, the kinetic engine kicks in and provide resistance against you, creating tension for a stronger workout (and keeping you from shooting forward. And possibly face-planting.), but when you reverse directions, the engine recoils and allows you to gently ease back into starting position, preventing excess muscle stress and saving your back from a painful aftermath.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has had the experience of feeling like their muscles could take more lifting or more pushing, but have had to stop a workout due to uncomfortable handles. The handles of the Ab Carver Pro are ergonomically designed, so your hands stay comfortable for the duration of your workout. Plus, they enable you to guide the gadget to the left and right to work your oblique muscles for a highly effective workout.

The unit is durably constructed from heavy duty materials to withstand long periods of frequent usage. The exterior of the Ab Carver’s wheel is covered in a rubber shell, which helps to create additional resistance and also stabilize the unit as it supports your weight (a huge improvement from weighted balls that roll amok any way they want to). Shallow treads ensure that the Ab Carver Pro never loses traction no matter how fast you go.

Although this product requires you to put pressure on your knees for balance throughout your workout, the constant back and forth motions of your body help alleviate enough stress so that you’re not over-straining them to a painful point. The kit contains a pair of specially designed foam knee pads that absorb some of the shock from kneeling, making it easier for you to continue working out for longer amounts of time and reducing the susceptibility to calluses on your knees.

Although the Ab Carver Pro is designed to target and tone the abdominal muscles, the kinetic engine’s resistance also creates a workout for your arms, so you’ll tone your arms and abs simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

ab-carver-pro-rollerOf course, as anyone who has ever made a significant body transformation will tell you, working out is just half of the transformation and toning process. For that reason, the basic kit also includes a Digital Workout program filled with instructional videos and tips on healthy eating to get your workout started on the right track. The Ab Carver Pro can be used along with any workout program that focuses on abdominal toning, but as always, consult a doctor before beginning any strenuous workout program.

The Basic Ab Carver Pro package is available directly from the manufacturer for just $40.00 or two payment installments of $19.95, plus shipping and handling.