Wraptastic is an intelligently crafted food wrap dispenser designed to make wrapping food easier by eliminating the chances of your wrapping tangling or ripping. If you find yourself fumbling with regular food wrap, or you simply wrap lots of food and need a break, this unit is for you. It’s designed to make wrapping food more convenient, and is ideal for high volume wrapping applications.



  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to quickly switch between rolls
  • Steadies the roll while you pull
  • Safe – no blades to cut you
  • Sanitary


  • Might tempt you to wrap everything, even the cat
  • So fun to use, it can become addicting

wraptasticYou’ve probably seen the Wraptastic commercial—aggravated consumers battle with greatly exaggerated cases of torn foil and plastic wrap that hugs itself tightly for dear life. It’s so silly, it puts me in good spirits every time, but there’s something to be said for those troubles.

Unlike traditional foodwrap boxes, Wraptastic features a hidden blade that doesn’t require you to slide, swipe, or tug on anything. Simply pull the desired amount of food wrap from the mouth of the unit and press down on the top. The hidden blade will make a quick, clean cut, so you can say goodbye to jagged edges and save time on wrapping food.

Safety First

The Wraptastic’s unique protected blade allows you kiss finger cuts from sharp blades goodbye. Unlike those plastic wrap boxes that have slide-y blade on top (so unhygienic), the Wraptastic blade stays completely inside of the unit so it’s never exposed to dirt, dust and food particles.

wraptastic-reviewsThrough the years, I’ve seen companies “revolutionize” their box’s design. Suddenly, the old metal blade on the edge of the box is gone and replaced with a plastic one. I never missed the metal – my fingers had poor times with that stuff—but the plastic ones never cut unless you frantically tore at it, so it was always just so much simpler to opt for scissors. The plastic slider-cut worked but thoroughly aggravated the germ-a-phobe in me. I mean, seriously, that box has seen the dusty corner of my pantry, dropped on the floor, touched how many people and goodness knows what else? And yet, you want me to run the same plastic that will touch my food across your surface and still use it? No way.


For that reason, I adore Wraptastic. It keeps all of the foil, wax paper, and plastic safely inside of itself, making sure it doesn’t come in contact with anything other than your hands (mine are always washed first) and your food.

So, Why Wraptastic?

Of course it’s not actually as hard to wrap food as the infomercial makes it seem, but it can come pretty close. Store bought boxes are flimsy, even when the product’s great, and sturdy boxes still don’t do much good when you get to the end of the roll. Trying to pull out plastic wrap with one hand and balance the box with the other is a disaster, especially when you have plastic wrap that wants to stick to nothing but itself (read as all plastic wrap). The Wraptastic dispenser provides a bit of weight to hold the roll in place while you pull, and rubber feet make sure the unit stays put, making dispensing a much easier process.

Using the Wraptastic dispenser is extremely simple and straightforward – just pull the food wrap out, cut, and wrap – there’s no room for error. The unit is extremely low maintenance; it doesn’t require regular washing, but if the unit gets food or dust on it, it wipes clean with a damp cloth.


This unit is an excellent option for people who do frequent food wrapping – whether you love baking for others, cook high volumes of food, or frequently find yourself wanting to preserve leftovers from high volume events, the Wraptastic will make your wrapping process significantly easier.

The roll holder is spring loaded for easy quick removal for changing rolls. If you’re in the process of wrapping a large amount of food with different materials, the Wraptastic provides a convenient way to change between rolls without fumbling with several different boxes. The unit is small enough to be stored conveniently in kitchen drawers or cupboards.

Final Thoughts

Wraptastic is available for just $10.99 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. For a limited time, when ordered directly from the official website, you can receive an additional Wraptastic food wrap dispenser for just the cost of additional shipping and handling. Each order comes with one roll of plastic wrap, and one roll of aluminium foil. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, the product is covered by a 30 day guarantee for your money back.

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  1. Will it hold a 200 foot roll of plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil?
    Will it hold a 100 foot roll of plastic wrap and/or aluminum foil?

    As soon as I get an answer I’ll make up my mind as whether to buy!

    1. i read that it will hold up to 200 ft. of a standard roll but didnt say anything about foil,however the product is getting alot of mixed reviews mostly positive but nontheless i will wait for it to come out in stores to avoid the hassle of returning it by mail if the negative reviews are accurate. forgot to mention the negative is that it doesn’t cut.

      1. Wait until it comes out in the stores?? Okay, I;ll probably be enjoying mine for a year by them. 11 bucks plus ship, if that’s not a no brainer, I don’t know what is!! Just saying.

  2. Does not fit my plastic wrap. The spring caps do not fit into my plastic wrap. I was excited to get the wraptastic but now can not use it and might have to return it.Can you help me or do I need to get a full roll of plastic wrap. Kind of foolish to buy wraptastic and not be able to use it.

  3. A very handy product, however the “engineering” was not very good…. The 1st time I pushed down on the lid to cut the plastic one of the hinges broke……. I still use it but with both hands…. one to press down and one to hold the lid in place…….

  4. I have the Wraptastic and I love it. But I have used all of the plastic wrap that came with it and can’t find any wrap in the store that will fit into it. They are all too wide for the unit. I’m hoping someone can let me know what kind to buy.

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