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DermaTend Review – All Natural Skin Tag Removal

DermaTend is a natural solution to skin tags and moles, designed to provide rapid, affordable relief to skin problems. This product provides a safer, more affordable alternative to expensive dermatology procedures that do not guarantee that the problem will not reoccur. If you’re interested in skin tag removal, you may also be interested in our Tag Away review.



  • All natural formula
  • Safe and easy to se
  • Affordable
  • Quick acting formula
  • Pain free


  • Not as effective on really severe moles
  • Might be problematic for those allergic or sensitive to bloodroot

dermatendIf you’ve had a mole or skin tag at any point in your life, you know how embarrassing it can be to live with it. You always feel inclined – no, obligated, to cover it up, because when people see it, they stare as if it’ll grow a head and start singing. Dermatologists visits are a viable option, but they’re costly, often even more embarrassing than the original situation, and require lengthy, frequent visits that you just don’t have time for.

So, Why the DermaTend Skin Tag Remover?

DermaTend is a topical all-natural solution to moles, skin tags, and other embarrassing skin blemishes. It provides real results in reasonable amounts of time, so you can kiss painful procedures and expensive surgeries good bye and still enjoy flawless skin. DermaTend’s powerful formula enables it to rapidly remove skin tags and moles while still being gentle enough for everyday use.

And it’s extremely easy to use, too. I’ve heard stories of people having to have operations done with tons of follow-up visits, essentially having to jump through hoops just to find a way to get rid of skin tags and moles. DermaTend just requires your commitment in applying the ointment for several days, after which, a scar will begin to form and soon fall off, leaving your skin mole and skin-tag free.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to: resist your nagging urges to pick at it and speed up the process; it won’t work, and you’re just going to leave a blemish or scar mark in its place, which frankly, isn’t fun. When used properly and allowed to work its magic, DermaTend will leave no visible reminders of moles, skin tags, or scars behind.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but DermaTend is made of Butter of Zinc, Sanguinaria Canadensis (common name, Bloodroot) and vegetable glycerin. Bloodroot has acidic properties that penetrate the top layer of your skin to reach down and target the cause of the problem. The zinc butter will then help dry the mole or skin tag from the inside out, causing it to scar and leave your skin looking refreshed.

dermatend-reviewBecause DermaTend is made with only natural ingredients, it’s safe enough to use frequently on most parts of your body. Although generous applications are typically not necessary, it’s safe enough to use in higher concentrations for more problematic areas with multiple skin imperfections. The ointment is safe enough to use on children, too, but be sure to consult a doctor before use on children under six.

The instructions recommend agitating the surface of the mole or skin tag just before the initial application, just enough to allow for mild scarring to form on top to encourage the ointment to sink deeper into your skin. The deeper it sinks, the more effective the result. The acidity of bloodroot might cause your skin to sting or tingle, but is otherwise completely pain-free and safe to use. Rinse the affected area after application, and all that’s left to do is wait for DermaTend to do what it does best.

DermaTend is available in two formulas to better suit your needs. The original formula is ideal for minor skin imperfections, like newly developing warts and skin blemishes, and will begin to show results within 3-4 days from the initial application. It’s also available in an ultra-strength formula, with more potent concentrations of bloodroot to target more severe moles and skin tags. Results of the ultra-strength formula typically appear within 24-48 hours after application. DermaTend is available in two sizes; the normal size contains enough ointment to treat up to 30 moles or skin tags, and the small container contains enough to treat 15 skin imperfections.

Each order of DermaTend ultra-stregth comes with a complimentary half-ounce jar of quick-healing balm, which helps speed up the skin healing process by replenishing the skin with natural vitamins and minerals, while reducing the potential for lingering scars.

Final Thoughts

Of course, as with any product, consult a doctor immediately if you feel there is any excessive pain, allergic reactions, or rashes in response to application.

The original DermaTend formula is available from the manufacturer’s official website for just $39.95 plus shipping and handling. The Ultra-strength formula is available in two purchasing options; one tube for just $69.95, or two tubes for $99.95, both of which come with the complimentary healing balm. Your purchase is backed up with a 60 day money-back guaranteed to protect you in the event that this product is not right for you.

Here’s a consumer video review posted on YouTube:

Flash and Go Hair Removal Review – A Permanent Hair Remover by Silk’n

Here’s a question that you have probably heard before. Do you hate your body hair? Does the thought of having to use your razor all over your body, especially in those summer months during bikini season, just send shivers down your spine? There isn’t a woman alive who actually likes shaving. It’s something that you deal with until you’re too old to care, but there’s a remarkable product that may be able to help.

flash and go


  • Leads to permanent hair removal.
  • Can treat even the most sensitive areas by giving you the ability to adjust the strength of the laser.
  • No more razor burns, ingrown hairs and small cuts.
  • Skin tone sensor that will ensure that the laser is the proper strength for your skin type.
  • Takes very little time to use.


  • A little expensive at first. It costs about $300, but think about all the money you use on razors and expensive hair treatments.
  • The full treatment takes a few months. If it worked in one go, then you’d lose a good layer of your skin from the laser’s strength.

flash-and-go-hair-removalHow Does it Work?

The Flash and Go hair removal device is a small, handheld device that looks similar to a cash register scanner. The little button on the front of the device emits a weak laser that has been proven to immediately remove hair by quickly crystallizing and burning it off your body.

Not only that, but the laser will result in permanent hair removal if you follow the handy program. In the meantime, you will notice the areas having thinner and less hair. This makes the hair much easier to manage, and it means less work for you each time you use the Flash and Go.

So, Why the Flash and Go Hair Removal System?

The Flash and Go comes with a recommended schedule that will show you how frequently you should use the device. You will have to use it once every two weeks at first. Many people experienced a noticeable difference after the first treatment. Some people didn’t even have to shave once between the treatments.

While the treatments are very effective, you should follow the entire program until you are finished. This is the only way to ensure that your body hair is completely gone. It will take a few months, but this is actually a good thing. If the laser was strong enough to stop your hair growth immediately, then you’d experience major burns.

Just follow the program from day one until the end, and you should notice a complete change in your body hair.

flash and go

Adjustable Laser

The Flash and Go has an adjustable laser, and you can probably guess why this feature is necessary. Everyone has those sensitive areas that may have a hard time dealing with a harsh laser. Reducing the strength of the laser ensures that you won’t experience any pain.

At the same time, increasing the power of the laser ensures that your hair will be removed that much faster. Experiment on your body to see what you can handle. Most women who used the Flash and Go didn’t experience any pain whatsoever.

flash-and-go-removalDoes it Work on Men?

Do lasers just affect women? Are men impervious to hair removal products? Of course not. This product is marketed towards females, but it’s great for men that want to get rid of annoying body hair on their arms and chest. If you or your man hates shaving, then this can be a great solution to fix that problem forever.

The only difference is that it might take a little longer for men to notice a difference. This is only because men tend to have more hair. At the same time, if he has relatively thin hair, then it won’t take too long for the Flash and Go to work its magic.


The Flash and Go is about $250 to $300 depending on where you buy it. This might seem expensive, but consider how much you are currently spending on hair removal.

If you are just using disposable razors, then you are probably spending about $100 to $200 a year on shaving. While that’s cheaper than the Flash and Go, you have to remember that this product is offering permanent hair removal. It will cost more now, but it’s going to save you a lot of money in the future.

If you are more proactive about hair removal, then you might be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at professional hair removal clinics for each session. The Flash and Go offers professional results, but without scheduling appointments, paying the doctor’s fees and sitting in a waiting room.

Final Thoughts

Almost every woman hates her body hair. It’s frustrating to shave so often, and many want a more permanent solution. If you want to get rid of your body hair once and for all without going to a doctor, then consider buying the Flash and Go. This product has helped many women permanently remove their hair, and it’s just plain convenient. If you have an extra moment to read another one of our reviews, maybe consider combining this product with the derm exclusive to totally revamp the new you.

Below is a consumer review video of the Flash and Go.

Hot Booties Slippers Review – A Look at the Popular Foot Warmers

Hot Booties are, simply put, one of the best things to ever happen to feet. They’re soft, fleecy slippers that quickly heat up when placed in the microwave to provide at least an hour of continuous warmth for cold feet. Constructed from all natural materials, these lightweight slippers can also massage tired feet for added relief from cold weather comfort.

hot booties


  • Keeps your toes warm
  • Therapeutic
  • Massaging
  • Sanitary
  • Easy to use


  • Not available in outdoor footwear

hot-booties-reviewI’ve lived in a beach house for the majority of my life, and even though it’s common sense to book it out of there when summer starts fading and winter creeps in, my family never did. You can imagine how cold it was – even with the furnace going at full blast, the fire place raging, and the occasional space heater, the floors were almost always colder than a hairless cat in the arctic. Of course the solution for cold feet was always to bundle up (my mother believed there was nothing a pair of socks and chicken soup couldn’t fix),but on days where we couldn’t feel our toes to begin with, even six pairs of socks couldn’t nip the cold.

I can’t help but wish I had learned about these innovative slippers a lot sooner. They’re just like regular slippers; fluffy, cozy, and soft, but they’re designed to keep your feet much warmer than their traditional counterparts. I used to toss my bedside slippers in the dryer for a moment of warmth. It worked for a few weeks, but after that, the dryer would beat the poor things around and cough out a mangled, tangled ball of fluff and fuzz that was too lumpy and disfigured to function as a proper slipper anymore. Hot Booties warm up in a microwave, requiring no tumbling by way of dryer.

So, Why Hot Booties?

hot-bootiesOf course, like me, you’re probably thinking “who puts their slippers in a microwave?!” It just sounds unsanitary and weird, but once you try it and reap the benefit, you’ll never second guess it again. Plus, hot booties come with their own microwaving bag, which keeps your slippers from actually coming in contact with the microwave. And if it’s the worry of foot odor permeating your kitchen, you don’t need to worry; hot booties are made of 100% washable material, so you can clean them when you find it necessary.

Hot Booties take only roughly 60 seconds to heat up to their ideal temperature and retain that heat for a whole hour (easily trumping the two minutes of warmth I got from my mutilated slippers). Unlike other heating slippers on the market that have warm inner soles, the entire Hot Bootie retains heat, including the part that covers the top of your foot, so no more layering socks before you put your slippers on.

hot booties

The philosophy behind the invention of this slipper is simple: providing consumers with a comfortable, affordable solution to cold feet. Their simple ballet-slipper styled construction allows ample space for narrow and wide feet, alike and the elastic at the back ensures they’ll stay on, unlike backless slippers that are always falling off. It also ensures that the heel of your foot – an area often overlooked – stays warm and toasty, too.

Unlike other slippers and house shoes, Hot Booties are actually good for you. Podiatrists recommend heating feet at mild temperatures to reduce soreness because having feet warmer than the room’s ambient temperature increases circulation throughout the entire body, which will help reduce pain and inflammation throughout your body.

hot-booties-slippersBut that’s not all; the secret behind this slipper’s uncanny ability to effectively radiate and retain warmth is their stuffing – thousands of all natural linseed absorb heat and release it slowly, so your feet will stay warm for longer periods of time. The linseed also helps to support the arch of your foot, and creates a therapeutic effect by lightly massaging your feet when you walk, making these perfect for slipping on after a long day of work. Plus, if you stand in one spot and move your feet back and forth in the slipper, you’ll intensify the massaging effects.

These slippers act just like heat packs to provide relief to aching, stressed feet. Between the heat and massaging, you’ll relax the muscles and ligaments in your feet, so you’ll feel more refreshed after wearing them. Additionally, the heat-massage combination could not get any more portable than this; you won’t be restricted to a chair as your feet unwind and de-stress themselves.

Final Thoughts

These slippers are currently only available in four sizes, although there have been rumors of children’s sizes being in the works (I can imagine them selling like hotcakes!). They’re available in women’s small/medium, which fits US shoe sizes 6-8, and large which fits sizes 9-11. Men’s are available in medium, which fits sizes 10-11, and large, which fit sizes 12-13. They’re also only currently available in two colors: pink and navy blue. Both are lovely shades, but with how much you’ll find yourself wanting to wear them, the pink will probably get dirty quickly.

Hot Booties are available for just $14.99 per pair, plus an additional $7.95 for shipping and handling. Each bootie purchase comes with a free microwavable Bootie Bag. For a limited time when ordered from the manufacturer’s official website, you can receive a second pair of Hot Booties and Bootie Bag in the same size and color for just the cost of shipping and handling.

TopStyler Review – InStyler’s Popular Curlers

The TopStyler by InStyler is a creatively designed hair styling tool consisting of ten shells in two sizes that make it easier for you to style your hair without damaging it.



  • Low heat eliminates damage to hair
  • No cords tying you to the bathroom
  • Works on all hair types
  • Can be used with any hair products


  • Might be a learning curve (but easier to use as you go along)
  • Your old styling products may become obsolete
  • You might regret ever spending so much on salon styling

topstylerIf you’re anything like me, you loathe the amount of time and effort it takes to make your hair look impressive in the morning. Adding a new device to the pile of hair straighteners and curling irons seems like a hopeless cause, because they always consume more time than they cut. Not to mention, they cause extensive damage to your hair by applying high temperatures of heat in order to obtain the desired effect. Although there are plenty of hair products you can buy to alleviate that damage, there’s not much that can be done about the smell of burning hair—but all of that is worth it to achieve the desired effect, right?

Not. For the longest time, I thought curling your hair had to happen at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit and require you to burn your fingertips or ears constantly, but it doesn’t. The TopStyler by InStyler is a device worthy of your bathroom cabinet. Unlike hot tools that require you to stand in one spot while you tug, wrap, and press, the TopStyler has no cords to worry about, so you can continue your morning routine while your hair practically does itself.

So, Why the TopStyler?

topstyler-reviewsThe secret is ten solid ceramic shells that gently cup your hair to apply an even amount of low heat. Ceramic is widely appreciated in hair styling tools for its ability to retain an even amount of heat throughout the styling process, and because there’s no metal, you don’t have to worry about heat warping the shape of the styling tool, or rust developing.

Like the Hot Buns hair accessories, the TopStyler tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply set the shells in their RapidHeat base, which will allow them to heat up to the perfect temperature for effective, non-damaging styling. Roll a section of your hair into a coil and clamp the shell over the hair to let it work its magic. By not applying a high amount of heat to your hair, the C-shells ensure that you hair will reshape and set itself to last through the entire day. The ceramic shells gradually infuse a low amount of heat into your hair so that your hair will “memorize” the shape and retain it throughout your daily activities.


The secret to long lasting hair styles lies in TopStyler’s ability to utilize your hair’s Style Memory and reshape it into a style you desire. Our hair is naturally structured to retain shape—keratin proteins and moisture hydrogen bonds dictate the way our hair falls. Using a curling or flat iron to style hair will temporarily press these atoms into different shapes, but as the day goes on, they will revert back to their natural state. However, when provided with adequate gentle heat, these bonds can be reshaped to hold a style for longer periods of time. The ceramic C-shells provide you with the ability to do this, without using high levels of heat that will tarnish your hair’s appearance.

The TopStyler is better than conventional curling irons, not just because you aren’t tied to the bathroom by wires, but also because it promotes healthy hair while still allowing you to style your hair the way you love. Other curling irons allow you to curl your hair in one size, but with TopStyler, you can dictate how big or small you want your waves and curls.

topstyler-curlsThe best part about TopStyler is that it works on all types of hair, as long as it’s long enough to clamp in the C-shells. Whether your hair is color treated, dry and damaged, lush and healthy, or even if you use hair extensions, these ceramic shells will provide you with safe, innovative styling. The ceramic shells can also be used with whatever styling products you prefer, so you’re not gipped into spending a ton of money on accompanying hair serums and conditioners.

Depending on the effect you desire, styling your hair with the TopStyler shells takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. It’s advised to let the thermal base heat the shells until the ready light comes on (about six minutes) so that the ceramic shells have a chance to heat thoroughly. For optimum results, allow the shells to cool completely before removing them from your hair. If you’re worried about the curls relaxing a bit, spritz your hair with finishing hair spray before applying the shell.

Final Thoughts

So, the product sounds great, but what about maintenance? The TopStyler doesn’t require regular maintenance, but if any product residue remains on the ceramic shells, simply wipe down the unplugged unit with a damp cloth.

The TopStyler comes with an instructional DVD for instructions on how to use the product and tips on styling. It includes 5 large ceramic shells, and 5 regular sized ones for more versatility in styling your hair. You also get a free styling guide, and two four-in-one styling wands with your purchase. The TopStyler is available from the manufacturer’s website for just $99.99 and is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Derm Exclusive Kit Review – Anti-Aging Without Plastic Surgery

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t mean you have to look the part. Derm Exclusive is a revolutionary anti-aging skin care product line that is changing the way consumers reduce the effects of aging on their faces.

derm exclusive


  • Utilizes chemicals that stimulate your body to generate more cells for a younger appearance
  • Revitalizes your skin for long lasting effects
  • Non- invasive – no needles or knives
  • Improves radiance and reduces blemishes


  • Everyone will want to know your secret
  • Might discourage you from ever getting plastic surgery or Botox treatments

derm-exclusivePeople are raving about Derm Exclusive because it’s one of the few anti-aging treatment processes that don’t require going under a knife or inserting needles in your skin—so there are no scars, trauma, or chances of botched procedures. All you have to do is apply the series of ointments according to instructions and you’ll start seeing improvements right away.

Invented by Dr. Andrew Ordon, a well-known, board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and TV host, this treatment is designed to simplify the de-aging process. By using ointments and serums that don’t require invasive methods, you’re preserving the natural chemicals that your body produces to combat aging.

The best part is that Derm Exclusive is formulated to amplify your bodies’ resources. By using only ingredients that serve a purpose, you’re not giving your body an excessive amount of chemical compounds to process, just what it needs.

derm exclusive

It does seem a little curious that a widely known plastic surgeon who’s been featured in well-known publications such as Allure and Redbook would be endorsing a method that reduces the amount of plastic surgery procedures a person would need, but that’s because it’s proven to work. Dr. Ordon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and the National Board of Medical Examiner, so he knows what methods of anti-aging products are best for the long run.

The kit contains four main products for reversing the effects of age:

  1. derm-exclusive-reviewsThe Fill & Freeze wrinkle treatment instantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. This cream is formulated with peptides such as Argireline and Myoxinal, which help to thoroughly relax muscles in the face to erase wrinkles caused by frequently repeated facial movements. These chemicals work in conjunction with Matrixly 3000, which helps promote higher amounts of collagen production and encourages skin to naturally regenerate itself to help reduce the severity of wrinkles. UGL complex invigorates the skin with deep moisture to compensate for lower levels of moisture due to the aging process. The more moisture your skin has, the more it will regain its elasticity and firm appearance for a younger, smoother look.
  2. The kit includes Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads which is a salon-worthy peel that deeply cleanses the skin, making pores less visible. The resurfacing pads are made with Malic acid, a natural acid from apples that exfoliates your skin for even skin tone. Glycolic and Salicylic acids penetrate and remove dead skin cells and clear pores for a radiant appearance. Moisturizing ingredients are added to replenish your skin’s minerals after cleansing.
  3. The Intensive Repair Serum might be the most impressive formula in the kit. It’s made with ultrasomes—enzymes that replenish your body’s natural supply of anti-aging agents and speed up your skin’s recovery process from daily sun damage. When exposed to UV rays, photosomes kick in to support the body’s immune system in repairing DNA damage through sun exposure, while Roxisomes repair any already damage that has already been done. These enzymes work with Vitamin C to help fade dark skin blemishes and prevent future sun damage.
  4. The entire revitalization is topped off with a collagen lift, a cream that stimulates collagen production for youthful firmness and reduced wrinkles. The secret to its success is Renovage, a chemical compound that reverses the signs of aging by encouraging the skin’s natural process to maintain a faster revitalization process. Collaxyl and Retinol also help to increase collagen production while preventing skin from sagging and eliminating dry, irritated skin. This formula visibly reduces wrinkles in a short amount of time, while improving your skin’s natural resources for a long lasting youthful appearance.

Because Derm Exclusive exfoliates six times better than a professional microdermabrasion, you’ll start to see results at the end of the first week. With repeated use, the results will become more impressive—at the end of two weeks, you’ll notice most of your wrinkles have disappeared. In four weeks, Derm Exclusive will make your skin more radiant and even out your skin tone, while fading blemishes and age spots, so your skin will look younger.

That said, everyone’s skin is different, and your results may very. I’d be remiss to say absolutely everyone should expect the exact same results form using this anti-aging kit as anyone else has.

The Derm Exclusive Introductory Collection is available for just $39.95 plus $6.95 for shipping. The introductory kit includes a 30 day supply and a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Hot Buns Hair Review – Easy Bouncy Curls?

If you’re anything like me (i.e. impatient and creatively challenged in the mornings) you know the value of anything that makes your daily routine easier. When I first heard of Hot Buns, my first thought was that they sounded good enough to eat. Admittedly, I lost interest after finding out they were not edible, I figured I shouldn’t judge an innocent thing by my disappointment and decided to let them show me what they can do. And guess what? I fell in love.

hot buns

Hot Buns is a hair styling tool that will revolutionize the way you spend your mornings in the mirror. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and stylish bun to pair with your career gear, or want to class it up in the evening, this handy little accessory will simplify the bun making process, cutting hair styling time in half. The best part is that the buns almost always turn out neat and even, so you don’t need to waste extra time fussing over loose strands and lopsided bunches of hair.


  1. Easy to insert and remove
  2. Head and hair friendly: soft construction ensures no painful combs or pins press into your head or rip your hair.
  3. Versatile styling tool
  4. Saves time while optimizing your look
  5. Available in several sizes for different looks


  1. Everyone will be constantly begging to know your secret
  2. You’ll never go back to wrapping buns the old way

Hot Buns are incredibly easy to use. Simply wrap your hair around the soft hair mould and roll it downwards towards your head. Bring the ends in together, creating a circular shape and then “snap” them together. Use your fingers to make sure your hair completely covers the Hot Buns ring, and voila! You have yourself a salon worthy bun.

Because Hot Buns help to create the shape of the bun, they can be used on all types of hair, including thin and curly hair, to create a fashionable looking bun in no time. Best of all, no matter what you’re doing, they stay put. So if you’re hitting the gym, the soccer field, or the dance floor, this tool will keep your bun looking as fresh as it did when you left the house.

So, Why Hot Buns?

hot buns

The Hot Buns hair accessory is so versatile you can use it for a number of different types of buns. Its soft construction ensures that you can position your bun anywhere on your head—the side, the top, or the nape of your neck—without compromising your comfort. The accessory uses only an optional elastic band to keep the hair in place so you don’t have to worry about annoying pins or combs poking into your head to keep your style in place. As you become more familiarized with using the accessory, you’ll find that the elastic band is more of a convenience than a necessity, and you can opt to not use it for variations on your bun.

hot-buns-reviewAlthough using the Hot Bun accessory for buns only yields one type of bun (sorry ladies; no gorgeous curly updos unless you get creative!), the tool can be used to create a variety of other styles that are actually good for your hair! Love the look of loose, beachy curls? Dampen your hair, wrap it in a bun, and let it stay overnight. Take it out in the morning, tousle, and you’ll have gorgeous curls without the worry of heat damage! You can use the smaller Hot Buns for tighter curls and experiment with other variations for curls.

Choose from several light and dark colors to match your hair color for a discreet hair accessory that will remain in place until you take it out. The soft material will ensure your hair doesn’t tangle or tear on removal. Hot Buns are the perfect accessory for maintaining a professional appearance throughout the day, while still providing a quick way to make that transformation from day to evening, whether you’re keeping the bun or letting the curls rip.

Final Thoughts

These lightweight accessories are worth much more than they’re going for—for just $10, you can make them yours. By ordering your Hot Buns from their official website, you can double your order and get an amazing discount on your accessories. That means you can order a spare set for yourself or a friend for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Each order comes with a unique style guide, two small bun holders for shorter hair and half bun styles, two medium for classic buns, and two large for full buns that are fit for the red carpet. Product takes two to six weeks to arrive and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase—but I think it’s safe to say you will be.

For those of you who haven’t seen the commercial yet, I’ve pasted it below for you. Check it out if you have the time.