Isn’t it lovely that nowadays you can do so many things with your smartphone? Some critical voices say that the increasing use of smartphones has taken over our lives, keeping us always hunched over their mesmerizing touchscreens, out of any real contact with the people around us and under permanent fake contact with virtual friends we never see. But I’m an optimist, and the recent studies regarding the use of smartphones confirm my version of the story over the pessimistic version: I say that smartphones are actually one of the best things which technology ever brought with it. They really do help us get in touch even with old colleagues we wouldn’t normally be in contact with anymore, and they also give us a lot of practical benefits and perks beyond social networks: a GPS system, the possibility to take snapshots and videos easily, the ability to browse the internet and listen to music and so on. That’s when I found a new as seen on tv product. I decided to buy Clever Grip.

The one thing that casts a shadow over smartphone use, though, is the fact that we tend to use it from time to time while driving, which isn’t only illegal, but it can also be very, very dangerous to the safety of virtually everyone involved in car traffic. This is why cell phone holders for cars have become such a thing lately. Among these products, the ad for Clever Grip is the latest things we’ve probably all seen on TV, so I was naturally intrigued by it, especially since I didn’t already own a phone holder yet and was planning on getting one. Therefore, I decided to simply give it a try: I called, ordered it and used it for 3 weeks before writing this Clever Grip review. I was very pleased with the product and I honestly think it’s the best cell phone holder for car owners and drivers.

Clever Grip Perks

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The Official Clever Grip Review

As mentioned, I was very pleased with the Clever Grip, but I browsed and asked around to see what other customers thought of the product and check if there were any complaints about it. Mostly everyone was pleased with it, except the people who owned phones as large as tablets: they said that in their particular case, the mobility of the smartphone holder was pretty reduced. Other than that, the product has some impressive perks:

    • It’s relatively cheap (almost $15) considering that it’s fully flexible (with a 360 degrees rotating head) and strong enough to hold a brick.
    • It’s fully adjustable and perfectly fits any size of smartphones (including the new iPhone models), as well as any design of car air vents, where you fix it.
    • It’s small and lightweight, so you can easily store it or carry in your bag while traveling.
    • When you’re not in your car, you can slip a credit card in its back and use it as a trendy and reliable phone stand, so you can continue to listen to your favorite songs or talk to friends while you have your hands busy with housework or whatever else.

Where to Buy Clever Grip

You can order the smartphone holder online at the official website called Buy Clever Grip. Keep an eye out for special offers such as the buy one, get one free bundle, and the other offer that is ongoing on the site now, where the P&H taxes go down from $7.95 to $2.95 when buying the second Clever Grip device. That’s a huge save, if you ask me!

Final Recommendation of the Clever Grip

In my opinion, everyone who owns a smartphone and a car should get at least one of these: it really is the best cell phone holder for car owners from all the models the market has seen in the past few years, and its utility is truly impressive. I’ve used it for 3 weeks now and I take it with me both in my car and my living room: this way, I can look at the screen from time to time and do exactly what I want with it while also tending to driving and my daily business. The final word on this As Seen on TV product is that you should buy it, and maybe even take advantage of the bundle offer and gift the extra one to someone close. You’ll really be doing them a favor!

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