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The QuickLawn Grass Seeds Reviews 2018

I have been trying for years and years to get a good lawn. I’ve tried everything, from different types of grass to using professional lawn services. Despite repeated efforts, I was never quite happy with the way my lawn looked. I was sure it wasn’t the fault of the climate or of the local soil, either, as most of my neighbors managed to maintain perfectly presentable lawns, making mine feel even more inadequate. Last year, however, I decided to try the QuickLawn Grass Seed, despite being half-sure that my lawn is forever cursed to remain barren.

Quicklawn Seed Reviews 2018

The QuickLawn seed reviews in 2018 were mostly positive and I thought that might as well try it, since it can at least do no harm. To my great surprise, not only did it work, but it worked without any sort of extra effort on my part. I merely had to drop the seeds unto the ground and make sure they got plenty of water and in an unexpectedly short amount of time, out came the best lawn I have ever had. It was by no means perfect and I suspect that you should probably use a bit more seeds per square foot than the instructions imply if you want a full and evenly spread distribution of the grass, but it was by far the most successful grass experience in the history of my household. It should be noted as well that I used a minimum of organic fertilizer on the land, just as much as I use for my potted plants. Additionally, because I live in an area that is often plagued by acid rain, everybody in town is advised to lye the ground, as a way of countering its effects. While that might not be the case in your area of residence, I do lye my entire garden and am unable to say what effect, if any, that had on my QuickLawn success story.

Several QuickLawn Grass Seed reviews mentioned that after an initial promising result, the lawn thinned out considerably and quite quickly too, but that was simply not the case in my front yard. It lasted for almost the entire year, until it was covered by snow. The seed mix being mostly comprised of annual species, I did it again this year, quite late unfortunately, and am now waiting to see the results that should become apparent in a few days or so. If anything, writing this QuickLawn Grass Seed review is a way of dealing with the anticipation.

Climbing Strawberry Plants Strawberry Varieties

Even if strawberry isn’t your favorite fruit from the whole array of options and flavors available, it’s surely somewhere in the Top 5, surely. Strawberry is a flavor impossible not to love, and the fruit itself is so commonly found in a wide range of pastries, ice-creams, jams and ice-creams that we could easily conclude that America loves strawberries. The supermarket prices per ounce of strawberries confirm that, on a less cheerful note: we must love strawberries indeed considering they can be pretty pricey. Unfortunately, the price isn’t the only issue one could have with this fruit: strawberries are much more fragile than say, apples and pears, and therefore become mushy and lose much of their charm after just a day or two of sitting in the shelves. That’s where the climbing strawberry plants comes into play.

Sub Zero Giant Roses Review

Nothing enhances a home like fresh flowers, but who has the money to visit the florist a couple times every week? Even the price of flowers at grocery stores has gone up.  One option is to grow your own flowers, which has the added bonus of beautifying your yard. Unfortunately, harsh weather can damage and even kill flowers. Rose bushes are  particularly susceptible to this. Fortunately, there is an alternative that allows people even in challenging climates to grow their own roses. They’re called Sub Zero Giant Roses.

What I Like About Sub Zero Giant Roses

What I really like about the Sub Zero Giant Roses is that they’re super hardy.  As the name suggests, they can survive even subzero temperatures. They can also handle extreme heat. Both types of weather easily kill other roses, so it’s great to have plants that can withstand these massive temperature changes. In addition, they don’t require a lot of tending. They can handle being in the sun as well as the shade. They don’t need a lot of watering or special plant foods. Of course, there are the other benefits of growing your own roses: Saving money on the purchase of fresh flowers and the way they make your yard look!

Gardening is also a really healthy activity, made easier with easy-to-grow plants such as this one.

Things to Think About With Sub Zero Giant Roses

There are a few things you should think about before spending your money. First of all, these roses only come in red and yellow. If those colors don’t suit you, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Also, you’ll still have to put some effort into growing them. While they don’t require the painstaking care of other types of flowers, you’ll still have to make sure that these roses are kept watered and you may also have to fertilize the soil. In addition, they don’t grow year-round, so you only have fresh roses during the summer and into fall (at least until the first frost).

Where to Get Sub Zero Giant Roses

If you buy them online through this website, you get a money back guarantee as well as the opportunity to double your order. Get two plants (one for red roses the other for yellow) for one low price plus extra shipping and handling for the second order.


Grassology Review

I bought a house in the suburbs because I honestly wanted to have a lot of outdoor space for entertaining and my kids. What I didn’t realize, however, was how difficult it would be to maintain my lawn. For a while I tried to keep up with it myself, but it was getting to be a bit much. So, I thought about hiring a landscaping firm. Unfortunately, I got serious sticker shock when I got some estimates, so I tried keeping up with lawn maintenance myself. One day, I was watching television. I saw Bob Vila promoting a product called Grassology. This is a special kind of grass seed that helps homeowners grow a beautiful, green lawn that requires very little maintenance. I ordered the product and was amazed at the difference it made.

What I Like About GrassologyGrassology

What I like about Grassology is that it’s very easy to take care of. It’s tough, so my kids and dogs can run through it without making me nervous. Since it has long roots, it takes care of itself by accessing moisture and nutrition from deep inside the ground.  This means it stays lush and green without requiring a lot of chemical fertilizers. It even stays great-looking in very dry conditions without requiring professional irrigation or constant sprinkling.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of time mowing a Grassology lawn.  Because the seed puts its energy into creating long roots, the grass itself never gets very high. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend mowing the lawn and allows you to spend your free time with your family.

I think the low maintenance aspect of Grassology is really important, particularly for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on lawn care or who are elderly or disabled and can’t do a lot of  landscape maintenance. It’s also a lot more affordable than hiring a professional lawn care service.

Things to Think About

Grassology isn’t some scary genetically modified seed. This means that it’ll take a while for your lawn to come in 100%. You can expect to have full Grassology quality in the second season after planting. You won’t get instant gratification, but you will get a wonderful, low maintenance lawn if you are patient.

Where to Get Grassology

I definitely recommend ordering Grassology online. First of all, they’ll double your order, so you get enough seed to cover 500 square feet of lawn. Secondly, they’ll give you a free Pocket Hose Ultra that you can use to keep your lawn in great shape. Finally, you also get a money back guarantee, just in case.



Tomato Factory Review

Tomato Factory

Nothing compares to a fresh, vine ripened tomato. It’s low in calories, high in flavonoids and adds an incredible amount of flavor to all kinds of dishes. If you enjoy this cooking with tomatoes, but despair at the high prices and poor quality of supermarket varieties, look into getting a Tomato Factory. It’s a planter that allows you to easily grow pre-seeded tomato plants right on your porch or patio.

What I Like About Tomato Factory

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to harvest an abundance of fresh, delicious tomatoes with the Tomato Factory. I don’tTomato Factory have to worry about fertilizer or weeding my tomato plants. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to go out and pick tomatoes when I need them. In addition, I also have the option of harvesting tomatoes when they are green so that I can make green tomato pickles. In addition, our kids are learning responsibility by helping me tend to the plants and harvesting the fruit. Plus, we save a lot of money over buying fresh tomatoes app store.

Another thing that’s really cool about Tomato Factory is that I’m assured that the tomatoes we grow our being sprayed with chemicals during the growing process. I’m completely in charge of the plants during the entire growth cycle. Organic tomatoes can be pricey, so these are great alternative.

Things to Think About

Now I don’t want you to think that the tomato factory does all the work for you. While it’s designed to help you easily grow tomatoes using pre-seeded pots, you’re still responsible for making sure that the tomato factory is outdoors in a place where it won’t freeze and where it can get enough sunlight. Also, keep in mind that you won’t be harvesting tomatoes immediately after receiving your package. You still have to grow the tomatoes before you can enjoy the harvest.

Where to Get a Tomato Factory

Check out the official website for what may be your best deal. In addition to getting a 30 day money back guarantee, the official site has a special bonus offer. By the tomato factory and for the cost of shipping and handling, you’ll get 3 “bushelmaker” tomato plants to get started with. It’s a good deal and you’ll soon be able to save money and enjoy incredibly fresh tomatoes that you grow yourself.

Meyer Lemon Tree Review

Have you ever tried a Meyer lemon? They are some of the most delicious lemons you’ve ever tasted: Sweeter than ordinary lemons, they have an incredible flavor that ordinary lemons can’t touch. The trouble is that Meyer lemons can be hard to find in stores and when you can find them, they’re often more expensive.  Still, I’ve always had a soft spot for these delicious fruits and went ahead and paid extra for them. . .until something happened.

Meyer Lemon Tree

I visited a friend one day and when she asked me if I’d like some lemon in my iced tea, she walked into her living room and came back with a fresh lemon. I asked her why she kept her lemons in her living room and she laughed. She motioned for me to go have a look so I did: Right there in her living room was a lemon tree! I couldn’t believe it. She told me that it was a Meyer Lemon Tree and that she could grow her own lemons! Naturally, I went home and ordered one for myself. I love it!

What I Like About the Meyer Lemon Tree

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I love having access to Meyer lemons without having to go to the store. In addition, I know that the lemons are perfectly fresh (I can taste the difference) and that they’ve been grown without dangerous chemical sprays. Also, the lemon tree is beautiful and even its blossoms smell great.

Having an abundance of lemons has also made a huge difference in my cooking: I’m constantly experimenting with lemons and trying to create new dishes. The wonderful thing about lemons is that they go with just about everything: Meats, fish, chicken, veggies and desserts. The lemons are also wonderful in drinks and cocktails.

Things To Think About

You can’t just expect the Meyer Lemon Tree to produce lemons for you without some work on your part. You’ll have to make sure that you take care of the tree and keep it watered. Of course, the tree won’t be delivered to you with fruit on it either: But remember, good things come to those who wait. Take care of your tree and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, delicious lemons that you’ve grown yourself.


Where to Get a Meyer Lemon Tree

You can order a Meyer Lemon Tree online through its official website. You’ll get the security of a 30 day money back guarantee and they’ll even double your order by sending you an additional tree for the cost of shipping and processing.

Final Recommendation

This tree is so beautiful that I’d recommend getting one even if you don’t use a lot of lemons (give your extras away to neighbors and friends). It’s a beautiful addition to your patio or your living room and it supplies you with delicious Mayer Lemons, meaning that it does double-duty. Place an order and see how it works for you.

Canada Green Grass Seed Review – An Easy Route for Lawn Care?

Canada Green Grass is a four-grass blend of hardy grasses resistant to temperature, weeds, insects, and frequent usage. It requires very low maintenance to maintain a lush, green appearance, making it an excellent choice for the lazy gardener.

canada green grass


  • Stays Green
  • Easy to plant and maintain
  • Insect repellent
  • Weed resistant
  • Self-replenishing, perennial


  • Will kill the remainder of your lawn work ethic
  • Spreads (a good thing, and a bad thing, depending on where you plant)

canada-green-grassMy grandfather was a huge advocate of green grass, believing firmly that no lawn should ever have brown spots and went to extreme lengths to make sure that the majority, if not all, of the houses on his street maintained a well groomed patch of green throughout the year. He even went as far as tending the other lawns himself, getting up before sunrise and bribing dogs to make sure he could water the neighbors’ lawns without being yelled at.

Eventually, everyone gave in and found some way to enjoy the free lawn service, but I still don’t think anyone completely understood his obsession with green grass, me included. At any rate, his dedication to grass has lead me to appreciate green grass, but I just don’t have the patience or skill to maintain it.

So, Why Canada Green Grass?

I wish I had learned of Canada Green Grass sooner, because if I had, I probably could’ve saved my parents’ lawn from several summers of being the lone brown patch on the block. I never could find the medium between over watering and under watering a lawn (water is water, right? Shouldn’t plants have a hidden reservoir to store what they don’t use for later?) And the moment my grandfather told me that grass had to be watered and fed at certain times of the day, was the moment it all stopped making sense. Grass needing food was just preposterous.

Canada Green Grass is a blend of specially selected grass seeds that yields a hardy, lush lawn in a short amount of time. This grass blend was derived in Canada, where weather conditions are usually less than desirable, by choosing the most resistant types of grasses that withstand all sorts of freak Canada weather—drought, freezing, lots of rain and snow, etc.

canada green grass

The chosen grasses in this blend include creeping red fescue, perennial ryegrass, annual ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass. The mixture also has organic base fertilizer in it to encourage healthy, rapid growth, as well as Vermiculite, which helps to develop immunity against pesky little insects that think your lawn is snack heaven for them.

canada-perfect-green-grassThe grass blend has a surprisingly quick growing time, too. In less than two weeks, your lawn will be lush and green, at any point in the season, not just the first few weeks of spring when everything has to grow. Depending on climate and growing conditions, the grass may not even take that long to develop.

The combination of quick-growing hardy grasses makes for a grass clump that will grow pretty much anywhere

, including on concrete. However, to ensure that your grass successfully takes root and lasts for many season to come, a little bit of elbow grease is a good idea. For new applications, till the soil 3 to four inches deep – damper soil is not just easier to till, but easier for roots to penetrate and take hold. Rake the loose soil to remove any debris and large rocks. Raking also creates little channels for the seeds to fall into, giving them a better chance of rooting and not being eaten by passing sparrows.

Distribute the seed across the raked ground, and gently rake them into the soil, being careful not to bury them too deep, or they won’t be able to grow. A quarter to a half inch deep is usually all it takes. And of course, the part I’m bound to forget: water the ground with a gentle shower spray to provide hydration to the seeds and encourage them to root, but not too much! Too much water will drown or wash the seeds away. The grass will take root and begin to sprout within 3-4 days, and a full lawn should be visible in about two weeks.

Final Thoughts

canada-green-grass-seedRemember to exercise care in the first few weeks following planting; too much trampling will damage the grass. Do not mow the lawn until the blades are at least three inches high. From then on, frequent but moderate watering is all it will take to maintain your lawn (but if you forget, chances are, it’ll still be green when you come back).

This type of grass is extremely resistant to changing weather conditions as well as frequent trampling from feet, making it the perfect turf choice for active families. In fact, this blend of grass is most commonly used on golf courses, where golf putts will tear at grass and golf carts will smush the blades. Not only is it bug resistant, it’s also weed resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about dandelions rearing their yellows heads in a parade across your lawn.

When it comes to Canada Green Grass, a little bit goes a surprisingly long way. A 3.3 pound bag is available from the official website for just $16.99, and will cover up to 1600 sq ft. If you need a larger quantity, an 8.8 pound bag is available for just $29.95 for a limited time.