I struggled with severe back pain & sciatica for long time now. I tried all sorts of treatments including steroid shots, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. While the steroid shots helped, I decided to take my treatment in a different direction. Physical therapy didn’t seem to help me. In fact, some exercises aggravated my pain to a point where I could barely walk. I also went to a chiropractor, but it was too expensive. One day, while watching the TV, I discovered the BeActive Brace. This so-called revolutionary device promises to alleviate sciatic pain. I was skeptical at first. But, I decided to read more about the product online. The people who actually used the BeActive Brace said that the device helped alleviate their pains. That’s when I decided to try it out myself. Since it had a 30 days money back guarantee, I didn’t stand to lose much if the product didn’t work.

What I Like About the BeActive Brace

The BeActive Brace ReviewThe concept behind the BeActive Brace is quite simple. It consists of a patent pending pressure pad that applies pressure below the knee to relieve pain caused by the sciatic nerve. When the nerve flares up, pain radiates up and down the leg. I used the brace three weeks, and I feel incredible. I sensed a difference nearly the moment that I put it on. The product effectively relieved the nagging pain in my back.

Here are a few other things that I liked about BeActive:

  • It helped me return to a pain-free and active life
  • It stays in its place until I remove it
  • It is comfortable

Cost-wise, the BeActive Brace was a great catch. I only paid $36 dollars for my set. It totally got rid of most of my pain in a few short hours. The brace is discreet. So, I can wear it with pants or longer dresses. It does not create discomfort while I sleep, so I can keep it on at all times.

Things to Consider about the BeActive Brace

The BeActive brace works with the pressure point below the knee. Pain specifically travels through this point. This is the reason why it causes so much discomfort. The brace represents a major breakthrough in pain management. However, it probably won’t remove your pains completely. In order to successfully alleviate any and all back pains, one most consult with a doctor. The person will probably need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Easy stretching every morning, walking and massages can work in conjunction with the BeActive Brace to significantly lower sciatic nerve pain.

You should be very careful when placing your order. As it is advertised, the BeActive brace comes in a set of two. Many people thought they were ordering two “braces” when they were actually ordering two sets (or 4 braces). You also cannot opt out of the second set because there is no confirmation screen where you can review your order. In other words, if you decide to try out the BeActive brace, only ask for one. You will receive two braces.

Where to Buy

Two BeActive Braces cost between $31.89 and $35.99 (depending on handling and shipping costs). Even if the TV commercial says the brace costs $19.99, the you will actually be charged $5.95 for the shipping and handling and an additional fee for your second brace. The best way to order the BeActive brace is from the official website. This is undoubtedly the cheapest offer you will find (in store or online). As an added bonus for purchasing from the manufacturer, the brace comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with it.


Final Words

When I ordered the brace, I honestly felt skeptical. To my complete surprise, this small product produced these incredible results. If you deal with severe back pains or discomfort related to your back, you should definitely try this product out. There may be As-Seen-on-TV products that cannot produce very reliable results. But, the BeActive Brace is not one of them. This brace really worked for me. The product may not completely remove back-pains. It will make it will eventually make it fade away for good, if it is combined with regular exercise, and alternative therapies.

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