Are you curious about the latest pain relief orthotic inserts, Walkfit? I sure was.  As soon as I heard about them from a friend who is really into jogging, I knew I had to try them out. I read about it online at first. And, after reading other WalkFit reviews and trying it out for myself, I discovered some interesting things about this remarkable product. To put it simply, the Walkfit insoles are perhaps one of the best things that happened to me in terms of my overall health and fitness; even though I fail to jog as often as I should, I am prone to back pain and joint pain a few times a week from my average run (along with typical day to day work sitting at the office).

Imagine how pleased I was to discover that the custom orthotics from Walkfit can solve my problem. All I had to do was put the little gel insoles into my shoes every time I put them on. Since my back problems were usually aggravated by sitting at the desk, I didn’t just wear the gel inserts when jogging, but simply every day, even at the office, and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. In short, my problems were solved and I will now describe what the whole deal is with the Walkfit orthotics.

The WalkFit Perks

Find out if the new walkfit orthotics will help alleviate your knee, hip, or back pain today!

The WalkFit inserts come in a package which contains a few extra bonus items, meant to make you even more comfortable. I didn’t experience any problems with any of them, either the Walkfit Platinum Inserts or any of the extra items. But this is the list of what I deem to be their main advantages:

  • The orthotic inserts really work as well as advertised and take away tension in your knees, joints and lower back instantly. The potential for pain or discomfort in any of these areas will be greatly reduced and while it could happen rarely, in theory, I must say I’ve used the Walkfit insoles for a month now and it hasn’t happened once.
  • You will also notice how much easier it will be to maintain a nice posture, since the product helps align your feet and shoulders in a great way.
  • The extras which the Walkfit producer throws in are wonderful on their own: a sandal adaptor (if you’d like to wear the orthotic inserts with sandals rather than trainers), acupressure inserts (almost as good as a massage) and a wonderful peppermint lotion for preventing and relieving joint tension or lower back pain.
  • By reducing the impact of your feet’s contact with the soil, the Walkfit orthotics also prevent other foot-related problems, such as callouses, corns, hardened skin and so on.
  • It’s easy to be always kept in the loop with a proper and not-too-worn-out set of inserts, since the producer sends you a new package every 60 days.

Where to Buy the WalkFit

The manufacturer’s website offers a great deal: they charge you $19.95 per month and send you a package of Walkfit products every 60 days, so you’ll always be well-stocked. You’ll further be charged an extra $4.95 for each send-out (for S&H taxes), but that’s it. With each pack, you will receive 3 pairs of Walkfit inserts (adapted to your gender and shoe size), acupressure inserts, a bottle of Joint Support, a peppermint lotion, sandal adaptors and a how-to guide. Considering that these are much more effective than the rest of the gel insoles you can currently find on the market, this is a great deal.

Final Recommendation for the WalkFit

The final word I give on the Walkfit orthotics is that they are perhaps the only product that could have an effect on reducing the tension and impact which daily activities and exercises have on my feet and spine. If it weren’t for this product, I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep up my active lifestyle and attend to my desk work obligations as well, at least not without taking sick days to recover from pain every now and then. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who feels like jogging and walking can sometimes take a toll on their lower back, joints, knees, ankles and so on.

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