The Wax Vac Ear Cleaner is a product designed to make cleaning ears quicker, safer, and less invasive. This ear cleaner is a miniature vacuum that gently sucks all ear wax and other things that shouldn’t be in your ear out of the ear canal.

wax vac


  • Minimally invasive – no more inserting unsafe things down your ear canal
  • Viewfinder light
  • Quiet operation
  • Silicone tips for your comfort
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s quiet, but not silent; you’ll hear it buzzing near your ear
  • Less doctor visits for ears (only bad if you’re an ear doctor)

wax-vacI’m sure at one point in their lives, almost everyone has experienced enough wax build up in their ears that makes it difficult to hear. Or maybe you swim a lot and hate waiting for residual water to eventually evaporate. If you’re familiar with either experience, then you’re probably desperate for a simple solution that puts an end to both of these things, and the WaxVac is here to do just that.

The Wax Vac is exactly what it sounds like – a miniature vacuum that suctions out ear wax, water and any other unwanted dust that gets into your ears. We’ve all been advised to not stick cotton swabs down our ear canals, but we’ve probably all done it as some point (because it’s horribly effective!), but can be extremely dangerous. Without proper caution, cotton swabs can rupture parts inside the ear and leave you short of hearing in one ear. The Wax Vac is designed to be a safe but effective alternative to cotton swabs and other ear cleaning methods.

How the Wax Vac Works

The Wax Vac is extremely easy to use – simply attach the silicone tips onto the end of the Wax Vac nozzle, insert the tip into your ear and turn the unit on to allow it to gently suction out your ear. When suctioning is complete, detach the nozzle and clean out the small reservoir.


The Wax Vac works by gently removing blockages from the ear canal. Instead of pushing wax towards your ear drum or compacting it around the sides of your ear canal, the unit safely sucks wax and water from the ear and ensures all wax is removed. For wax problems that are hard to remove, drop a few ear drops in your ear to loosen it up and then use the WaxVac to suction it out.

This mini ear vacuum is safer to use than probing around your ear with cotton swabs that may break down in your ear. It generates only a gentle amount of suction, so you don’t have to worry about it putting excess pressure on your ear drum from sucking too hard.

Can it be Used for Children?

Because it’s so safe and easy to use, it’s ideal for use on children. We all know that children don’t do well sitting still for long periods of time, and if they won’t sit still, putting something like a cotton swab down their ear is out of the question. Luckily, because this device doesn’t require much time to work its magic, ear cleaning will be a quick and hassle free process.

wax vac

The vacuum is equipped with a powerful examination light, so you can inspect your child’s ear to ensure the WaxVac has removed all wax and other debris. The light is an extremely helpful addition, because children’s ear canals can be very narrow and difficult to see in.


The Wax Vac is surprisingly low maintenance—cleaning after each use is simple and straightforward. It comes it eight soft, color-coded tips so you can reserve a tip for each member in your family to prevent the spread of germs and infections. These tips are easy to replace and make operation much more comfortable than attempting to use the vacuum without them. The unit comes with its own cleaning brush to remove any build up on the inside, and also can be used for brushing dirt from the air filter.


Because the Wax Vac is conveniently compact, you can toss it in a gym bag to remove water after hitting the pool. It operates quietly, so you can discreetly clean your ears, and you don’t have to worry about it screeching or whirring too loudly close to your ear.

Final Thoughts

Most people face some sort of wax and dirt build up in their ears and because they find fishing it out with a cotton swab not so enjoyable, these problems can develop into more serious problems like ear infections. Using this device regularly is less of a headache than cotton swabs, and you’ll feel better with clean ears. Cleaner ears mean better hearing.

The Wax Vac Ear Cleaner is available for just $10.00 plus an additional $6.99 for shipping and handling. Each order of the WaxVac comes with 8 color coded silicone tips. For a limited time, the Wax Vac official website is offering a second Wax Vac and an additional 8 tips for just the cost of shipping and handling. If you’re not completely satisfied, your purchase is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.

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