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Should You Buy Clever Grip or Not?

Isn’t it lovely that nowadays you can do so many things with your smartphone? Some critical voices say that the increasing use of smartphones has taken over our lives, keeping us always hunched over their mesmerizing touchscreens, out of any real contact with the people around us and under permanent fake contact with virtual friends we never see. But I’m an optimist, and the recent studies regarding the use of smartphones confirm my version of the story over the pessimistic version: I say that smartphones are actually one of the best things which technology ever brought with it. They really do help us get in touch even with old colleagues we wouldn’t normally be in contact with anymore, and they also give us a lot of practical benefits and perks beyond social networks: a GPS system, the possibility to take snapshots and videos easily, the ability to browse the internet and listen to music and so on. That’s when I found a new as seen on tv product. I decided to buy Clever Grip.

The Grab Bags As Seen on TV Grocery Bags Review

When I initially saw the Grab Bags As Seen on TV grocery bags commercial, I really said to myself this is exactly the kind of thing I need to make the whole shopping experience easier. While I love to shop as much as the next average consumer does, sometimes the experience can feel like a chore, especially when you’re shopping for more than a juice bottle and a snack. We probably all know how it’s like to struggle with pushing the shopping cart with one hand, holding the personal bag hanged on our wrist, and trying to handle the shopping and coupons and money and so on with the remaining hand. God forbid that our phone should ring at the same time. It would be chaos until everything would be just piled in the shopping cart so we can answer the phone and then go dig for the shopping list through the products already in the cart!

GoPro HERO Review

I’m not exactly the biggest outdoors enthusiast. But, when I first saw a GoPro video on YouTube, I was pretty much mesmerized. It was like having a whole new world of possibility open up right before my very eyes. I could finally see what it’s like to ski, snowboard, sky dive, hang glide, and even water surf from a first person perspective. Not only did all of this action look like great fun, but it also inspired me to go out and try some of these things I saw in the videos. Do you think I’ve now taken up extreme sports? Nah. Instead, I hit the World Wide Web and bought a GoPro HERO camera for myself. Am I happy with this purchase? Read on to find out more about what this versatile little camera can do, if it works as advertised and, ultimately, if it’s worth your money.

Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Review

Nowadays, losing my things seems inevitable. At any given time, I carry around a slew of items. Smartphones, tablets, Kindle readers, car keys, iPods, remote controls – you name it. They all can become (and often are) easily misplaced. What follows next is the part where I run around like a chicken with my head cut off frantically turning the house over in an attempt to locate my lost item. If you’ve ever turned your house, couch, or car upside down looking for something, you probably know the feeling I’m talking about.What if I told you there is a new product recently introduced to the market which promises to eliminate these issues for good. My answer was invariably “Give.Me.That!” But, I’m an early adopter type. I can certainly understand feeling hesitant about something new and untested. The new product is called the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder. This is a small electronic device which should find all of your misplaced items with ease. Let’s find out if it works as advertised.

The Solar Power Liberty Lantern Review

Have you ever been stuck in the dark without a flashlight or candles? On top of that, there is no power generator to speak of? I live in Florida. We get tons of power outages every time hurricane season roles around out here. I was dealing with a prolonged black out once and had no solutions. That’s when I remembered ordering the 2-pack Liberty Lantern set a while back at the prompt of an infomercial. I’d hadn’t used it yet, so I wasn’t sure it was even charged. But, since I was all out of options, I decided to give it a try anyway. The solar power Liberty Lantern definitely did not disappoint.

What I Like About The Solar Power Liberty Lantern

The Liberty Lantern definitely came in handy. Not only did it help me out of my power outage conundrum. In time, it proved useful in a wide range of other scenarios. We’ve taken it camping with the family and it provided a welcome change in lighting/décor. We’ve used it for garden parties and out on the patio, for ‘candlelit dinners’ without the candles. In fact, what I like best about the Liberty Lantern, aside from its endearing vintage design, is the fact that it uses no batteries save for the lithium ion built into it. You can charge this battery using natural light on the solar panels, using the hand crank that it comes equipped with, plug it in via its AC wall adapter, or insert its chord into any USB device. All these options make it a handy item and one that’s easy to use. On top of that, the Liberty Lantern can even charge other electronic items using its USB port!


Things to Consider about the Solar Power Liberty Lantern

Before buying the Liberty Lantern, there are a few things you should know about it:

  • You can also use it to charge just about any electronic device with USB charging; from tablets and iPhones to accumulators.
  • It’s light and easy to carry around.
  • You can only buy it in sets of two. But, you also get the option to pick up a free collapsible pocket lantern.
  • It’s water proof, which means there’s no need to worry if you leave it out in the rain.

All of the above are positive aspects of the Liberty Lantern. You should also bear in mind the price tag that this product comes with. Yes, you can find cheaper alternatives at the store. But, most of them are not as well designed as this one. They also don’t come equipped with 16, bright LED lightbulbs.

Where to Buy the Solar Power Liberty Lantern

As of the time this review was written, the only way to purchase the 2-pack Liberty Lantern set was online, via the manufacturer’s official website. Other online reviewers, who were as excited about the product as I am  expressed the hope that the product will soon also be available in stores. For the time being, the two pack of lanterns only cost $19.95, plus $9.95 for postage and handling. You also get a free pocket lantern as a bonus; be aware that, should you ask for a refund, you will only be refunded the money that you paid for the lantern itself. The manufacturer does not refund the cost of shipping.

Final Words

All in all, the product is good quality. We highly recommend you try it. It’s sturdy and well designed. The manufacturer sure has put a lot of ingenuity into designing a product that uses no battery power. And yet, it possess so many ways to charge and recharge. To boot, the claim it makes in the commercial holds true: you can actually leave the Liberty Lantern indoors and it will charge from sunlight shining in through the windows. Finally, the 16 LED lights that it’s fitted with are super-bright. They can light up any area where you need some extra visibility after dark: be it a tent, a patio, or a room inside your home.

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Whiptide Caster Carve Board Review

Does your child enjoy riding skateboards? Do you worry about your child playing on skateboards or roller-blades on the road? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing the Whiptide. The Whiptide Caster Carve Board is a special type of skateboard designed specifically for safety and fun. Caster boards are the latest fashion for young adults and children alike. It is the latest generation of skateboards which consists of two narrow platforms and a torsion bar. The torsion bar is made from metal beam with a thick spring on the inside that is wrapped in rubber.

The Whiptide caster board represents the hippest technology in caster boarding. It comes equipped with 4 pieces of 80-mm pro-style in line wheels attached to dual decks. The design of Whiptide caster board offers great stability and maneuverability. Many people believe that caster boarding is like skateboarding. However, it is actually more like snowboarding. It allows a rider to move more freely. The pivoted aluminium trucks enable users to perform 360 degree twists and turns in order to make sharper and smoother turns.

Whiptide Caster Carve Board

What I Like About the Whiptide Caster Carve Board

The first thing that I liked about the Whiptide caster carve board is how it differs from other skateboards. It is extremely maneuverable, safe and entertaining on the streets. If you planning on purchasing this board, you should consider the following:

  • Easy learning curve: It is a lot easier to learn how to balance with the Whiptide caster board. You don’t ‘kick off’ like a regular skateboard.
  • Easier to propel: Because it has more flexibility in the torso area and 2 additional caster wheels, Whiptide makes better use of body motion.
  • Easier to turn: The flexible torso also permits the user to bend the board better than skateboards with fixed torsos.

Even if it appears more complicated than a skateboard, the Whiptide board is in fact easier and more comfortable to ride than other decks. Whiptide is a spectacular piece of machinery that every child or young adult should own. I even heard of people 40 and older who use this board to ride to work.

Things to Consider About Whiptide Caster Board

Although this product is brilliant in many ways, it is usually not recommended for children under the age of 10. This board is probably too big for them. Other than that, Whiptide caster board is an amazing product that can be ridden both uphill and downhill. It has a sturdy construction and is easy to maintain. Many Whiptide users also recommend riding as a warm-up for other sports. It moves slightly slower than other skateboards. Even users who don’t know how to Ollie can definitely learn some easy tricks on it with the help of the larger decks made from tough ABS plastic.


Where to Buy Whiptide Caster Board

You can purchase this piece of hot, new technology from the official webpage. In general, it is better to purchase a product from the manufacturer’s official website, because you can get a better price. The Whiptide caster carve board only costs three easy payments of $33.33. The board comes in red, black and blue. Simply fill-out the billing information and you will receive your very own Whiptide board in a matter of a few days. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you purchase it from the official site, you will receive a carrying bag free of charge. Bear in mind, you will have to pay separate shipping costs.


Final Words

If you are new to skateboarding you should know that the special set of bearings on the inside will allow you to rotate horizontal, vertical and on the z-axis. Thanks to the Flex-neck connector, you can simply carve and go without having to put out a lot of force. With the Whiptide board, you will experience things that you never experienced on a normal skateboard.

All in all, Whiptide caster board is an excellent product that people of all ages should use at least once.

The Amazing Pops A Dent As Seen on TV Review

Living in a big city has its perks. But, it also comes with its challenges. One major problem is keeping cars in good shape: With tight parking in many areas, it’s really easy for cars to get dented. Don’t even get me started on the accidents. Owning a car is frustrating on many levels, not the least of which is the cost of repairs. Plus, it’s such a hassle to find a decent body shop that can actually deal with the problem without charging an arm and a leg. I’ve been on the lookout for DIY automotive solutions and recently encountered Pops-A-Dent, a device that’s similar to those used by auto body pros when repairing damaged cars. We think that it could be really helpful to many people. Read our Pops A Dent as seen on TV review to find out why.

The Amazing Pops A Dent As Seen on TV ReviewPops A Dent As Seen on TV Review: What I Like About Pops A Dent

I like that this product gives car owners the ability to address dents and dings without having to run to the body shop every time something happens. That can save you some serious cash!

Also, word is that Pops-A-Dent can work on appliances such as refrigerators. It’s not just for your cars and trucks. This can be a great option if you are a bargain hunter who wants to take advantage of huge discounts on dented floor model refrigerators!


Pops A Dent As Seen on TV Review: Things to Think About When Considering the Pops A Dent

We don’t want you to think that Pops A Dent is a substitute for professional body work: Eventually, you will run into a situation where it just isn’t possible to restore the look of your car without the help of a trained professional. Also, we’ve found in our research that some folks have had to spend some time working on their technique when using the product. They eventually get it to work, but you may have to experiment a bit before you get the best results.

Where Can I Buy Pops A Dent?

You can buy it online through its official website. If you go that route, you’ll be able to get a free bottle of One Wipe Intense Restorer with your order .  All you have to do is pay a separate shipping and handling charge. You’ll also get a 30 day money back guarantee, though that doesn’t include a shipping refund.

Does the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover Really Work?

If you drive a lot, you know about the ongoing risk of damage to your car. Your car is at risk even when it’s parked.  Actually, scratch that. Your car is ESPECIALLY at risk when it’s parked. Sometimes they’re unintentional. Sometimes vandals will use their keys to damage your paint finish. When that happens, it’s hard to know what to do. Do you take time off work and pay for a professional paint job? Or do you leave it be and hope that the paint doesn’t chip off? A third option has always been to try and fix it yourself, but that just doesn’t work out for a lot of people. For one thing, the DIY kits can be messy and require multiple steps. We were excited to hear about Fix It This clear product  comes in a brush-on pen. It promises to simply make your scratches disappear when you brush it over the scratch.


Fix It Pen Scratch RemoverWhat I Like About the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover

Unlike some scratch repair products that I’ve seen, Fix It comes in a pen dispenser. This makes delivery mess free. No mess and no extra equipment that can get lost. I also don’t have to worry about color matching as the product goes on completely clear.

Things to Think About with the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover

We’ve been doing some research on this product. Some customers really aren’t happy with it. While some people say that it works fine on small scratches, others say that the product really doesn’t cover up scratches. In a few cases, people reported that it made matters worse. Keep in mind that if you do try this product, you may still have to take your car to the shop to get it fixed. Some people have reported having luck using touch-up paint on the scratch and then running Fix It! over the repair. Supposedly this gives the repair a more even look as opposed to just using the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover.


Where Can I Buy the Fix It Pen Scratch Remover?

It’s available on Amazon as well as through the official website. The official website has a deal where you can get two Fix It pens, a microfiber cloth and a hand vacuum. The site also gives you a money back guarantee. However, the manufacturers won’t cover your postage. You may be out some cash if the product doesn’t work. On the other hand, Amazon offers a very liberal return policy. If you’re worried about the pen not working, perhaps you should consider purchasing it there.

Night View Review

Night View Glare Reduction Glasses Review

The decreased visibility of driving at night or in bad weather is the source of significant anxiety for most people. Add the glare of other drivers’ headlights and you have a cocktail for disaster. However, an innovative solution has recently hit the market. Night View Glare Reduction Glasses claim to be the answer we have all been waiting for, but does the product live up to the hype?

If you have seen the advertisements for Night View glasses on television, you may have found yourself intrigued by their promises. Still, like many of us, you may have also had trouble silencing your inner skeptic. This list of pros and cons can help you decide if the glasses are right for you. In addition, there is a comprehensive review, including opinions of other consumers, following the list to help you make an informed decision.


  • Yellow lenses allow the Night View glasses to be used to block glare during day and night.
  • Fashionable frames come in a classic aviator style that perfectly complements a variety of looks for both men and women.
  • UV protection keeps eyes safe from the threat of UVA and UVB rays
  • Sturdy, well-made glasses that are tough enough to stand up to the daily use and abuse that most of us put our routine eye ware through
  • Effective glare reducing under virtually all conditions, including typical headlights, snow and pavement
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  • Less expensive than comparable alternatives on the market
  • 2 pairs for the price of 1


  • Style is somewhat limited. Although the classic aviator style frame is appropriate for most everyone, some consumers may prefer other color and style options that are not available.
  • Unfortunately, they are only available in non-prescription lenses.

Night View Review

What Reviewers Are Saying:

Odd Transition, Great Results

Some reviewers were quick to point out that it may initially seem strange looking through yellow lenses, since most of are accustomed to darker lenses. However, they all agreed that the yellow lenses are the magic behind these unique glasses. When you put on these yellow tinted glasses, the difference is literally like night and day.

More Than Glare Reduction

While the main promise of the Night View glasses is to reduce glare, many reviewers were surprised to find another advantage to these driving glasses. Not only do these lenses block out the headlight glare that makes it impossible to see at night, but the lenses also enhance your vision. It is like going from regular viewing to high definition, everything is clearer and sharper, enabling you to feel more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

Night View is Not Just for Night Driving

Other reviewers noted that only wearing the Night View glasses at night is a waste of a great benefit. They are also great for seeing in daylight. Glare is not limited to headlights; the blinding sun can be maddening during our daily commutes, causing eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. So, despite their name, use these glasses during the day, too.

Not Enough Options

A few reviewers voiced their opinions about there only being one choice of frames. Although there are no other colors or styles to choose from, you could always add some adhesive colored jewels or decals to update the frames if they do not appeal to your personal style.

Night View Review

Our Conclusion

We searched all over the internet for people’s honest opinions about the Night View Glare Reduction Glasses and while there was no shortage of reviewers to be found raving about them, negative reviews were almost nonexistent. The few that we did find were simply displeased with their aesthetics, not the way they function.

The bottom line is that these glasses are one of the few products that actually deliver on their promises. They do not use clever camera tricks and overzealous pitchmen to confuse you or hide the truth. They may not be expensive, flashy designer sunglasses, but they do what they were designed to do; reduce glare and make it easier for you to see while driving.

In fact, they actually go above their claims of enhancing your night vision and help you see better in daylight, as well. Therefore, we can honestly stand behind them and offer a recommendation to anyone who wants to see better while driving at night, during the day or in inclement weather. They will help you see better, decrease your battle with eyestrain and headaches and ease your stress and anxiety when driving at night.

Besides, what have you got to lose? For a very reasonable price you can buy a pair for yourself and receive an extra pair for a friend or relative. Take them for a test drive and decide for yourself. If you decide that they do not meet or exceed your expectations or that they are not for you, just return them and get your money back. It really is that simple, but if you are like the reviewers we found, you will be so impressed with the Night View Glare Reduction Glasses that they will become a permanent fixture in your daily routine.


O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Never Buy Compressed Air Again

The all new 02 Hurricane Canless Air System replaces expensive cans of compressed air for cleaning and dusting sensitive electronic equipment. There are currently four models available and all can be purchased on the main website, From the 160mph hand-held air compressors to the unsurpassed 220mph industrial strength units, you can find the right compressor for your needs. There is even an ESD safe unit for electrostatic discharge that measures in the 10e+9ohms range of static displacement. Unlike canned compressed air, these compressors use nothing but 100% air. Canned air is made of various compressed gasses including a propellant with several environmental and health risks. There is nothing ‘greener’ than all-natural ambient air, and there is no aerosol cans to dispose of.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System ReviewPROS:

  • Uses 100% environmentally safe and healthy air.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Single Charge Equal to 4 Cans of Compressed Air
  • Safe and Effective for use on all Delicate Electronics
  • Contains No Hydroflurocarbons or Toxins
  • Will Not Cause Frostbite or Accidental Ignition
  • Non-Flammable
  • Lasts up to 18 Minutes Per/Charge


  • Powered by Nickle Hydride Batteries

02 Hurricane Canless Air System: What Is It?

This technologically advanced hand-held air compressor replaces the need for expensive canned air to clean and dispel electromagnetic charge on sensitive electronic equipment. Some customers did complain about these units being battery powered and requiring charging, however, a single charge produces more compressed air than four cans of traditional compressed air. A single charge can produce up to 18 sustained minutes of compressed air flow. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be held and sprayed from any angle, including upside down. No toxic chemicals or gasses are used with these units, they are 100% environmentally safe, and are not harmful to humans or animals. Canned air uses dangerous gasses and an environmentally harmful propellant. Canned air can also be purposefully misused and abused leading to health risks and even death. These units use nothing but healthy and safe ambient room air.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

How Well Does O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Work?

Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System can be used again and again. These hand-held air compressors are battery powered, and each charge lasts as long as four cans of canned air. Models are available in 160+mph, 200+mph, 220+mph, and the 220+ mph ESD Safe unit. Sustained compressed air for up to 18 minutes on a single charge ensures all of your electronics can be cleaned on a single charge. From light household use to heavy duty industrial use, these units are powerful and sustainable. These hand-held units can also be used from any spraying angle, including upside down. They offer a safe and healthy alternative to dangerous canned air that will not harm the environment or sensitive equipment. Canned air is expensive and comprised of dangerous gasses and a potentially dangerous propellant. These canless hand-held compression units use nothing but air. These units cannot produce chemicals that can be misused or purposefully concentrated for illegal and potentially harmful uses, as can products using gasses and propellants.

Potential Drawbacks of the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Because the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System runs on rechargeable batteries, a power supply is required to sustain the units periodically. Each unit charges fast and lasts for up 18 continuous minutes of sustained compressed air. Each charge effectively replaces up to four cans of canned compressed air. By running on sustainable battery charges, over time, these units can save thousands of dollars for companies with entire rooms of sensitive electronics equipment. There are four different canless units to choose from, and each model preforms to a different standard. Make sure to choose the model that best meets your unique needs.

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Review

Is the O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Right For You?

Anyone with small children, elderly, or individuals with breathing complications such as asthma, can greatly benefit form homes using this canless system. Unlike canned air, the 02 Hurricane Canless Air System uses no harmful gasses or propellants. Ambient room air is compressed by the unit’s powerful motor, and then released under pressure to dust and demagnetize sensitive electronic equipment. Homes and offices can be dusted and cleaned, even those hard to reach areas, more effectively with these canless units as they operate from any spraying angle. Homes and businesses wishing to ‘go green’ will love this canless system because it creates no waste. There are no aerosol cans to dispose of, and no harmful chemicals released to the environment or left behind on surfaces. These inexpensive, powerful, hand-held air compressors use nothing but ambient room air. From standard home use to heavy duty industrial and commercial use, there are 02 Hurricane Canless Air units available to meet the use demand. The ESD Safe unit dispels electromagnetic charge are are perfect for corporate and IT use on sensitive equipment.