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Stop Hair Loss with the iGrow Laser Hair Growth

The iGrow hair system is an effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia, or hereditary hair loss. Other names for this type of hair loss is male/female pattern baldness. According to the American Academy of Dermatology around 80 million men and women suffer from this type of hair loss in the United States alone. This product works by using a series of laser and LED lights to stimulate the cells in your scalp that grow hair in order to strengthen hair that exists but has begun to thin out.

Find Out if you Should Purchase the Simply Straight Hair Straightener

Simply Straight is a hair straightening brush with heated ceramic bristles. It is another product that gives you the same results as other at-home hair straightening techniques. But this product does the job without some of the negatives.

The Elite Hair Doctors Network is Your Best Choice for Hair Restoration

I am 34 years old and last year I decided that I finally wanted to do something about my hair loss. A hair piece has never been an option for me as I didn’t want to wear one. I wanted to have my own real hair growing again but knew that hair transplants were expensive and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be after the operation was done. I did a lot of research and found that a new procedure using the robotic system ARTAS was highly effective. I went to 2 different consultations that were very informative and pleasant. One of the doctors, Dr. Houser, is actually part of a network known as Elite Hair Doctors. After reading some Elite Hair Doctors reviews I decided to go with them. It has been one year since my procedure. While I’ve submitted my results and comments elsewhere I wanted to discuss Elite Hair as a whole.

Will the MicroTouch Toughblade Replace Your Expensive Razor?

Looking for an alternative to expensive razor blades? If you find a good option please let me know. Recently I saw a commercial for Micro Touch Toughblade razors. You may have seen it. It features Brett Favre and a number of satisfied customers claiming that the MicroTouch can match any 3 blade razor at a fraction of the cost. I’ll try anything if it means that it will save me money, and since I prefer a 3 blade razor vs 5 blade anyway I thought that if it works as advertised the Micro Touch 3 blade razor could be the solution to my problem.

Jeaneez Jeggings for Women ReviewYT

Jeans? Leggings? Slimming and stylish? Why can’t it be all of the above! That’s what the new Jeaneez has to offer all for as little as $20 plus shipping and handling. The offer even includes a second pair for FREE! But, forget about price. All the value in the world means nothing if a product doesn’t work the way it should. Today, we put the Jeaneez Jeggings for Women to task to find out for you if this product is worth purchasing. Don’t waste your money. We test it for you!

The Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System Review

One of the weird things about getting older is that along with the wrinkles and gray hair, sometimes you still have the same problems as your teenagers do. For example, my teenage daughter struggles with acne. That’s something both my husband and I also had to deal with. He still gets back acne. I occasionally have facial breakouts. We checked out various products, never expecting that we’d find something that would work for my teen daughter and both of us. Fortunately, we found Broda Skincare. Nobody needed a prescription treatment which is really great. This medicine is over the counter. It gently clears up the blemishes. Read on to find out how I fared with the Broda Skincare acne treatment system

What I Like About the Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System

Broda Skincare Acne Treatment SystemBroda is an over-the-counter acne treatment system with a few differences. First of all, it’s active ingredient is salicylic acid which is effective on acne while also being much gentler on your skin than benzoyl peroxide. None of us experienced the serious redness and dryness that we’ve come to expect when using acne products. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, Broda doesn’t bleach clothing. My hubby can use it on his back acne without worrying about ruining his clothes.

Also, my daughter and I both hated how traditional treatments would sometimes break down into a chalky powder on our skin. It looked horrible and really diminished our self-esteem. Broda doesn’t do that. We simply apply the water-based mask, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse it off. We are getting great results with no residue and nothing that draws further attention to our blemishes. If we need an extra boost, we use the spot treatment or the portable pen. It just zaps away those stubborn blemishes.

Things to Think About with the Broda Skincare Acne Treatment System

While this is a great system, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, people with really sensitive skin may still experience irritation and dryness. This is an over the counter product. Your doctor may feel that you need a prescription treatment, so be sure to talk to him or her first about your concerns. While some people may appreciate the automatic shipment program that you get through the website, you may not need so much product. If this is the case, you might want to look elsewhere before buying this product.type title here

Where to Buy

The Broda website has a special offer: Get the mask for the cost of shipping and handling. 30 days later, they’ll bill and ship you a set of all three products. Cancel when you no longer need or want the products.

Hot Designs Nail Art Pen Will Free you From the Costs of Expensive Manicures

Are you into manicures and nail art? Then you know about the expense of keeping your nails looking great. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for those of us who can’t afford regular trips to the nail salon. It’s an incredible invention called the Hot Designs Nail Art Pen.

What I Like About the Hot Designs Nail Art PenNail Art Pen

I’ve tried different gizmos for creating nail art in the past. I admit that some were pretty cool, but there were usually a few problems. For one thing, some of these gadgets fell apart easily.The second thing is many of them rely on stencils. While there’s nothing wrong with stencils, they can be limiting. You have the option of buying more and more stencils,  but that can be expensive. Hot designs is an entirely different concept. It’s a double-sided pen that holds 2 shades of nail polish. The secret is in the innovative. Unscrew the cap and you have a nail polish brush. Replace the cap, pop off the top, and there is a fine tipped pen that you can use to create detailed fingernail designs.

I enjoy it because after just a little bit of practice, I was able to create all sorts of really cool designs. I wasn’t restricted to somebody else’s stencil. When I need a more sophisticated look, I can just use the brush to paint my nails, or the fine tip to create a French manicure look.

Things to Think About with the Nail Art Pen

I’ve enjoyed my experience with Hot Designs, but there are a few things to consider when buying this set. The first is that these aren’t stencils, so it is up to you to actually create the design. While the fine tip pen is pretty easy to work with, if you don’t have a steady hand or aren’t willing to follow directions, you might not be happy with the look you get. Secondly, you have the same challenges that you always have when trying to use your non-dominant hand to paint the nails on your dominant hand. You might want to ask a friend or family member if she wants to exchange manicures!  Finally, these pens aren’t yet available for sale individually: When you use a pen up, you have to purchase an entire set of pens. This can get expensive.

Where to Get the Nail Art Pen

I’m not sure if you can find Hot Designs in stores, but you should know about the online offer. If you buy the pens online, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, a free bonus case and a design guide. You also get a set 6 pens, which gives you 12 colors to work with. It’s a good deal and I’m not sure if you can find it anywhere else.

Hot Huez Review

Making Your Hair Look Amazing with Hot Huez

Your hair says a lot about your personality. Whether your wear it up or down, short or long or straight or curly can tell someone a lot about who you are. More than anything, though, a bright streak of exciting color can tell everyone even more. Dying your hair pink or green isn’t something you necessarily want to be permanent, however. Hot Huez from offers a temporary solution to streaking your hair with bright colors by using a chalk-based, shampoo-washable color. But is it what you’ll really want to show off your exciting side?


Hot Huez Review– Chalk-based color that uses no dyes

– Washes out with shampoo

– Applies directly to each strand of hair for maximum control and minimal mess

– Comes with bonus carrying case and hair bands

– Available in four exciting colors

– Compact for ultra-portability


– Temporary color could fade over the course of the day

Hot Huez: What Is It?

Hot Huez is a hair-coloring solution that forgoes the typical sprays and dyes by using temporary chalk coloring to allow you to color your hair without committing to a permanent change. Instead of dying the strands of your hair, the chalk-based color in this product coats the outside of your hair. Not only does this make your hair more vibrant than a typical dye, but it also allows you to wash off the color with shampoo and water. The chalk is kept in a compact device that can be snapped around as much or as little of your hair as you like. Simply sliding the device over your strand of hair imparts a bright color that is sure to wow and amaze. This also gives you precise control over what part of your hair you are coloring.


Hot Huez Review


Every order of Hot Huez includes a vast array of colors and tools to help you customize your look. For starters, you get all four colors of Huez that are currently offered. This includes Neon Green, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuchsia and Hot Pink. Also included with each order is a bonus set of six Pony Bands that are specifically designed to work well with Hot Huez. These bands can hold your hair in many different styles for further customization of your hairdo. Another bonus product that’s included is the stylish carrying case. This carrying case is designed to hold all of your coloring devices plus more. Everything even comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Well Does Hot Huez Work?

The main draw of using Hot Huez is the fact that you can change the colors in your hair every day without committing to a long-term dye. By allowing you to wash out the color on a daily basis, you can more easily experiment with colors and styles that fit your personality. Unlike a dye, you won’t have to worry about making a bad style mistake that you’ll have to live with for weeks or months. If you don’t like the particular color or style you make with this product, you can wash it out in minutes. By including four different colors, you also have the option of mixing and matching colors in your hair for the ultimate expression of style and creativity. And by designing the product to work strand by strand, you’re always in precise control of where you’re applying color.

By placing the product in a compact-styled device, you also have the added benefit of taking Hot Huez with you wherever you go. You can keep a specific color in your purse for touch-ups, or you could even add and change the colors in your hair while you’re out and about. The included carrying case makes this even easier. It can hold whichever colors you like plus it has room to hold the included Pony Bands as well. All-in-all, by making the entire product so portable and mess-free, you can take your color anywhere and apply it at any time.

Potential Drawbacks of Hot Huez

While Hot Huez is likely the best option you have in temporary hair-coloring, it isn’t without a few flaws. By using a chalk-based material, you do run the slight risk of your color fading or diminishing throughout the night. This is especially true if you sweat or find yourself in a rainstorm. The color does do a great job of staying in while under even extreme conditions, but some fading could be noticeable. This is easily remedied by carrying the coloring device with you in case of needed touch-ups, however. And since the product was designed with portability in mind, this really isn’t much of an issue at all.


Hot Huez Review


Is Hot Huez Right For You?

Without a doubt, Hot Huez should be your very first choice if you’re looking for a temporary hair-coloring solution. It uses a unique chalk-based material that coats your hair with vibrant color that washes out when you want it too. The four included colors give you a wide variety of styles to choose from, and the precision of the coloring device give you ultimate control. Throw in the bonus Pony Bands, carrying case and 30-day money-back guarantee, and you have a product worth looking into.

Miracle Foot Repair Review

The Unbelievable Power of Miracle Foot Repair

It can be difficult to properly take care of our feet. We’re on them all day, so keeping them soft and smelling great can be nearly impossible. It isn’t uncommon to find your feet have become cracked and dry over the years, regardless of your lifestyle. Miracle Foot Repair cream claims to be a great way to keep feet moisturized and smelling great. Can this specially-formulated lotion really turn dry and cracked feet into smooth, supple feet?

Miracle Foot Repair Review


– Starts working almost instantly

– Can be used daily

– Infuses feet with the great smell of peppermint

– Can repair even the most cracked and dry feet

– Great for men and women of all ages

– More affordable than a spa treatment


– Can leave feet feeling a bit greasy

Miracle Foot Repair: What Is It?

Miracle Foot Repair

For those in need of relief from cracked and dry skin, Miracle Foot Repair is a uniquely designed lotion that is specifically designed to help repair damaged feet. This formulated lotion contains, among other things, Aloe Vera. The formula of Aloe Vera in this product is called “60% Ultra Aloe,” which is one of the most potent Aloe formulations on the market. Aloe’s unique properties are capable of moisturizing through even the toughest layers of skin to hydrate with unequivocal results. It moisturizes the deepest layers of skin in order to provide results that last. After multiple treatments, even the driest and cracked feet can become as soft as the skin on a newborn baby.

Using Miracle Foot Repair is as easy as rubbing the cream on your feet two to three times a day as needed. Those in need of just a little moisture could use the product once a day while those with severely cracked feet may want to use the product four times a day. In essence, you can use the product as much or as little as you feel you need. The product is also safe to use for men and women of all ages. Even diabetics who frequently get dry feet can use the product for nearly immediate relief from dry and itchy feet. The lotion is also perfect from those suffering with odorous feet as it is formulated with Peppermint scent to freshen up even the worst smelling feet.

Miracle Foot Repair Review

How Well Does It Work?

To put it simply, Miracle Foot Repair isn’t just another lotion. It attacks dry and cracked skin with a ferocity unmatched by competing products. This is likely due to the products use of a super-concentrated Aloe Vera formula. Since Aloe Vera is known to help moisturize and heal skin, this lotion takes these concepts and pushes them to the next level. And unlike products that roughly scrape skin off of the feet, this lotion is gentle and pain-free to use. If anything it actually soothes your feet with a soft, comforting, silky feel. As you apply it, you can actually feel your feet being moisturized and repaired.

Another point worth mentioning is the fact that Miracle Foot Repair smells terrific. Even if you typically aren’t fond of things that smell like mint, the gentle peppermint scent used by this product is extremely light and pleasant. This is especially useful if you have less than fresh smelling feet. As you apply this lotion to your feet several times a day, you will find your feet also smelling fresher and more pleasant to be around. You may even find yourself wanting to apply it to other parts of your skin just to smell the pleasing aroma it puts off.

Lastly, the Miracle Foot Repair cream is great because of how it can be used by almost anybody. From teenagers to the elderly, everyone can safely use this product to relief aches, dry skin and itchiness. Even diabetics, who have to be careful with what treatments they use, are able to safely use this cream to relieve their tired feet. Whatever problems you have with your feet, there is a good chance that this product can help you.

Potential Drawbacks

There isn’t any doubt that the Miracle Foot Repair cream can help with a wide variety of foot problems. From dryness to itching, this aloe-infused product can tackle all kinds of foot problems. One potential drawback of the lotion, however, is that it can feel a bit greasy when you use it. This may be multiplied depending on how many times a day you use the product. It isn’t really an unpleasant feeling, but for some it may be somewhat off-putting. A slight greasy feeling accompanies almost every kind of lotion, however, so it’s possible this issue was unavoidable.

Miracle Foot Repair Review

Is It Right For You?

Anyone who suffers with foot problems, especially those suffering with dry feet, should look into buying Miracle Foot Repair cream. It uses an amazing 60% Ultra Aloe formula that really digs deep into the most resistant layers of skin to really moisturize your feet. And since it’s safe for men and women of all ages to use, you won’t have to worry about any potential side-effects. It’s even more affordable than an expensive spa visit.

Aqua Rug Review – A Look at the Shower Floor Mats as Seen on TV

The Aqua Rug is a sanitary alternative to standard shower mats that resists mold and mildew, while providing a more comfortable, anti-slip showering environment. Its is a shower floor mats as seen on tv commercials, it looks great and it does the job perfectly.

aqua rug


  • Sanitary and mildew resistant
  • Doesn’t retain excess water
  • Nonslip
  • Stain resistant
  • Provides a carpet-like texture to your shower


  • Only available in one color
  • Raises questions about trapping hair

aqua-rugDo you ever get the feeling that some days you wake up feeling more morning-sensitive than others, and the simplest change, like going from carpeted flooring to something smooth underfoot is terribly unsettling? And as great as the shower mats made of the same plastic-y stuff as suction cups are, that’s an even more unsettling transition, because morning me has to make three morning texture transitions, instead of just the usual rug-to-cold-floor one, which is far more traumatic to a half-awake person than it sounds.

Well, enough of my mornings start off that way for me to say that textured shower flooring is a genius idea (a feeling that may or may not be influenced by my affinity to somehow always miss the floor and slip. I’ll never tell).

Aqua rug is just what it sounds like – a rug for water, or, in this case, your shower. The construction of the rug is pretty nifty, made of anti-microbial, compression proof fibers. You’ll never have to worry about fostering a community of bacteria on your shower floor or scrub mildew stains from an old mat. Better still, the compression proof fibers ensure that you’ll never lose the cushy, soft feeling that makes showering that much more enjoyable and relaxing. You don’t need to worry about tearing or wearing out the shower mat either; it’s durably constructed to last a lifetime.

So, Why the Aqua Rug?

The secret behind the wonder is a lattice-like, breathable design that allows water to past through the fibers, instead of pooling and lingering in crevices, where mold and mildew can develop and lead to gross (and sometimes dangerous) showering environments. The fibers also ensure that the soft beige color of the mat will never fade or yellow, no matter how many times it’s washed, stepped on, or even bleached.

aqua rug

If you’re big on eliminating germs like I am and feel the need to clean your shower mat anyway, the Aqua Mat is surprisingly easy to clean. All of the little gaps and spaces make it really easy to lather up and you can simply fold it over and scrub it with itself, but that’s next to unnecessary. A simple rinse to remove excess soap after showering is all it takes, and your Aqua Rug is squeaky clean for the next use.

aqua-rug-reviewThe Aqua Rug shower mat lies flat without the use of suction cups that enable it to cling to the floor – a feature that some feel is necessary to prevent slipping. However, the Aqua Rug does an excellent job of staying put with its rubber-like bottom. One of the upsides to it not having suction cups is the whole mold and mildew thing again – it doesn’t serve as a breeding ground for germs, saving you the pain of scrubbing out each individual suction cup with an old toothbrush when it comes time to clean it.

Another benefit of its cushy, spongy fiberous design is that it serves as a loofa for your feet. Most of us don’t spend time scrubbing away at our feet while showering, but the Aqua Rug is basically just a large, flat loofa that will lather up and let you rub your feet across for a thorough scrub while your shower.

Another great thing about its affinity to absorb but not retain water is that the Aqua Rug shower mat can be placed anywhere in your shower, even over the drain. No more worrying about traditional plastic mats blocking drainage or anything of the sort; the mat will lay flat over the drain and still allow water to drain from your shower uninhibited. It also helps to filter out long pieces of hair from the drain. And yes, you’re probably thinking, won’t that result in a not-so-pleasant Aqua Rug? While the mat does catch bits of stuff, it’s surprisingly easy to clean and not prone to getting too many things tangled within it, just like any traditional loofa.

Final Thoughts

The Aqua Rug is the perfect size for most standard showers, at 29 ½ inches long by 17 ¼ inches wide. But, the use of this rug doesn’t need to be limited to showers – in fact, it makes an excellent replacement for any carpet or mat you’d use in place prone to moisture, such as mudrooms, door steps, pool sides, or even as a landing pad for damp shoes.

AquaRug can be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website for just $19.99 plus an additional $7.99 for shipping and handling. For a limited time, you can receive a second rug for just the cost of shipping and handling, an offer you probably don’t want to pass up if you have a multiple-shower home. All purchases are protected by a 10 year money back guarantee.