As we use cars in our daily errands and on the occasional out of the ordinary trip, the range of things we need to keep close while driving also increased. From a drink cup or two (if, for example, you need a cup of coffee but also water or another refreshing drink) to keys, headsets, mobile phone, maybe even a tablet or other gadgets and so on, the list grows ever larger. In order to keep up with everything we need to have close as the car tends to become a second home, car accessory organizers such as the Car Valet have become more and more a necessity, but there still aren’t that many of them on the market. This is why I decided to try out the Car Valet As Seen on TV for myself and see if this cup holder insert is as good as promised.

I ordered it, waited for it to arrive by mail (there were no issues with the delivery) and then installed it in my car, right between my seat and the center console. Again, there were no issues and the insert fit there perfectly. Afterwards, I proceeded to use the cup holder and organizer for about 3 weeks before writing this Car Valet review to recount how it all went. All in all, I was more than pleased with the product and found the Car Valet Cup Holder to be all that it promised.

The Car Valet Perks

Car Valet
Find out how this special cup holder insert can improve your next car trip in our product review!

I really wasn’t able to identify and issues with the product to report, but these are the main highlights or advantages which I think make the Car Valet an irresistible deal:

  • The cup holder insert can indeed be installed very easily between the driver’s seat and the center console of the car. The fit was just right and there were no wobbles or a wrong fit feel afterwards during driving.
  • The gadget works precisely as a car organizer and not just like a simple cup holder. It can hold tightly together in place 2 extra cups, as well as various accessories like keys, sunglasses, phones, headphones, little toys (if you have kids in your back seats often) and whatever relatively small objects you’d like to include to the bunch.
  • The price of this car organizer is pretty low for a small cabinet, which could be its rightful name, considering that it really works as a small cupboard or closet for the car, when the car becomes sort of a second home. The Car Valet costs only $14.95 and S&H, and you also get a second one for free when ordering. That sounds like a great deal to me. There are also other bundle packs and deals available, but we’ll discuss them in more detail below.
  • The extra storage space created for your car instantly after installing the Car Valet is a huge advantage, also providing you with safety perks, beyond the convenience. It will be much safer to drive without being bothered by wobbly cups or accessories which fall over at each sudden brake.

Where to Buy the Car Valet

As it’s usually the case, the best place to buy the Car Valet As seen on TV is directly from the manufacturer’s website. For $14.95 plus an extra $7.95 Sending & Handling, you get the Car Valet your order and a second one completely for free (this way you can gift it to someone or keep it as a spare). Furthermore, you can also add a sunscreen for your front view (called Easy View) to your order for only a $5 extra. There is also the family pack bundle which you can order: it contains 4 Car Valets, 4 Easy View and 5 cleaning cloths (made of microfiber) for the bundle pack price of $29.95 plus $9.95 S&H.

Final Recommendation for the Car Valet

As mentioned above, I could find no issues with the Car Valet cup holder so far since I started using it, and it’s in fact much more than a cup holder per se. It really deserves the name of “organizer” and I am pleased to say that I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who spends time driving and needs a bit more order and tidiness in their car. If this extra order can be obtained without needing to give up on the list of things you want to keep close while driving, then why not? The Car Valet can make this wish come true in way which is both convenient and satisfying to you and safe for the road as well.

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