Tag Away is an all-natural alternative to dermatology procedures for eliminating skin tags and blemishes that result from them. This formula has been proven to work by real people, and doesn’t pose any harmful consequences to the consumer.



  • All Natural formula derived from herbs
  • Safe enough for frequent usage
  • Non-scarring, non-irritating formula
  • No knives, injections, or chemicals necessary
  • Easy to use


  • So effective, everyone will want to know your secret
  • Wide bottle

Acrochorda, more commonly known as skin tags, are small benign tumors that form on the skin, commonly in areas where skin folds or rubs against each other. If you have skin tags, you know how self-conscious they can make a person, and dermatologist visits for freezing and removal of these unsightly tags can get expensive fast. Not to mention, the chemical risks involved in such processes can be harmful, especially to sensitive skin.

Whether you’re tired of pricey dermatologists visits or searching for a method of combat for skin tags that works, Tag Away might be right for you. Tag away is a homeopathic formula made from all natural ingredients that naturally combat skin tags by drying them out safely and effectively without causing excessive dryness to surrounding skin.

If you’re self-conscious about your skin tags, you know the value of finding a remedy that works effectively in a short amount of time. Whether you have an important social event coming up, or just want them removed for your own peace of mind, Tag Away is guaranteed to bring you results within a month. The all natural formula helps to repair skin cells instead of just removing skin tags, so you have a much lower chance of recurring skin tags than you would have if you opted for a chemical freeze or surgical removal.

tag away

Tag Away is extremely easy to use—simply apply the formula to the affected area using a cotton swab, eye dropper, or other appropriate applicator every day for a month, and you’ll start seeing results within the first few weeks. The secret to this product’s success is Thuja occidentals extract—derived from northern white cedar trees, this oil is well known for its tag removing properties due to its affinity to safely dry out affected skin areas.


Once Tag Away is applied to the affected area, you will notice a significant decrease in size of skin tags within the first twenty-four hours. Your skin tags will no longer appear swollen, and will start to resemble slight protrusions or blemishes on your skin. Within a week, they will begin to flatten out and lay flush with surrounding skin, and finally begin to fade. It’s recommended to continue applying Tag Away for one to two days after the skin tags completely disappear to prevent regrowth and further encourage the disappearance of blemishes.

So why choose Tag Away?

This treatment is made from plant extracts and little added chemicals, so why continue risking your health and skin appearance with chemical formulas that aren’t proven to work, are expensive, and require frequent treatments? Cedar oils in Tag Away help to prevent the regrowth of skin tags in the same spot. This homeopathic formula works without using any invasive methods—no needles, no scalpels; simply apply on top of the skin tag and you’ll see results shortly.


Best of all, because it is one hundred percent all natural, Tag Away should never cause stinging, irritation, or other discomfort usually encountered by chemical formulas. The herbal formula can work on all skin types and complexions, and will never leave unsightly scars to remind you of your skin tags. Each bottle of Tag Away comes with a generous supply of formula, so you can effectively treat all of your skin tags and still have enough for any future occurrences.
However, there is one downside to the product. The bottle it comes in has a wide mouth for its size, so if you’re not careful while applying the product, you can easily tip it over and spill it. Of course this is a minor disadvantage—especially if you’re not prone to haphazard accidents like spilling things!

Tag Away has been widely prized for its ability to effectively remove skin tags and the blemishes resulting from them. The best part is that this homeopathic remedy is extremely affordable—for $19.95 plus an additional $9.95 for shipping and handling, you can try this out for yourself. When ordered from the manufacturer’s official site, you can receive an additional bottle of Tag Away at no additional cost to you. And if you’re not completely satisfied, the folks at Tag Away stand behind their product, and provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee on any unused portion of the product.

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