Table Mate Review – Does This TV Tray Work?

Table Mate is a lightweight, portable table that provides multi-functional use for just about anything you’d use a table for. The table adjusts to different heights and angles to suit any use – from children, to floor sitting, couch sitting, or kitchen use, this table is versatile enough to do it all.

table mate


  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to store
  • Built in cup holder


  • No color options
  • Non-adjustable feet

table-mateIn the household I grew up in, there was never a shortage of a need for an extra table. There always seemed to be a new device in the house materializing overnight and not enough table space to go with. My mother’s idea of movie nights were watching documentaries, but because she didn’t believe in idle hands, they were always paired with projects of crocheting or bead-work or embroidery, and few things were more frustrating than finding a needle in the couch with a part of your body that wasn’t a pair of eyes. Not to mention, family dinners were always crowded, and our wheelchair-bound cousin was always left out of the bunch.

TV dinner tables were a viable solution, but more often than not, the cross-legs underneath led to more problems than the original problem. No room to place your feet, not enough leg clearance, and unsteady tops contributed to the unpleasant experience, and it just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t a more practical design available. Table Mate tables pair a much more sensible design with all of the great things about portable tables, making it an excellent solution.

So, Why the Table Mate?

The table features an extremely lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise quality. The legs of the unit are constructed of a lightweight-but-durable aluminum that supports the strong plastic table top, bringing the total weight of the unit to just 6 pounds. Plus, the table top is adjustable to three different angles, so it’s the perfect work surface for different applications, such as laptop use, writing, eating, and crafting. The edges of the table are slightly lipped, so things won’t slide off the surface while you’re using it. For 6 pounds, it’s surprisingly strong, capable of supporting weights up to 50 pounds.

table mate

table-mate-reviewOne of the wonderful features about this table is that is that the design doesn’t forget the long-legged among us—I can’t count the amount of times I’ve upset food or my work-space because the table just didn’t leave room underneath to shift my legs. The legs of the Table Mate conveniently adjust to six different heights, no disassembling required. All it takes is depressing the buttons on each leg, and adjusting the leg poles accordingly. The legs of the table are L shaped, so they easily disappear under a couch when you need to pull your table closer.

The Table Mate table conveniently folds flat for easy storage, so you can easily slip it under or behind a couch, tuck it away in a closet, or hide it in plain sight behind a curtain. The slim design of the table makes it an excellent option for those with small living quarters, because it doesn’t consume unnecessary space by remaining full-sized all the time. The tables are also stack-able, so they won’t obstruct spaces if you have more than one.

The table features a built in cup holder that swivels out from the side of the table, so it will remain out of the way of your activities. It seems like a small detail, but its value can’t be underestimated when working on a laptop – you won’t have to worry about your movement accidentally upsetting your drink and ruining your computer as you work. Plus, the cup holder adjusts to different angles, so no matter what angle you have your tabletop at, your cup will always be upright.

Final Thoughts

The Table Mate table is very easy to assemble – simply remove the parts from the box, and snap them together (although I do recommend reading instructions for orientation; you don’t want to assemble it backwards!). The assembly requires no additional tools or fasteners.

table-mate-tv-trayOne of the only downsides to the product is that it’s only available in white. Although many people don’t care too much about color preference, especially for a piece of furniture that won’t constantly be on display, other colors would be a nice feature to have. The other drawback is that the legs do not allow for re-positioning – an issue that is redeemed by the product’s excellent construction for its weight. However, it would be nice to have swiveling legs to allow for maneuverability in extremely cramped spaces.

The Table Mate table is available from the manufacturer for just $29.95 plus shipping and handling (estimated to be between 2 and 6 weeks) at $9.95. For a limited amount of time, the manufacturer is offering another Table Mate at just the cost of shipping and handling. All purchases are covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee that protects against any defective or damaged products, as well as a lifetime money back guarantee.

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  1. Received our Table-mate today and one of the tables broke when put together. In checking the paperwork there was no phone number to call for a replacement

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