Wipe New Review – The Car Restoration Kit

If you park your car outdoors, you know how quickly it can lose its luster and shine, and continuously waxing your car is expensive and tedious. Wipe New is designed to restore the shine of any car, and each application can last up to two years with proper care, so you can say goodbye to constantly reapplying expensive products or spending money on detailing.

wipe new


  • Easy to Use
  • Long Lasting
  • Affordable
  • Saves money and time
  • Provides UV protection


  • May need multiple kits if you have more than one car to detail
  • You’ll want to use it on everything (and you’ll eventually run out)

wipe-newI bought a new car about six months ago, and due to my city’s limited availability on parking spaces, I’ve been parking it under the only sycamore tree in a three block radius, which is only a good thing for the shade in the summertime. All the other times, the sun contorts itself almost as if it wants to find all angles to beat down, birds camp out above it, dropping feathers and other undesirable things onto it, and the snows and rains are unrelenting. As a result, my car looks about five years old and I don’t see the point in waxing it if the bipolar city weather will undo everything in under a week.

So, Why Wipe New?

No matter how weathered, faded, or dull your car’s exterior is, Wipe New is formulated to restore the shine with one application. The secret behind its success is a formula containing a nano-polymer chemical that penetrates beneath the paint surface to restore even what we don’t touch. Most car waxes and buffs are made for one type of car paint or coating, and just layer on top of existing coatings, making the effect temporary and prone to smudges. Wipe New is a versatile formula that can be used on all types of coating, including clear coats.

It’s not just for bodies, either. If you have oxidized headlights or weather spots on black bumpers, Wipe New can help to lift stains for a cleaner, clearer appearance. It’s not just for cars, either—it works on bikes, boats, motorcycles, grills, patio furniture, and almost any other surface prone to damage from long outdoor exposure.

wipe new

It works astonishingly well on interior surfaces, too. From dashboards to cup holders, and any other leather, vinyl, or plastic surface, Wipe New will bring out the shine in panels that have lost their luster, but it doesn’t stop there. You can use it on tire rims, chrome details, and just about any non-porous surface.

How to Use

wipe-new-reviewsWipe New is incredibly easy to use – apply a small amount of the ointment to the microfiber cloth included in the kit and rub onto your vehicle’s surface in circular motions. Chemicals in the cream will gently penetrate the surface and remove marks that create a foggy appearance. Within 24 hours, the chemical compounds will completely dry and leave your vehicle looking shiny and brand new. For best results, wash the surface you are treating with soap and water and let dry completely before you begin applying the formula. Your surface needs to be free from all dirt, oil, and other pollutants so that Wipe New can work properly.

For optimal results, ensure your surface doesn’t get wet for 24-48 hours following application. If a treated surface comes in contact with any moisture including mists or rain, spotting and streaking can occur and you’ll have to repeat the entire process. For best results, keep treated surfaces in a garage, or cover with a car cover during the curing period. In addition to providing your vehicle with optimum shine, Wipe New protects against UV rays and makes cleaning surfaces a breeze.

You don’t even need to apply a lot to achieve amazing results – three ounces of Wipe New is enough to completely restore an average sized vehicle. Choosing Wipe New is a smart choice for your wallet, too. Common waxes and polishes need to be reapplied with each wash to maintain your vehicle’s shiny appearance (expensive!), but this guarantees a shiny finish for years to come. By choosing a longer lasting product, you’ll save time and money on frequent waxing and buffing.

Final Thoughts

wipe-new-carWipe New is available to allow consumers to save money by detailing their own vehicles instead of spending exuberant amounts of money on car wash details. Professional car detailers and individuals alike have taken interest in the restoring values of this product.

The Wipe New detail car kit comes with a double sized bottom of Wipe New, which contains enough polish for two cars. When ordered from the manufacturer’s website, you can receive a free, professional detailing kit which includes two extra applicator cloths, a headlight applicator, polishing block, detail brush, and a pair of nitrile gloves to keep your hands safe.

Wipe New is available for just $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The detail kit is included free with an extra $7.99 shipping charge.

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