Perfect Pancake Review – No Spatula Required?

I’ll probably never admit it to my friends and family, but when it comes to making pancakes, I am a special kind of terrible. Whenever I get the guts to whip up a batch of batter, I always find some unexpected place to go wrong (you mean olive oil is actually not supposed to be […]

HurryCane Review – The Foldable Walking Cane

The HurryCane is a collapsible, creatively designed innovative cane designed to move with you for a support system that’s more comfortable than the standard cane. Designed by researchers who studied the way human joints flex and function, this cane grants the user a more flexible range of motion without compromising sturdiness. Pros: Adjustable Height Pivoting […]

Stuffies Review – Redefining “Stuffed” Animals

Stuffies are a special kind of stuffed animal designed by parents to teach children multiple values, such as kindness and tolerance, all while functioning as a best friend and storage chest. The cute and cuddly exterior is attractive for young children (and, let’s face it, you can’t resist their fluffy bodies and wide eyes), but […]

Ninja Cooking System Review

The Ninja Cooking System is a revolutionary product that combines several kitchen appliances into a single compact unit. It uses steam integration technology to cook for healthier foods that are more delicate and tender. Anything your stovetop or oven does, this cooking system can do, too. It’s guaranteed to be a gadget you’ll fall in […]