TopStyler Review – InStyler’s Popular Curlers

The TopStyler by InStyler is a creatively designed hair styling tool consisting of ten shells in two sizes that make it easier for you to style your hair without damaging it.



  • Low heat eliminates damage to hair
  • No cords tying you to the bathroom
  • Works on all hair types
  • Can be used with any hair products


  • Might be a learning curve (but easier to use as you go along)
  • Your old styling products may become obsolete
  • You might regret ever spending so much on salon styling

topstylerIf you’re anything like me, you loathe the amount of time and effort it takes to make your hair look impressive in the morning. Adding a new device to the pile of hair straighteners and curling irons seems like a hopeless cause, because they always consume more time than they cut. Not to mention, they cause extensive damage to your hair by applying high temperatures of heat in order to obtain the desired effect. Although there are plenty of hair products you can buy to alleviate that damage, there’s not much that can be done about the smell of burning hair—but all of that is worth it to achieve the desired effect, right?

Not. For the longest time, I thought curling your hair had to happen at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit and require you to burn your fingertips or ears constantly, but it doesn’t. The TopStyler by InStyler is a device worthy of your bathroom cabinet. Unlike hot tools that require you to stand in one spot while you tug, wrap, and press, the TopStyler has no cords to worry about, so you can continue your morning routine while your hair practically does itself.

So, Why the TopStyler?

topstyler-reviewsThe secret is ten solid ceramic shells that gently cup your hair to apply an even amount of low heat. Ceramic is widely appreciated in hair styling tools for its ability to retain an even amount of heat throughout the styling process, and because there’s no metal, you don’t have to worry about heat warping the shape of the styling tool, or rust developing.

Like the Hot Buns hair accessories, the TopStyler tool is incredibly easy to use. Simply set the shells in their RapidHeat base, which will allow them to heat up to the perfect temperature for effective, non-damaging styling. Roll a section of your hair into a coil and clamp the shell over the hair to let it work its magic. By not applying a high amount of heat to your hair, the C-shells ensure that you hair will reshape and set itself to last through the entire day. The ceramic shells gradually infuse a low amount of heat into your hair so that your hair will “memorize” the shape and retain it throughout your daily activities.


The secret to long lasting hair styles lies in TopStyler’s ability to utilize your hair’s Style Memory and reshape it into a style you desire. Our hair is naturally structured to retain shape—keratin proteins and moisture hydrogen bonds dictate the way our hair falls. Using a curling or flat iron to style hair will temporarily press these atoms into different shapes, but as the day goes on, they will revert back to their natural state. However, when provided with adequate gentle heat, these bonds can be reshaped to hold a style for longer periods of time. The ceramic C-shells provide you with the ability to do this, without using high levels of heat that will tarnish your hair’s appearance.

The TopStyler is better than conventional curling irons, not just because you aren’t tied to the bathroom by wires, but also because it promotes healthy hair while still allowing you to style your hair the way you love. Other curling irons allow you to curl your hair in one size, but with TopStyler, you can dictate how big or small you want your waves and curls.

topstyler-curlsThe best part about TopStyler is that it works on all types of hair, as long as it’s long enough to clamp in the C-shells. Whether your hair is color treated, dry and damaged, lush and healthy, or even if you use hair extensions, these ceramic shells will provide you with safe, innovative styling. The ceramic shells can also be used with whatever styling products you prefer, so you’re not gipped into spending a ton of money on accompanying hair serums and conditioners.

Depending on the effect you desire, styling your hair with the TopStyler shells takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. It’s advised to let the thermal base heat the shells until the ready light comes on (about six minutes) so that the ceramic shells have a chance to heat thoroughly. For optimum results, allow the shells to cool completely before removing them from your hair. If you’re worried about the curls relaxing a bit, spritz your hair with finishing hair spray before applying the shell.

Final Thoughts

So, the product sounds great, but what about maintenance? The TopStyler doesn’t require regular maintenance, but if any product residue remains on the ceramic shells, simply wipe down the unplugged unit with a damp cloth.

The TopStyler comes with an instructional DVD for instructions on how to use the product and tips on styling. It includes 5 large ceramic shells, and 5 regular sized ones for more versatility in styling your hair. You also get a free styling guide, and two four-in-one styling wands with your purchase. The TopStyler is available from the manufacturer’s website for just $99.99 and is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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