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Can the Star Shower Replace Your Outdoor Christmas Lights?

It’s October, which tells me one thing: It’s soon time to think about decorating for the holidays. And guess who is relegated to hanging up the Christmas lights? That’s right, I am. It’s a terribly cumbersome job that I never look forward to. So this year I decided I was going to try something new. A friend told me about this product called Star Shower.

Will the Colorama Coloring Book Help Me Relieve Stress? Colorama Coloring Books Reviews

I constantly feel stressed out as most of us do. Some days it’s because of work, other days it’s bills, and sometimes it’s the countless other responsibilities that I have. Sometimes it’s all of the above! So I do look for activities to help me unwind a bit. The thing is, I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money. I discovered that adult coloring books such as the Colorama coloring book really help our relieving stress.

Whiptide Caster Carve Board Review

Does your child enjoy riding skateboards? Do you worry about your child playing on skateboards or roller-blades on the road? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing the Whiptide. The Whiptide Caster Carve Board is a special type of skateboard designed specifically for safety and fun. Caster boards are the latest fashion for young adults and children alike. It is the latest generation of skateboards which consists of two narrow platforms and a torsion bar. The torsion bar is made from metal beam with a thick spring on the inside that is wrapped in rubber.

The Whiptide caster board represents the hippest technology in caster boarding. It comes equipped with 4 pieces of 80-mm pro-style in line wheels attached to dual decks. The design of Whiptide caster board offers great stability and maneuverability. Many people believe that caster boarding is like skateboarding. However, it is actually more like snowboarding. It allows a rider to move more freely. The pivoted aluminium trucks enable users to perform 360 degree twists and turns in order to make sharper and smoother turns.

Whiptide Caster Carve Board

What I Like About the Whiptide Caster Carve Board

The first thing that I liked about the Whiptide caster carve board is how it differs from other skateboards. It is extremely maneuverable, safe and entertaining on the streets. If you planning on purchasing this board, you should consider the following:

  • Easy learning curve: It is a lot easier to learn how to balance with the Whiptide caster board. You don’t ‘kick off’ like a regular skateboard.
  • Easier to propel: Because it has more flexibility in the torso area and 2 additional caster wheels, Whiptide makes better use of body motion.
  • Easier to turn: The flexible torso also permits the user to bend the board better than skateboards with fixed torsos.

Even if it appears more complicated than a skateboard, the Whiptide board is in fact easier and more comfortable to ride than other decks. Whiptide is a spectacular piece of machinery that every child or young adult should own. I even heard of people 40 and older who use this board to ride to work.

Things to Consider About Whiptide Caster Board

Although this product is brilliant in many ways, it is usually not recommended for children under the age of 10. This board is probably too big for them. Other than that, Whiptide caster board is an amazing product that can be ridden both uphill and downhill. It has a sturdy construction and is easy to maintain. Many Whiptide users also recommend riding as a warm-up for other sports. It moves slightly slower than other skateboards. Even users who don’t know how to Ollie can definitely learn some easy tricks on it with the help of the larger decks made from tough ABS plastic.


Where to Buy Whiptide Caster Board

You can purchase this piece of hot, new technology from the official webpage. In general, it is better to purchase a product from the manufacturer’s official website, because you can get a better price. The Whiptide caster carve board only costs three easy payments of $33.33. The board comes in red, black and blue. Simply fill-out the billing information and you will receive your very own Whiptide board in a matter of a few days. Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard and Discover. If you purchase it from the official site, you will receive a carrying bag free of charge. Bear in mind, you will have to pay separate shipping costs.


Final Words

If you are new to skateboarding you should know that the special set of bearings on the inside will allow you to rotate horizontal, vertical and on the z-axis. Thanks to the Flex-neck connector, you can simply carve and go without having to put out a lot of force. With the Whiptide board, you will experience things that you never experienced on a normal skateboard.

All in all, Whiptide caster board is an excellent product that people of all ages should use at least once.

LullaPets Review

Some kids sleep soundly. Others sleep quite light. Some have no trouble falling asleep, while others have many requirements such as a story or lullaby before they fall asleep. However, most kids have a passion for plush toys. The LullaPets The Musical Companions collection is here to make sure your child never has a hard time falling asleep again. The collection comprises ten different toys, each one in a different color and with a distinct personality. Each toy includes an MP3 player with enough memory to hold some 200 songs, plus a high-definition speaker. The Lulla Pets are remote controlled. The manufacturer makes their soft shell from 100 percent cotton which makes the doll easy to wash, clean, and care for. If your tyke gives you a hard time in the evenings, or if you want to wean a little one off of sharing a bed with you, then LullaPets could be right up your alley. The Musical Companions will help you recapture the magic of bedtime through song, imagination, and cuddly, plushy affection. Read on in our LullaPets Review to find out more.

What I Like about It

The kids that other reviewers tested their Lulla Pets on generally seemed to respond very positively to the devices. Most children found the pre-loaded songs soothing, relaxing, and calming. Many online reviewers reported that their tykes quickly grew attached to the plush toy. It’s important to note that even children suffering from disorders on the autistic spectrum can greatly benefit from exposure to music. Lulla Pets have been used successfully with kids suffering from Down syndrome and other special needs infants. All reports on child exposure to these toys were positive.

What I found especially great about the Lulla Pets purchased was the absolute ease of use. This is one toy that’s just as user-friendly for the adults as it is for the kids. It’s a breeze to shuffle through the playlists, create new ones, record MP3 sound-bites with personalized messages, and adjust the volume. Since the toys include a wireless remote control, you won’t have to worry about waking the kid up while you lower the volume.

I felt amazed at how quickly my kids became attached to these toys. The toys seemed to have been specifically designed to become a staple of their nightly going-to-bed ritual. There is a potential drawback to this. Should the toy break, replacing it may not be an easy task. However, LullaPets provides a great amount of emotional comfort for parents and children alike. They are especially great for caregivers who can’t always be physically present to tuke her kids into bed or soothe them at night should they wake up. Since the MP3 player can be loaded with personalized messages, the difficulties of physical distance between parent and child can be alleviated with a single click.

Things to Consider

One aspect worth considering is that they use a slightly unusual size of batteries. Using non-rechargeable batteries is not very efficient. They tend to run out after a few nights of consistent usage. I recommend finding a brand of rechargeable batteries that fit the compartment of the toys. Some reviewers reported having difficulties with this. Also, make sure you’re not exposing the toys to too much direct usage. Hanging them over a stroller or crib might be the better solution, since caregivers who allowed the children to snuggle up with them every night did find that the toys appeared worn out after a few months.

Where to Buy

Your best bet is probably to buy LullaPets The Musical Companions online, either from off the manufacturer’s official website or from Amazon. Not only will an online purchase offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it will also come with some extra perks. These bonuses include ten pre-loaded songs, two audio books for kids, plus a Lulla Pets story book that’s bound to stimulate your child’s imagination. When purchased from the official website, a Lulla Pets toy will cost you $39.95, not including postage, handling, and the online order processing fee. LullaPets includes a 3 year warranty so you can purchase without apprehension of the toy breaking.

Zipit Bedding Review

I’ve got a couple of grandkids and I love it when they come to stay with me. Still, as much as I enjoy spoiling them, I have some Perfect Candidate for Zipit Beddinghouse rules. That means that they have to make their beds before engaging in any fun activities. Unfortunately, I’ve only got a bunk bed which is admittedly a little hard to negotiate. I find that when they come over I end up  having to help them make their beds so that they look presentable.

I figured that when the kids get older they’ll be better at making their beds, but then a friend of mine told me about Zipit bedding. She originally saw the product on Shark Tank and thought it would be great for when her grandkids come over to stay. It’s essentially an all-in-one hybrid of bed linens and a sleeping bag and it was supposed to make making the bed and changing linens a snap.

I bought two sets for my grandkids, and they love them. Now they’re able to make their beds on their own, and I have no problem stripping their beds when it comes time to wash the linens.

What I Like About the Zipit Bedding

The zip it is an all-in-one bedding solution that consists of a fitted sheet within attached comforter. In addition, the comforter zips up on the sides providing a cozy, warm and secure sleeping environment for children. To make their beds in the morning, all kids have to do is zip up the comforter for a neat, pulled-together bed.

Even better, Zipit comes in all kinds of great patterns and colors so that kids can pick a theme that best matches their personalities and tastes. The fabric even has glow-in-the-dark elements. Plus, there’s a zippered pouch attached to the side of the fitted sheet, so kids can store flashlights, phones and other small items.

Two Beds that will work with the Zipit Bedding

Things to Think About

Like any product, Zipit has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people love the fact that it’s so easy to make and strip the bed with an all-in-one bedding set. The only issue that you might encounter is that the Zipit only comes in two sizes, twin and full. If your kids are in larger beds, they won’t be able to use Zipit.

Where To Get the Zipit Bedding

You can find Zipit online on its own official website. By purchasing online, you get a 30 day money back guarantee along with a free bonus zippered pillowcase that matches your Zipit set.

Final Word

Zipit is one of those products that solves several problems. If you’ve got kids or grandkids, get a couple of sets.  They’ll make life a lot easier for you and reduce both work and conflict. In fact, Zipit is one of those products that has me saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Perfect Polly Review

Perfect Polly Says Yes to Indoor Pets

In most working parent households, having an indoor pet can be demanding, even if the responsibility of care and attention is shared. The Perfect Polly Pet is a wonderful solution for any busy household, or in situations where indoor live pets aren’t allowed. This life-like parakeet measures over six-inches in height, and over seven-inches tall when perched. Vibrantly colored with realistic green and yellow markings, this animatronic bird mimics the sounds and behavior of the real thing. Advanced technology makes this parakeet motion activated, so it comes to life the moment movement it detected. You can find them on the official website at, and for a limited time, when you purchase one pet, you can get a second pet for a small additional fee. Perch is included with each purchase, as well as instructions. Batteries are not included with some models.

Perfect Polly ReviewPROS:

  • No Need For Cage, Feed, Water, or Maintenance
  • Battery Powered and Motion Activated
  • No Need to Turn On/Off
  • Can be Taken Anywhere Real Pets Are Disallowed
  • No Training Necessary
  • Will Not Bite or Cause Injury
  • Will Not Fly Away


  • Not Recommended For Children Under Three years of Age
  • Batteries Not Included With Some Models

The Perfect Polly Pet: What Is It?

The Perfect Polly Pet is the closest thing to real-life pet ownership on the market. Advanced motion-activation and realistic detail bring this life-size parakeet to life. The hard-body plastic design is durable and color fast. The soothing sounds of natural bird chatter and song emanate from this attentive pet, as it seems to respond to your every move. Head and tail motion mimic the movements of real birds, and the stunning attention to color detail complete the illusion. Full animation is achieved using two ‘AAA’ batteries or three LR44 watch batteries. Models requiring the LR44 watch batteries will need to purchase batteries separately. Being motion-activated, there is no need to turn the bird on or off. When perched, this life-like parakeet measures over seven-inches in height. The hard-body plastic design makes cleaning easy with nothing more than a damp rag. Unlike real pets, this astonishingly real counterpart can be stored when not in active use.

Perfect Polly Review

How Well Does the Perfect Polly Work?

Advanced motion detection sensors in the design of the Perfect Polly Pet allow the bird to appear alive and responsive whenever anyone is present. If no one is present, the fully automated bird ceases to respond, automatically conserving battery life. Unlike a real pet, this parakeet will never bite or cause harm. There is no worry of it flying away, or leaving unsightly and unhealthy droppings behind. No cage is required, so there will never be a messy cage to clean. One of the hardest tasks of real bird ownership is training. This technologically advanced replica is programmed to respond and behave like its well trained live counterpart right from the box. This is the perfect pet for anywhere live pets are not allowed, such as condos or rental homes. Unlike a real pet, this exquisite copy of nature can never die, so there will never be the fear of explaining pet loss to a child.

Potential Drawbacks of the Perfect Polly

As with a live pet bird, delicate handling is required. The Perfect Polly Pet is not recommended or intended for children under the age of three. Being battery powered, it will require occasional battery replacement. The bird is not intended to be treated as a toy, and could be damaged or broken if used as such. The hard-body plastic design is water resistant, but not water-proof. Accidental immersion could cause the bird to become inoperable. When used as directed and intended, the Perfect Polly Pet will bring years of fun and enjoyment to any room.

Perfect Polly Review

Is the Perfect Polly Right For You?

If your children have longed for a real pet, the Perfect Polly Pet is a far better choice than goldfish or other small creatures that require care, supplies, and managed climate control. There is never the fear of having to explain pet loss with this perfect replica of a real-life parakeet. If pets are not allowed where you live, this animatronic bird offers all the realism of pet ownership without any rule violations. Being motion sensitive, the bird only comes to life when someone is present, and automatically detects when a room is empty and remains dormant. Fully automated, this perfect pet moves its head and tail as a real bird would. The chattering and birdsong of the parakeet emanate from an internal speaker and fill any room with the cheerful sound of nature. If you’ve ever longed for a pet yourself, or wished you could allow your children to experience the joy of pet ownership, the Perfect Polly Pet is the perfect pet solution.

Thermal Aid Zoo Characters Review

Will Kids Love Thermal Aid Zoo Characters?

If you have kids, you know that it’s inevitable that they’ll suffer from bumps, bruises, upset tummies and more. While you can treat your child’s ailments with medicine, what really helps your child is the comfort of a cuddly friend. A stuffed toy can be all that your kid needs to get through tough times. The Thermal Aid Zoo Characters from combines the soothing relief of a heating pad and cooling pad with a cuddly toy that kids can play with and hug. But should this product become a staple in your home?


Thermal Aid Review


Thermal Aid Zoo Characters ReviewPROS:

– Toy heats up in just minutes in the microwave

– Can be stored in the freezer for cooling relief

– Comes in a variety of different animal styles

– Uses 100% natural corn to evenly distribute heat

– Completely washable

– Helps relax kids when faced with pain and sickness


– Careful temperature regulation to prevent uncomfortable heat or freezing

Thermal Aid Zoo Characters: What Are They?

The Thermal Aid Zoo Characters are a line of cuddly stuffed animals that can be used as both heating pads and cooling packs. Instead of being stuffed with fluff, each animal is packed with 100% natural corn that absorbs heat and distributes it evenly throughout the animal. By placing the character in the microwave, the kernels warm up and store heat for long periods of time. By placing the character in the freezer, the corn absorbs the cold temperature and can act as a cold pack for long-term relief of injuries. Kids will naturally cuddle and play with the toys while also receiving the benefits of pain relief in their stomach, arms, legs or wherever pain relief is needed.

The line of Thermal Aid Zoo Characters currently includes seven different animals to choose from. There is Baxter Bunny, Bella Bear, Buckley Bear, Ollie Koala, Jo Jo Monkey, Happy Hippo and Tiny Elephant. Each is designed to be appealing to your child with a simple yet inviting design. They’re also made from soft, cuddly, washable materials that will keep your child comfortable while giving you the peace of mind in knowing your child is happy during his or her ailment. Whichever design you choose, the product is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. The official store also includes a bonus character for free if you pay separate shipping and handling.

How Well Does It Work?

No one likes to see their child suffering in pain, and that’s why the soothing relief provided by Thermal Aid Zoo Characters is so important. While the physical pain can be overwhelming for a child, the real pain can come from not feeling secure during a trying time. With these animals, you can instantly see both relief from physical pain and a release of mental stress in your kid. It provides the best of both worlds in not only providing comfort, but actual pain relief for a wide variety of ailments. Whether your child simply needs the swelling to go down on a bruised kneed or if they could use warmth on an upset stomach, these animals go to work in attacking it head on with cooling or heating relief. All the while your child has a stalwart friend they can hug and cuddle at any time, day or night.


Thermal Aid Zoo Characters Review


While your child’s pain relief is the most important thing, the variety of features that Thermal Aid Zoo Characters offer you as a parent are also worth mentioning. The most apparent feature is the fact that the animals can act as both a heating pad and a cooling pack. Unlike gel packs or heating pads that can only do one thing, the natural corn filling in these animals work to retain and distribute heat or cold to affected areas when needed. And since it’s all natural, you don’t have to worry about what would happen if the animal breaks and your child is exposed to the filling inside. You even have the option of cleaning the animal to ensure it’s completely sanitized after possibly being exposed to germs from a sick child.

Potential Drawbacks

As with any product, the Thermal Aid Zoo Characters line isn’t free from some issues. The biggest issue is the fact that you do have to be vigilant in how hot or cold you are making the product. While it’s unlikely you could heat up the product enough to burn your child, you could definitely make it too hot to the point where it makes your child uncomfortable. This is true of any heating pack, really, so it can’t really be thought of as a downside of this product in particular. Overall, it does a great job of properly disbursing heat when necessary.

Is It Right For You?

If you have a child in your life, they’ll simply love the gift of Thermal Aid Zoo Characters. It provides relief both you and your child will love, all packed in an adorable critter they can love and cherish. They come in a wide variety of styles so you won’t have any trouble picking one out to match your child’s style. And they’re covered by a guarantee as well, so you really can’t go wrong.T

Bubble Guppies Toys Review – The Hot New Toys for Your Kids

Bubble Guppies Toys are small stuffed dolls in the shape of the characters from the Bubble Guppies TV show. Although they’re currently available in only three styles, your child is sure to fall in love with them.

bubble guppies toys


  • Adorable and fun
  • Soft plush – no small pieces to choke on
  • Small enough to be portable
  • Washable
  • Encourages learning


  • Only available in three characters
  • Your child will probably never stop singing the Bubble Guppies theme song
  • May need to invest in a set of ear plugs (see Con #2 above)

bubble-guppies-toys-reviewIf you have a small child in your life who loves the Nickelodeon Bubble Guppies TV Show, you know how important having matching toys and accessories is to them. There’s one small catch – toys and other products have been pretty much non-existent until recently, and even so, scoring one of these elusive toys seems to still be quite difficult. Fortunately, Nickelodeon has finally jumped on board and created three stuffed Bubble Guppies Dolls.

These dolls look exactly like the characters—there’s Molly, the smart, bubbly show host who loves singing and the spot light; Gil, the upbeat, curious co-host who always encourages a good laugh; and Bubble Guppy Puppy, the loyal, playful pup who loves popping bubbles. These characters encourage character development in children by having strong, positive traits that make learning, cooperation, and being a good friend seem fun, so children subconsciously learn about what’s important while watching the show and playing with their Bubble Guppies Toys.

So, Why Bubble Guppies Toys?

Although the Bubble Guppies Toys are unfortunately only available in the three main characters, there have been rumors about the expansion of the character doll set, so you can expect more characters to pop up on the market soon.

bubble-guppiesThe guppies reside in an imaginary marine town called Bubbletucky, where the guppies play, sing, and learn together, encouraging young viewers to learn with them. Kids learn about math, science, reading, music and much more in this comedic aquatic environment. Kids are drawn to the vibrant colors and catchy tunes, so accompanying toys are much overdue.

bubble guppies toys

These dolls are made from well-stitched, durable fabric and are well stuffed, so you don’t have to worry about the dolls going floppy with extensive play. The bodies are made out of a soft, fleecy cotton, and the tails are made of a shiny satin material so they shimmer just like you’d expect a mermaid to. Although the manufacturer’s marketing age is three and up, there are no buttons or small parts to worry about falling off, either, so they don’t pose a choking hazard to small children.

The dolls are only about 7-9 inches tall, so they’re the perfect size for children to marionette them in acting out TV scenes. Like the Seat Pets, they’re also the perfect toys for travelling—Whether your child needs a travel buddy to keep him or her from fussing in the car, or they need a familiar pal for school or overnight stays, these dolls fit perfectly inside a child’s backpack or duffel bag, so they can accompany them just about anywhere.

If your child loves the Bubble Guppies television program, they’ll be sure to become attached to these adorable stuffed dolls. However, as with most of the things that children become attached to, these will be prone to spills, stains, dragged around, and eventually will become dirty. Luckily the durable construction on these dolls ensure that they can be tossed in the washing machine with any load – just be sure not to use bleach. You’ll probably be tempted to toss them in the dryer afterwards, especially if your child is begging to be reunited with their favorite guppy, but to extend the life and shape of the dolls, refrain and let hang dry instead.

Final Thoughts

bubble-guppies-toysHaving a Bubble Guppy doll encourages kids to interact with the activities they see on television, such as counting and color recognition. The dolls also encourage children to stay focused as the televised guppies explore topics such as dinosaurs, music, cowboys, health, and school. Children will be able to relate to the on-screen characters as they begin to realize they’re just like them because they learn about the world around them through methods that are fun and interactive.

These toys keep children occupied for hours at a time, but don’t be surprised if your little one starts asking you to buy the other guppies.

Bubble Guppies Toys are available for about $11.99 each, although finding the officially licensed product can be a little tricky. They’re currently available from online retailers like Amazon and select chain store locations such as Toys R Us carry them, but if you’re looking for them, don’t hesitate. Supplies are limited and there’s no telling when they’ll return.

SeatPets Review – A Travel Buddy for Kids

SeatPets are plush stuffed animals that attach to a seat buckle belt to make traveling simultaneously more comfortable and fun for kids. Available in several different colors, SeatPets make the perfect pals for long car ride or any child prone to napping in the car.

seat pets


  • Encourages kids to wear a seat belt
  • Adorable
  • Washable
  • Doubles as a take-along friend
  • Provides a soft cushion for kids to nap on


  • Not for the fearful of stuffed animals
  • Kids and SeatPets are inseparable

seat-petsIf you have kids (or if you can remember far back enough to think of when you were a kid), you know that car rides are fussy events. One day the car is a cruise ship they can’t wait to get into, the next you’re fighting a war just to get your child to look at the car. Having an uncooperative child can make travelling unpleasant, and even dangerous if the child refuses to comply with safety measures, such as wearing a seat belt. Kids don’t always see it as a safety measure, but rather another boring routine task of going somewhere, and when there’s no reason, there’s little incentive to do it, right?

SeatPets are stuffed creatures to make your job as a parent (promoting safety while simultaneously keeping your child from screeching at the top of his or her lungs) much easier. Choose from Whish, the yellow and orange monster who reminds me vaguely of a giraffe; Awty, conveniently named for “Are We There Yet?” (don’t tell the kids the secret behind this acronym, or you’ll never hear the end of it), and Airheart, the blue and purple cuddly winged guy.

So, Why SeatPets?

These little guys are so adorable, your child will immediately fall in love with them (that is, unless they have the stuffed animal phobia some children suffer from). They work by fitting around the seatbelt with a Velcro closure to provide a travel companion for your children that doubles as a wonderfully soft pillow for when they doze off. They’re made after ultra-soft chenille, so you’ll probably want one for yourself (go ahead and order one; you can always use neck pain or “It’s the kid’s” as a no-questions-asked excuse).

seat-pets-reviewSeatPets come with three iPhone-sized pockets down the front of their bodies. No, I’m not recommending you give your kid an actual iPhone to put in there, but you can fit small toys, snacks like granola bars or bananas, or any other small travel necessity your child’s heart desires. In the long run, it makes your trip more peaceful and safer for you, because you won’t have to keep reaching back to soothe your child’s wants every time he or she wants something else.

Of course stuffing snacks in the pockets means that these little travel pals will be prone to food stains, but the designers were one step ahead of you here—SeatPets are machine washable. Simply toss in the washing machine, run through a cycle, toss in the dryer, and your seatbelt pet will be good as new.

seat pets

Perhaps the most selling feature about SeatPets is that they’re designed by a real mom. She came up with the idea of these cuddly seat belt pets to eliminate the complaints that came when it was time to buckle up as well as the whining from sore necks after an impromptu nap with impromptu posture. The bodies of the SeatPets give children a buddy to cuddle, while the stuffed head supports little heads as they doze.

SeatPets make perfect take along buddies, too, which is especially convenient if your child carpools to school or switches travelling arrangements often. They look just like other stuffed animals, so no one will know their true purpose unless you let them know. We all know how attached children can become to their stuffed toys, so each pet comes with a backpack strap, which allows your child to wear their pet on their back or attach it to a bicycle.

Final Thoughts

seat-pets-sonicEach cuddly seat belt pet comes with a free travel blanket –a $14.99 value— which is made of the same soft and cuddly chenille that the pet is, so you can tuck them in when they doze off. Your children will be so absorbed in showering their new friend with cuddles and attention, they won’t even realize they’ve been wearing their seat belt the whole time.

Unlike other car safety accessories that, SeatPets are affordable – each pet costs just $19.99 plus an additional $8.00 for shipping and handling. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you’re protected by a sixty day money back guarantee – but I challenge you to tear your child’s Seat Pet away without a fight and then buckle their belt.

Stuffies Review – Redefining “Stuffed” Animals

Stuffies are a special kind of stuffed animal designed by parents to teach children multiple values, such as kindness and tolerance, all while functioning as a best friend and storage chest. The cute and cuddly exterior is attractive for young children (and, let’s face it, you can’t resist their fluffy bodies and wide eyes), but the main philosophy behind Stuffies is to teach children that it’s what’s inside that counts—a concept represented by the pockets on the doll.



  1. Makes a great pal for your child
  2. Seven concealed pockets for storage
  3. Included book teaches moral lessons
  4. Washable


  1. Kids and Stuffies are inseparable
  2. So cute, they might tempt you into buying one for yourself

If there’s one thing to fall in love with about Stuffies (other than their cute and cuddly exterior, of course) it’s that they hold the ability to continuously surprise and entertain children. Seven secret pockets hidden on each Stuffie are perfect for hiding tiny surprises for little hands, such as candy and small trinkets. What’s not to love about a stuffed animal filled with goodies instead of fluff?

Stuffies are big enough to function as an overnight bag, as well. The largest pocket is large enough to hold a pair of pajamas, and the smaller pockets are just the right size for toothbrushes and other necessities, while still leaving plenty of room to pack toys.

Designed by parents who felt that there are too many forces influencing children today, Stuffies celebrate the meaning of “it’s what’s inside that counts”. Fill your Stuffie’s pockets with anything from toys to learning materials to clothes for your child to discover as they feed their curiosity for exploration.


These oversized stuffed animals have a personality of their own, making them the perfect candidate for a long-time pal for your child. Each animal represents a moral or value, making them figures that children will respect and want to imitate. Stuffies are constructed from ultra-soft plush, so they function as a pillow for long car-rides when they’re not so full of toys.

Each Stuffie doll comes with a free storybook that reinforces the moral that the stuffie represents. The stories promote wholesome values such as sharing, confidence, and kindness. Choose from any of the following characters:


Digger the Dog

Digger, the cuddly, beige dog whose storybook teaches kids how important and rewarding it is to include others in your activities.


Dash the Horse

Dash, the brave, brown horse teaches children about taking on responsibility. In her story book, she teaches kids how to enjoy doing daily tasks, such as chores.

bravo-bearBravo the Bear

Bravo, the big, brown bear is always there to lend encouragement. His story teaches a young athlete how to get their head in the game and believe in themselves.

stomper-dinosaurStomper the Dinosaur

Stomper the purple dinosaur teaches kids how important it is to work together and trust each other as they set off on a challenging hike.

bizzy-beeBizzy the Bee

Bizzy, the sweet, buzzing bee is always glad to help, and she teaches kids how fun it can be to volunteer.

scout-monkeyScout the Monkey

Scout the monkey keeps a watchful eye on kids, teaching and encouraging them to keep the playground safe for them and their playmates.

prancine-unicornPrancine the Unicorn

Prancine the purple unicorn inspires children to believe in magic, and her book teaches children how to believe in themselves as a young ballerina faces a daunting performance.

gracie-hippoGracie the Hippo

Gracie the hippo teaches children how to maintain confidence even under stress. Her story explores a stressful situation and demonstrates the importance of composure in spite of nervousness.

muddzie-pigMuddzie the Pig

Muddzie the pink pig knows that hard work and dedication is the best way to get a job done. Her story about how the power of teamwork and not being afraid to get dirty enables them to help the whole community and shows that hard work pays off.

shuffles-turtleShuffles the Turtle

Shuffles the patient green turtle teaches children the importance of maintaining discipline throughout our daily lives. In his story, he teaches an impatient girl to slow down, stay committed and take it easy.

sky-giraffeSky the Giraffe

Sky the yellow giraffe has big dreams. Her story book teaches a young boy courage, the importance of setting goals, and not being afraid to reach for them.

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