XHose Review – The Expandable Hose by DAP

The X Hose is a unique hose designed to make gardening tasks easier. It expands and contracts, allowing you to complete your chores without putting excess strain on your body.

x hose


  • Expands and contracts – no more lugging extra hoses or rolling heavy ones
  • Made of durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Tangle proof


  • A little narrower than common garden hoses
  • Must be stored away from direct sunlight
  • So easy to use, you might actually enjoy your chores

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who hates playing tug of war with garden hoses every time I need to water the plants. Those hoses are great and everything, but they’re heavy, extremely stiff, and become even stiffer in the wintertime (not that most people do much watering in the winter, but hey, sometimes it’s necessary).

So, Why the DAP X Hose?

xhoseThe XHose is designed to be significantly more cooperative than the traditional hose. Instead of just being a rigid tube of plastic or rubber, it is made out of two layers that work with each other to provide a more versatile hose. The inner layer is made of a tough, ultra-strong rubber material that stretches to allow room for expansion during use. This layer is covered by bunched, strong nylon webbing that expands when the hose does. The nylon covering helps to protect the inner hose from punctures and isn’t prone to melting or freezing in extreme temperatures.

The DAP XHose works like any other garden hose – simply connect it to your faucet, turn it on, and wash away! When water flows through the hose, the rubber hose inside of the XHose will expand up to three times its original size, so you can turn up the water as much as you need. The expansion of the hose depends on water pressure and how far you pull it.

x hose

As enjoyable as gardening can be, I know first-hand that watering plants can get exhausting (in fact, I just use a lawn sprinkler to water my garden; saves time, but the plants don’t always get even amounts of water). The DAP X Hose simplifies such tasks by being significantly more lightweight than common hoses, so you’re just pulling water weight and practically nothing more. Its unique construction ensures that it will never tangle, kink, or pinch during use and storage – which is a glorious thing, because I always lamented the fact that no one had invented a pinch free hose yet.

dap-x-hoseWhen water begins to flow through the XHose by DAP, it will rapidly expand (while twisting and turning like a snake, which makes it quite fun to watch!). When the water’s turned off, it’s recommended to drain all of the water from the hose to ensure proper contraction and prevent additional wear on the internal hose. The hose will automatically contract to its compacted size—all you have to do is roll it up and store it.

Use and Maintenance

Of course, as with any garden hose, proper use and care are essential to extending the life of the XHose. In addition to making sure water is completely drained from the hose, the hose should be stored away from direct sunlight and not left near abrasive chemicals. It also helps to not store the hose on a coarse surface that might cause unnecessary wear on the outer nylon hose.

Another significant thing to note is to use care when turning water on. Bear in mind that the internal hose might acquire folds or even stick to itself, so gradually increase the water pressure before you begin using it to prevent the hose from bursting. Too much water pressure around a fold could cause the rubber to break and damage your hose.

Final Thoughts

xhose-reviewSo why choose the XHose? It’s easy, fun, and affordable. If you’ve spent hours in the sun tending garden patches, you understand how frustrating it is to accidentally drag a heavy hose over your plants and ruin them all. Or maybe you wash a lot of cars and are tired of inflexible hoses that don’t bend as well as they should for the hard-to-reach spots. The XHose’s lightweight, flexible design ensures that all of your hosing applications can be completed with newfound ease.

The XHose is perfect for anyone who does frequent watering, or even for physically challenged people who require additional assistance with chores.

Although common garden hose accessories can be used with the XHose, the XHose has special hose nozzles and other accessories available for separate purchase.

The XHose is available in four lengths: 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet, which costs $19.95 plus an additional $6.95 for shipping and handling, $39.95 + $7.95, $49.95 + $8.95, and $59.95 + $9.95 respectively. If you’re not completely satisfied, the manufacturer provides a 90 day money back guarantee on your purchase when purchased from their official website.

25 Responses to XHose Review – The Expandable Hose by DAP

  1. Ed Giannotti says:

    What size nozzle does it fit 1/2 inch or 5/8 I need to know that before I buy 2!

  2. Donna haunch says:

    I bought two in green and the end that attaches to faucet came off very soon. I was not rough with it. Is this blue one different?

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    I purchased three (3) pocket hoses. All were returned within a month of purchase. I’m a bit skeptical about the X-hose

    • RobFaucet says:

      that’s my real name btw. Answer: If mine is like yours, the material connection piece you’re speaking of is high-impact plastic, and actually a very tough piece. Its the bonding to the hose you’re saying came apart? Yep, weak point in the construction, another family member had the same problem as you. Solution: Try the Pro version. I don’t know if they have, or can improve the blue one, but the newer Pro version has a more traditional brass fitting, and is getting good reviews. If you return the products for upgrade or replacement, count on a wait. It can take weeks, even a couple months.

  4. Alan Abramowitz says:

    Is the hose repairable? I bought it and left the tap on when it started raining Two days later the hose was spraying water everywhere. It seems the first 10 feet of the 50 foot hose, lost any internal siupport and is now leaking can this part be cut off? The hose is two months old.

  5. David Lowery says:

    Ordered the black one this summer. It took all of the 8 weeks they said to get it. Read the instructios and followed them. Used it about 10 or 12 times on a 75 PSI faucet. It blew out in the middle of the hose. Going to see if the warrenty is any good. Haven’t even tried the second one they sent with the order yet. Great idea if it will hold up but not so sure now.

    • RobFaucet says:

      The standard household faucet in the United states produces approximately 5 Gallons per minute (G.P.M.) @ 50 to 75 Pounds per Square Inch (P.S.I.). 75 psi is on the high side of the range and the potential reason for the damage to your hose. A local Hardware or plumbing supply store and you can purchase a very handy gauge that attaches to your outdoor faucet. Set the gauge to Zero, then quickly turn on the faucet to full open. The gauge will show your PSI. Water Pressure can vary during times of high use by neighbors, or due to the system you’re on. G.P.M. can be gauged by getting a Five Gallon bucket, turn your faucet on fully, and using a watch with a 2nd hand, or digital readout, or a stopwatch, put the bucket under the faucet (use a short hose if its easier)and begin timing the fill. If you fill the bucket in less than a minute you have at least 5 G.P.M. 5-6 G.P.M is considered Normal in the U.S.

  6. Debora Hanson says:

    I ordered the xhose and didnt receive a confirmation and can not find a phone # to call please send me a #

  7. Glen Linthicum Sr says:

    Wife purchased black x-hose pro worked for a couple mo. then today it started to leak all over. wife purchased over internet and it took almost3 mo to get. how do I get replacement and where do I return it.

    thank you

  8. Glen Linthicum Sr says:

    black 3/4

  9. marilynholmes says:

    a 25 ft collapsed on us and I would like to send back, but don’t have address to where it should be sent.s work thanks.

  10. paul buntenbach says:

    this is my third dap hose but i am not happy. i used this hose one time the the connector to the house outlet broke. i can find no place to get a replacement.

  11. J. Christian Wirtner says:

    I’ve had three of these – one for the front and back of my place and another to replace one of these two.

    All three ruptured while in use.

    It is a clever idea but is nowhere near perfected.


  12. William Flaherty says:

    I had a short time and it ruptured. How do I get a replacement?

  13. Karen Boyer says:

    got two of the Black 75 ft hoses went to use the first one this past weekend and it blew out. who do I contact for a replacement? I have the second one and don’t want to open until I find out what will be done with the first one.

    • Ryt says:

      Hey, Karen. I’m sorry you haven’t had luck with the XHose. I would definitely recommend contacting the manufacturer.

  14. Leona says:

    After using mine 2 times it blew. Very unsatisfied with product.

  15. Albert Dusin says:

    I have 2 25ft. Black x-hoses. Need one nearly everyday bought the second as a replacement if the first broke. I am now using the second as the first leaks severly around the hose end. Where do I send the leaking one for replacement? Thank You.

  16. Dan O'Connell says:

    Great Idea, light and convenient but I have bought two of these and had them fail within two weeks.
    I would not buy another one.

  17. Marcia Collins says:

    I have two 50ft hoses. Can I put them together and use with a power washer?

    • RobFaucet says:

      If you’re only using the hoses to supply the power washer, probably yes. IF the gallons per minute that your water system pushes is less than the power washer requires to function at its best level then problems may occur with your Power washer is starving for enough water (gallons per minute/G.P.M.) That’s not the hose, its your water supply. However, if you’re trying to use the X-hose as the spray end of the Power Washer then that’s not a good idea as the X-hose is not designed to have high pressure water pushed thru it (more than 5 G.P.M. is potentially harmful). Most Power washers have their own wand and water hoses are only used to supply the pump on the Power Washer with water, so again, in that case you should be Ok.

  18. Gary Rosyski says:

    Great idea but needs improvement I have had the original blue and the new pro black they all blew out the black latest the shortest time

  19. Fred says:


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