It doesn’t exactly happen all the time, but when it does, it’s cause for celebration. You probably know what we’re talking about: some As Seen on TV products simply seem too good to be true. They make a lot of promises, in terms of both affordability and efficiency. And, then, they fail to follow through on these promises due to shoddy design or high pricing compared to other competing products on the market. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is definitely not the case with the Bit 360 multi bit screwdriver. Check out today’s Bit 360 review, for an unbiased, albeit enthusiastic overview of this modular screwdriver which comes complete with a full screwdriver bit set. I’m basically convinced you’ll want to own one too once you’re done reading.

The Bit 360 Perks

Bit 360
Thinking about purchasing a modular screwdriver? Read our review for the 360.

I will admit I felt wary when I received the Bit 360 screwdriver to test and review. I tend to be rather reticent of these types of products. So, I really put the screwdriver bits and the entire tool set to the test. At the end of the day, I have to tell you this product is totally worth every penny. Here’s what I most enjoyed, while using it:

  • This multi bit screwdriver set was really built to last. Forget the shoddy designs and cheap materials you’ll find in similar products. Its main feature, the rotating chamber, may be made of plastic, but it’s a durable kind of plastic, guaranteed to last you for a whole lifetime of home improvement.
  • The design and bit switching mechanism is very flexible, precisely because the rotating barrel is made of plastic. In order to load it and to switch bits, all you need to do is pull it out, twist it, and then push it back inside.
  • The screwdriver bit set comes with six of the most common types of bits: 3 flatheads and 3 Philips. The ¼ inch main screwdriver base is likely compatible with bits that you already have at home, like the popular and durable Wera bits.
  • The best part about the Bit 360 is that it makes fixing stuff around the house a breeze. I used to misplace my bits all the time and would have to turn the house upside down, in my often desperate attempts to find them. That all became a thing of the past, with this modular screwdriver.

Where to Buy the Bit 360

As is the case with most ASoTV products, the best place to buy the Bit 360 multi bit screwdriver is the manufacturer’s official site. There are plenty of special offers available here, which you probably won’t find elsewhere. First off, you can also order in Spanish and pay in a variety of ways: either via credit card, PayPal, or directly through Amazon. Secondly, you’ll benefit from a ‘buy one, get one free’ type of offer, which throws in an extra Bit 360 Screwdriver with no other cost save the $4.95 for postage and handling. The first set costs $10 and the official site also throws in a $20-worth subscription for two years, to popular home improvement magazine Better Homes and Gardens. Don’t want the subscription? It’s very easy to opt out of it. Finally, client support is very helpful and constantly on call, while the Bit 360 comes with a money back guarantee that lasts for a full twelve months. Bear in mind that a sales tax will apply to certain states, such as New York, California, Connecticut, and Nevada. Also, if you live in Canada, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Alaska, you’re going to have to pay an extra $10 for shipping, due to the remote positioning of these locations.

Final Recommendation on the Bit 360

All in all, I was impressed with the Bit 360. I’d owned and used a modular screwdriver before, but it was nowhere near as versatile and well-designed as this one. In fact, most had their bit switching mechanisms break down after the first few times in use. Knowing that I’ve already put this one through some heavy testing, I can promise it will not be the case. The Bit 360 was designed to make your life less complicated – and it definitely delivers on that promise!

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